Proceedings pro118-2 : International conference on Advances in Construction Materials and Systems (ICACMS), Vol. 2

Title: Proceedings of International conference (ICACMS) Advances in Construction Materials and Systems Volume 2
Edited by Manu Santhanam, Ravindra Gettu, Radha Krishna G. Pillai, Sunitha k. Nayar
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-191-9
ISBN: 978-2-35158-194-0
ISBN: 978-2-35158-190-2 (set)
Pages: 688
Publication date: 2017

The International Conference on Advances in Construction Materials and Systems (ICACMS 2017) is part of the prestigious RILEM Annual Week, which is the annual meeting of the standing committees of RILEM (International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures). Such meetings occur every year in conjunction with a major international conference. The recent RILEM weeks were held in Copenhagen (2016), Melbourne (2015), São Paulo (2014), Paris (2013), Cape Town (2012), Hong Kong (2011).
The conference covers several themes related to construction materials and systems, with the objective of providing the state of the art coverage on cement and asphalt concrete, heritage materials, and building systems. The specific conference themes include: Advances in supplementary cementing materials, Concrete durability and performance specifications, Early age behaviour and rheology of cementitious systems, Special concretes and applications, Advances in characterization of construction materials, Sustainable building systems, Bituminous binders and mixtures, Repair and conservation of heritage structures, Corrosion control and corrosion monitoring in concrete structures, Repair materials and repair systems for concrete structures. The themes selected for the conference are reflective of the scientific coverage provided by the different Technical Clusters within RILEM.
The 250+ papers received from academics and industry professionals from more than 50 countries across the world are assembled into 4 volumes. The first volume deals with the papers from the invited (keynote) speakers, while the remaining three volumes - arranged in appropriate sub-sections, deal with the specific themes of the conference. The onerous task of compilation of these papers into the four volumes was performed by our editing team comprising of students. The abstracts submitted for the conference were subjected to independent peer review by two experts from the international scientific committee, and subsequently, the selected papers were also thoroughly reviewed by the editing team followed by members from the scientific committee. The successful compilation of the proceedings is largely owing to the efforts of the editing team and the experts from the scientific committee.
The support by our sponsors and organizational partners has enabled us to put together the largest of its kind conference in India, and we are extremely thankful.
We wish you all a highly productive and engaging conference!


Author(s): Manu Santhanam, Ravindra Gettu, Radhakrishna G. Pillai, Sunitha K. Nayar
Pages: 23-23

Thixotropic Effects During Large-scale Concrete Pump Tests on Site
Author(s): Manu Santhanam, Ravindra Gettu, Radhakrishna G. Pillai, Sunitha K. Nayar
Pages: 26-32

Modeling Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Flow for 3D Printing Applications
Author(s): Biranchi Panda, Li Mingyang, Yi Wei Daniel Tay, Suvash Chandra Paul and Ming Jen Tan 9
Pages: 34-40

Understanding Ionic Dependence on the Water Absorption by Superabsorbent Polymer in Early Age Concrete
Author(s): Moon Juhyuk, Kang Sung-Hoon and Hong Sung-Gul
Pages: 42-47

Parametric Study on the Influence of Cement Replacement Materials on the Rheology of Cement Paste using Brookfield Viscometer
Author(s): Moon Juhyuk, Kang Sung-Hoon and Hong Sung-Gul
Pages: 48-53

Factors Influencing the Interactions between PCE Superplasticizers and Portland Cement
Author(s): Moon Juhyuk, Kang Sung-Hoon and Hong Sung-Gul
Pages: 54-63

Evaluation of Delayed Addition of Superplasticizer in Standard Concrete
Author(s): Mohit R., Sourabh T., Mohit K., Devender K., and Pardeep K.
Pages: 64-72

Comparison of Different Beneficiation Techniques to Improve Utilization Potential of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash Concrete
Author(s): Aneeta Mary Joseph, Philip Van den Heede, Ruben Snellings, Andres Van Brecht, Stijn Matthys and Nele De Belie
Pages: 74-79

The Effect of Nanomagnetite on the Shielding Properties of Cementitious Composites
Author(s): Horszczaruk E., Brzozowski P., Sikora P., Cendrowski K. and Mijowska E.
Pages: 80-88

Characterization of Building Derived Materials for Ground Improvement of Contaminated Soils
Author(s): Stuti Mondal, Arkamitra Kar, Anasua Guharay and Naveen James
Pages: 90-97

Nanosilica Coated Aggregates: Effects on Strength, Microstructure, and Transport Properties of Hydraulic Cement Mortars
Author(s): Parth Panchmatia, Jan Olek, Ehsan Ghafari, Seyedali Ghahari and Lu Na
Pages: 98-107

