Proceedings pro090 : Rheology and processing of Construction Materials – 7th RILEM International Conference on Self-Compacting Concrete and 1st RILEM International Conference on Rheology and Processing of Construction Materials

Title: Rheology and processing of Construction Materials – 7th RILEM International Conference on Self-Compacting Concrete and 1st RILEM International Conference on Rheology and Processing of Construction Materials
Edited by N. Roussel and H. Bessaies-Bey
ISBN: 978-2-35158-137-7
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-138-4
Pages: 406
Publication date: 2013


Author(s): N. Roussel, H. Bessaies-Bey
Pages: 7 - 8

The rheological properties of fresh concrete and mortar with high calcium fly ash in the variable temperatures
Author(s): J. Golaszewski, A. Kostrzanowska, G. Cygan
Pages: 9-16

Effect of different types of superplasticizers on fresh properties and strength of self-consolidating concrete
Author(s): A. Mardani-Aghabaglou, M. Tuyan, G. Yilmaz, Ö. Ariöz, K. Ramyar
Pages: 17-24

An experimental approach to the rheological characterization of bituminous mixtures based on pseudo-random stress excitations
Author(s): A. Virgili, F. Canestrari, A. Graziani
Pages: 25-32

Original approach to predict fatigue endurance limit of asphalt binders considering healing capacity
Author(s): F. Canestrari, A. Virgili, A. Graziani, A. Stimilli
Pages: 33-40

Huet model for oscillatory and static loading of asphalt binders at low temperature
Author(s): Ki Hoon Moon, A. Cannone Falchetto, M. Marasteanu
Pages: 41-48

Rheology of geopolymer: comparative study between Portland cement and metakaolin based geopolymer
Author(s): A. Favier, J. Hot, G. Habert, J.B. d’Espinose de Lacaillerie, N. Roussel
Pages: 49-56

Mixing self compacting concrete: mixers, mixing methods, mixing time
Author(s): B. Cazacliu
Pages: 57-64

Rheological behaviour of cements blended with containing ceramic wastes
Author(s): C. Medina, P.F.G. Banfill, M.I. Sánchez de Rojas, M. Frías
Pages: 65-74

Flexural and shear behaviour of precast sandwich slabs comprising thin walled steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete
Author(s): C. de Sousa, J.O. Barros, M. Azenha, R. Lameiras
Pages: 75-82

Rational use of flash metakaolin applied to industrial design of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): P. Diederich, R. Bucher, M. Mouret, M. Cyr, G. Escadeillas
Pages: 83-90

From the concrete to the paste: a scaling of the chemistry
Author(s): L. Oblak, L. Pavnick, D. Lootens
Pages: 91-98

A concrete rheometer: features and industrial applications
Author(s): F. Fabbris, W. De Carvalho, D. Lootens
Pages: 99-106

The assessment and control of the rheological properties of self-compacting concrete in a concrete mixer
Author(s): F. Fleischmann, M. Greim, W. Kusterle
Pages: 107-114

Potential methods for quality control of fibre distribution in FRC SCC
Author(s): G. Žirgulis, M.R. Geiker, O. Svec, T. Kanstad
Pages: 115-122

Internal vibration and viscous concrete: application and prediction of the radius of action
Author(s): G. Grampeix, N. Roussel, J. Dupoirier
Pages: 123-130

Rheological behaviour of fresh mortar formulated from self-compacting high performance concrete incorporating rice husk ash
Author(s): Ha Thanh Le, K. Siewert, Horst-Michael Ludwig
Pages: 131-138

Effect of silica fume on self-compacting concrete
Author(s): H. Abdelgader, A. Saud, A. El-Baden
Pages: 139-146

Synergistic effect of chemical admixtures on workability of mortar containing zeolite powder
Author(s): Hessam Azari Jafari, J. Berenjian, M. Shekarchi, B. Ahmadi
Pages: 147-154

Effect of the mix composition on rheological behavior of a fresh granular-cement paste material
Author(s): H. Hoornahad, E.A.B. Koenders
Pages: 155-162

Residual bond stress of self-compacting concrete specimens after high temperature treatment
Author(s): K.G. Trezos, I.P. Sfikas
Pages: 163-170

Combined effect of reclaimed asphalt and selected binders on stiffness and low-temperature characteristics of high stiffness modulus asphalt concrete
Author(s): K. Miláčková, J. Valentin, P. Mondschein
Pages: 171-178

Effect of entrapped and entrained air on the workability and rheology of cementitious materials
Author(s): J. Dils, V. Boel, S. Aggoun, A. Kaci, G. De Schutter
Pages: 179-188

