Materials and Structures 280 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 38 , N° 280
Année: 2005


Conclusions of the International RILEM TC 186-ISA Workshop on Internal Sulfate Attack and Delayed Ettringite Formation (4-6 September 2002, Villars, Switzerland)
Author(s): K. Scrivener, J. P. Skalny
Pages: 659 - 663

Characteristics of cement-soil mortars
Author(s): B.V. Venkatarama Reddy, A. Gupta
Pages: 639 - 650

Flexural behaviour of concrete corbels containing steel fibers or wrapped with FRP sheets
Author(s): G. Campione, L. La Mendola, M. Papia
Pages: 617 - 625

From microstructure to macrostructure: an integrated model of structure formation in polymer-modified concrete
Author(s): A. Beeldens, D. Van Gemert, H. Schorn, Y. Ohama, L. Czarnecki
Pages: 601 - 607

Time analysis of structural concrete elements using the equivalent displacement method
Author(s): G. Ranzi, M.A. Bradford
Pages: 609 - 616

Performance of RC frames with hybrid reinforcement under reversed cyclic loading
Author(s): M. Nehdi, A. Said
Pages: 627 - 637

Characteristics of soil-cement blocks using highly sandy soils
Author(s): B. V. Venkatarama Reddy, A. Gupta
Pages: 651 - 658

Robert L’Hermite Medallist, 2005
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 664 - 664