Sensitivity of Reactivity Test Methods to the Fineness of Supplementary Cementitious Materials
Author(s): Anuj Parashar, Vineet Shah and Shashank Bishnoi
Pages: 108-115

A Review on Biofortified Self-healing Concrete
Author(s): Sachin Tiwari, Shilpa Pal, Rekha Puria and Vikrant Nain
Pages: 116-125

Acceleration of GGBS Cements by Chloride, New Insights on Early Hydration
Author(s): Steger L., Patapy C., Salesses B., Chaouche M. and Cyr M.
Pages: 126-133

The Effect of Limestone on the Hydration and Workability of Ternary Blended Cement LC3: Limestone, Calcined Clays and Cement
Author(s): Aurélie R. Favier and Karen L. Scrivener
Pages: 134-141

Micro-Physical Characterization of Buffalo Dung Ash
Author(s): Jagadesh P., Ramachandramurthy A. and Murugesan R
Pages: 142-151

Performance Evaluation of Concrete made of Recycled Fine Aggregates from Different Exposure Conditions
Author(s): Dhanya B. S., Anujith K. Babu, Jacob Sebastian, Varsha S. Kumar and Smruthi P. Nair
Pages: 152-161

Feasible Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregates in Self-compacting Concrete: A Review
Author(s): Tung-Chai Ling, Yuxuan Liu and Senthil Kumar K.
Pages: 162-170

Chloride Induced Corrosion of Steel in Alkali-activated Cements: A Review
Author(s): Shishir Mundra, Susan A. Bernal and John L. Provis
Pages: 172-179

Reactivity and Performance of Limestone Calcined-Clay Cements (LC3) Cured at Low Temperature
Author(s): Franco Zunino and Karen Scrivener
Pages: 180-186

Effects of Crystalline Admixtures on the Repeatability of Self Healing in Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Author(s): Estefanía Cuenca and Liberato Ferrara
Pages: 188-197

Diffusion and Interactions of Chloride Ions with Ternary Blends of Portland cement-limestone-calcined clay Binders
Author(s): Hamed Maraghechi, Francois Avet and Karen Scrivener
Pages: 188-197

Mix Proportioning for Structural Concrete Containing Recycled Concrete Aggregates
Author(s): Marco Pepe, Romildo Dias Toledo Filho, Eduardus A. B. Koenders and Enzo Martinelli
Pages: 204-212

Compressive Strength and Surface Morphology of Hydrated Cement Paste Containing Micro- and Nano- Cement Additives
Author(s): Al-Bahar S., Chakkamalayath C. and Joseph A.
Pages: 214-219

Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time on the Filtration Performance of Porous Concrete
Author(s): Murugan Muthu, Manu Santhanam and Mathava Kumar
Pages: 220-225

Initial Study on Determining the Design Values of Macro Synthetic FRC for Floors-on-grade
Author(s): William P. Boshoff, Hermanus L Bester and Celeste Viljoen
Pages: 226-235

Research on the Chloride-free and Alkali-free Liquid Set Accelerator for Sprayed Concrete
Author(s): Ling WANG, Jiezhong GAN, Xia ZHAO, Ping ZHANG and Yading Xu
Pages: 236-245

Enhancement of Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behaviour of Concrete due to Addition of Ultrafine GGBS
Author(s): Pradeep Kumar M., Murali Rangarajan and Mini K. M.
Pages: 246-251

Innovative Manufacturing Methods of Drapable Textile Reinforcements for Folded/Double Curved Concrete Facade Elements
Author(s): Gözdem Dittel, Andreas Koch and Thomas Gries
Pages: 252-257

High Performance Concrete for Hydraulic Engineering Projects with Aggregates Presenting an AAR Hazard
Author(s): Falikman V. R.., Safarov K. B. and Stepanova V. F.
Pages: 258-267

Role of Reactive Alumina and Reactive Oxide Ratios on Strength Development in Alakaline Activation of Low-Calcium Fly Ash
Author(s): Bhagath Singh G. V. P. and Kolluru V. L. Subramaniam
Pages: 268-275

Application of Waste-derived Lightweight Aggregates for Internal Curing of Concrete
Author(s): Pietro Lura, Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Sadegh Ghourchian, Sakprayut Sinthupinyo, Clarence Tang, Natechanok Chitvoranund, Tipwimol Chintana and Kritsada Sisomphon
Pages: 276-283

Sustainability Study on Self-Compacting Concrete in-built with Raphanussativus as an Efficient Internal Curing Agent
Author(s): Rampradheep G. S., Sivaraja M., Geetha M., Raghupathy S. and Ragasudha P.
Pages: 284-293