Numerical simulation of gravity induced aggregate migration in large in-situ SCC wall castings
Author(s): J. Spangenberg, J.H. Hattel, N. Roussel, M.R. Geiker
Pages: 189-196

Adsorbing polymers and macroscopic viscosity of concentrated cement pastes
Author(s): J. Hot, N. Roussel
Pages: 197-204

Portland-cement based simple repairing mortar with modified inorganic admixtures and SAP
Author(s): K. Ichimiya, H-W. Reinhardt, A. Assmann
Pages: 205-212

Mechanisms for the changes in fluidity and hydration kinetics of grouts after mixing
Author(s): K. Takahashi, T. Bier
Pages: 213-220

High temperature behaviour of self-compacting concrete with limestone powder
Author(s): K. Pistol, F. Weise, B. Meng
Pages: 221-228

Model of SCC flow through reinforced sections: experimental validation
Author(s): K. Vasilic, W. Schmidt, H-C. Kühne, N. Roussel
Pages: 229-236

Testing and simulation of fibre orientation in reinforced walls cast with SFRSCC
Author(s): L.N. Thrane, O. Svec, H. Stang, T. Kasper
Pages: 237-244

Segregation robustness of self-consolidating concrete: new testing method and effect of aggregate properties
Author(s): Lin Shen, Hamed Bahrami Jovein, Li Ai, Haijian Shi
Pages: 245-252

You are young once, but can stay immature indefinitely: holistic view of SCC durability
Author(s): M.T. Bassuoni, M.L. Nehdi
Pages: 253-260

Application of large deformation circular cylinder torsion test for identification of material model and parameters in case of modified binders
Author(s): M. Gajewski, S. Jemioto
Pages: 261-268

New poly-phosphonic superplasticizers particularly suited for the manufacture of high performance SCC
Author(s): M. Bellotto, L. Zevnik
Pages: 269-276

Validating concrete admixture dosages with UV-Vis spectroscopy
Author(s): N. Ghafoori, M. Barfield
Pages: 277-284

From cement grout to concrete scale: a study of superplasticizer-design-controlled thixotropy to match SCC application requirements
Author(s): L. Ferrari, P. Boustingorry, A. Pineaud, L. Bonafous
Pages: 285-292

Evaluation of porosity in self-compacting concrete (SCC) produced with fly ash (FA) and limestone filler (LF)
Author(s): P. Raposeiro da Silva, J. de Brito
Pages: 293-300

Shear behaviour of steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete
Author(s): P. Van Itterbeeck, B. Parmentier, B. Craeye, L. Vandewalle
Pages: 301-308

Rheology of fibre reinforced fine-grained high performance concrete for thin-walled elements - effect of type and content of steel fibres
Author(s): S. Illguth, D. Lowke, C. Gehlen
Pages: 309-316

Fracture behaviour of self-compacting concrete compared to vibrated concrete
Author(s): S. Korte, V. Boel, W. De Corte, G. De Schutter
Pages: 317-324

Modeling the phase angle master curves of modified bituminous binders: estimating the plateau zone using heaviside step function
Author(s): Seyed Mohammad Asgharzadeh, N. Tabatabaee, K. Naderi, M. Partl
Pages: 325-332

Relationship between electrical conductivity and spatial structure of capillary pores in cement pastes
Author(s): Shin-ichi Igarashi
Pages: 333-340

Self-compacting fibre reinforced concrete applied in thin plates
Author(s): S. Grünewald, R. Shionaga, J.C. Walraven
Pages: 341-348

Influence of specimen shape and dimensions on the compressive strength of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): V. Boel, B. Craeye, P. Desnerck, F. Van Der Vurst, G. De Schutter
Pages: 349-356

Influence of mixing and curing temperatures on the properties of fresh and hardened self-consolidated concrete in hot weather conditions
Author(s): Vinh An Le, F. Cassagnabere, M. Mouret
Pages: 357-364

A unique procedure for finding the rheological properties of fresh Portland cement concrete using concrete shear tests
Author(s): S. Girish, B.S. Santosh
Pages: 365-372

Highly workable eco-friendly concretes - influence of the constituents on the rheological properties
Author(s): T. Proske, M. Rezvani, S. Hainer, C-A. Graubner
Pages: 373-380

Properties of fly ash based geopolymer concrete made using special fly ash aggregates
Author(s): Muhammad Talha Junaid, O. Kayali, A. Khennane
Pages: 381-388

The effect of mineral additions and adding various types, length and volume of fibers on fresh properties of self compacting concrete
Author(s): Ghazwan AbdulSamad Salman
Pages: 389-396