Latest Technologies for Industrial Concrete Floors; An International Overview
Author(s): Cortinovis C., Velikettil M. and Lee Brockway
Pages: 294-303

Stress-crack Separation Relationship for Macrosynthetic, Steel an Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Author(s): Chiranjeevi Reddy Kamasani, Jayakrishnan R. and Kolluru V. L. Subramaniam
Pages: 304-311

Prestress Load Influence on Pull-out Behaviour of Post- installed Torque- controlled Expansion Anchors
Author(s): Rouane N., Salomon P., Pallud B. and Delhomme F
Pages: 312-321

Role of Steel Fibers in Shear Resistance of Beams in Arch Action Sahith Gali and Kolluru V. L. Subramaniam
Pages: 322-331

An Analysis of Steel Fiber Efficiency on Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs Subjected to Static and Cyclic Loads
Author(s): Buttigno T. E. T., Fernandes J. F., Sousa J. L. A. O. and Bittencourt T.
Pages: 332-341

On the Tensile Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Concrete According to fib Model Code 2010
Author(s): Buttignol T. E. T., Fernandes J. F., Bittencourt T. and Sousa J. L. A. O.
Pages: 342-351

Application of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Fracture Mechanics to Monitor and Measure Complex Mechanisms of Damage and Fracture in Reinforced Concrete Structures
Author(s): Luis Saucedo-Mora and Carmen Andrade Perdrix M.
Pages: 352-355

Finite Element Analyses of Pinned Precast Beam Column Connections
Author(s): Jaya Prakash Vemuri, Sahith Gali and Subramaniam Kolluru
Pages: 356-363

Investigation of Compression Failure in Brick Masonry Assemblies made with Soft Brick
Author(s): Mehar Babu Ravula and Kolluru V. L. Subramaniam
Pages: 364-372

Longitudinal Reinforcement Limits in RC Vertical Elemets Based on Creep and Shrinkage Prediction Models
Author(s): Najeeb Shariff and Devdas Menon
Pages: 374-381

Study on Concrete-Steel Sandwich Panel with Composite Skin
Author(s): Smriti Raj, Bharatkumar B. H. and Ramesh Kumar V.
Pages: 382-390

Pull-out Phenomenon of Synthetic Macro Fibres from a Cementitious Matrix
Author(s): Adewumi J. Babafemi and William P. Boshoff
Pages: 392-400

Impact of C3A Content on the Chloride Diffusivity of Concrete
Author(s): Vu Q. H., Pham G., Chonier A., Bauland A., Pommier G. and Moro F
Pages: 402-407

Easy Evaluation of Air-void Systems in Concrete as Spatial Point Processes Tkakuma Murotani, Hidefumi Koto and Shin-ichi Igarashi
Pages: 408-417

A Bayesian Approach to Assess the Influence of Coarse Aggregate on the Chloride Test Outcome
Author(s): Naga Pavan Vaddey, Mahmoud Shakouri and David Trejo
Pages: 418-427

Relationship between Concrete Resistivity and the Indication of Chloride Penetration by ASTM C1202 in Concrete made with OPC, and Admixed with Slag and/or Limestone Powder
Author(s): Yury A. Villagrán Zaccardi, Natalia M. Alderete and Ángel A. Di Maio
Pages: 428-436

Importance of the Curing Period Length on the Chloride Transport Through Concrete Containing SCMs
Author(s): Luna Molina F. J., Fernández Pérez A. and Alonso Alonso M. C.
Pages: 438-447

Physical Model of the Capillary Absorption in Cementitious Materials, New Approach to Calculate Analytically the Pore Size Distribution from the Gravimetric Test
Author(s): Luis Saucedo-Mora, Carmen Andrade, Sandra Cabeza and Dietmar Meinel
Pages: 448-451

Effect of Calcium Nitrite Inhibitor on Mechanical and Durability Parameters of Concrete
Author(s): Bhaskar Sangoju, Bharatkumar B. H. and Ravindra Gettu
Pages: 452-460

Durability Performance of Concretes Made with Different Cement Types
Author(s): Fabrizio Moro and Roberto Torrent
Pages: 462-470

Prediction of Carbonation-induced Corrosion Initiation of Steel in RC Structures Exposed to Natural Inland Environment of South Africa
Author(s): Jacob O. Ikotun, Mike B. Otieno and Yunus Ballim
Pages: 472-481

Suitability of Accelerated Test Methods as a Tool for Service Life Prediction for RC Structures Made of Ordinary Portland and Blended Cement
Author(s): Arora V. V. and Puneet Kaura
Pages: 482-491

Comparative Study of Models for Porosity of Cement Paste
Author(s): Shatabdi Mallick, Anoop M. B. and Balaji Rao K.
Pages: 492-501

Influence of 2D Chloride Ingress on Corrosion Initiation and Propagation in Cracked and Uncracked Concrete: A Critical Literature Review
Author(s): Ze G. Zakka and Mike B. Otieno
Pages: 502-509

A Study of Concrete Deterioration Faced by Distillery Industry
Author(s): Ramaswamy K. P, Padmanabhan K and Manu Santhanam
Pages: 510-519

Changes in Pore Structure Properties of Cement Paste and Concrete on Carbonation
Author(s): Vineet Shah, Anuj Parashar and Shashank Bishnoi
Pages: 520-525

Bond Enhancement of Repair Mortar via Biodeposition
Author(s): Didier Snoeck, Jianyun Wang, Dale P. Bentz and Nele De Belie
Pages: 526-532

Performance of RC Walls with Openings Strengthened by Fiber Reinforced Polymers: An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
Author(s): Cosmin Popescu, Gabriel Sa, Thomas Blanksvärd and Björn Täljsten
Pages: 534-542

Behavior of Hybrid NSM Reinforced and Externally Confined Reinforced Concrete Columns under Eccentric Compression – experimental and Numerical Studies
Author(s): Chellapandian M. and Suriya Prakash S.
Pages: 544-553

Application of a Self-Healing Mechanism in Concrete to Reduce Chloride Ingress Through Cracks
Author(s): Bjorn Van Belleghem, Philip Van den Heede, Kim Van Tittelboom and Nele De Belie
Pages: 554-563

GFRP Wrapped Concrete Filled Double Skin Tubular Beam-columns subjected to Reversed Lateral Loading
Author(s): Parvati T. S. and Joanna P. S.
Pages: 564-572

Elastomeric Polyurethane for Retrofitting Application of Concrete Structures under Dynamic Loadings
Author(s): Sudharshan N. Raman , H. M. Chandima C. Somarathna , Azrul A. Mutalib, and Khairiah H. Badri
Pages: 574-581

Monitoring of Early-Age Characteristics of Concrete using EMI based Embedded PZT Transducers on Varying Plate Thickness
Author(s): Jothi Saravanan T, Gopalakrishnan N and Bharathi Priya C
Pages: 582-591

Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Measures for Fire Damaged Reinforced Concrete Supporting Structure of a Furnace
Author(s): Bhaskar Sangoju, Ramanjaneyulu K., Kanchanadevi A. and Saibabu S.
Pages: 592-600

Acoustic Emission Behavior of Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete under Flexure
Author(s): Abdur Rasheed. M, Yuma Kawasaki, Suriya Prakash S. and Naoki Ogawa
Pages: 602-611

Influence of Aggregate Modelling on Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Concrete
Author(s): Anand Kumar R., Pardeep K., Moorthi P. V. P., Bahurudeen A., Subair M. and Nikhil S.
Pages: 612-621

Temporal Evolution of Microstructure, Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Tricalcium Silicate
Author(s): Aleena Alex and Pijush Ghosh
Pages: 622-627

Trainable WEKA Phase Segmentation on SEM/BSE Images of Slag Blended Cement Pastes
Author(s): Natalia M. Alderete, Yury A. Villagrán Zaccardi and De Belie Nele
Pages: 628-636

Using the Pitzer Model to Predict Aqueous Solution Compositions of Portland Cements Blended with Supplementary Cementitious Materials
Author(s): Dale P. Prentice, Susan A. Bernal, Mark Bankhead, Martin Hayes and John L. Provis
Pages: 638-647

Microstructural and Morphological Studies of Ordinary Portland Cement Paste and Fly Ash based Geopolymer in the presence of Chloride Ions
Author(s): Pavithra Parthasarathy, Asad Hanif, Hongyu Shao and Zongjin Li
Pages: 648-656

Reactivity of Slag-cement Blends by Thermogravimetric Analysis
Author(s): Kira Weise, Frank Roeser, Neven Ukrainczyk and Eduardus A. B. Koenders
Pages: 658-665

Modelling Early Age Hydration Kinetics of C3S Blended with Different Particle Size Distributions
Author(s): Shiju Joseph, Shashank Bishnoi, Koen Van Balen and Ozlem Cizer
Pages: 666-670

Micro-Analytical Characterisation of Concrete Deterioration due to Acid Attack in a Sewage Treatment Plant
Author(s): Ramaswamy K. P., Sivakumar R., Manu Santhanam and Ravindra Gettu
Pages: 672-681