DAC - Development Advisory Committee

   Hans Beushausen, DAC Chair

Within DAC (Development Advisory Committee), strategies for the development and improvement of RILEM’s membership profile and its international partnerships are discussed. DAC advises the Bureau on international developments, activities and relations, aiming at increasing and improving international collaboration between RILEM and its international industrial and professional partners. DAC is also tasked with developing strategies to grow RILEM membership and to facilitate cooperation among its various member groups from around the globe.

 In detail, the activities carried out by DAC involve:

  • Development of proposals for improving the management of RILEM and its activities, with special focus on international relations.
  • Identification and establishment of cooperation between RILEM and international professional bodies, where such professional bodies share RILEM’s values and interests and where a cooperation is expected to advance the fields of construction materials, systems and structures.
  • Development of new initiatives and new activities for continuously improving promotion of RILEM activities worldwide, in cooperation with TAC and EAC.
  • Assessment of challenges experienced by RILEM’s national and regional groups, in order to better assist RILEM members in their engagement with latest trends and developments in construction materials technology, testing and application.
  • Continuous evaluation of the international outreach of RILEM by monitoring appropriate indicators, including those related to regional groups, national groups, and international partners. Regional Groups and National Groups have Regional Conveners and National Conveners, respectively, overseeing their activities.

DAC is composed of the conveners of RILEM Regional Groups, Subject Experts in various fields of construction materials technology, the RILEM Treasurer, secretarial support, and the current and past DAC Chairperson. To undertake the above activities, DAC meets twice a year to develop proposals that are presented to Bureau for further discussion and approval.

Regarding RILEM Regional Groups, ten different regions are currently considered:

  1. China
  2. East-Asia
  3. East-Europe & Central-Asia
  4. Europe
  5. Latin America
  6. Middle-East & North-Africa
  7. North America & Caribbean
  8. Pacific
  9. South-Asia
  10. Sub-Saharan Africa

For each of these regions, a Regional Convener is appointed, who monitors the activities in the region of concern, including the existing Regional Groups (e.g. CHN-RILEM, CIS-RILEM and Lat-RILEM) and National Groups (e.g. JPN-RILEM), the activities of the National Conveners (NCs), and relations with International Partners.

A list of DAC members can be found here.

RYC- RILEM Youth Council 

RYC was created at the 74th Annual Week "in" Sheffield, UK in September 2020, as a sub-committee of DAC. Its main tasks are:

  • attracting, involving and motivating young RILEM members
  • encouraging participation in TAC and EAC activities
  • increasing awareness on RILEM events and courses
  • preparing young members for leadership positions
  • showcasing / celebrating the achievements of the RILEM Youth
  • creating networks between emerging researchers to increase visibility of / access to RILEM.

RYC is formed by 12 young researchers, 11 of which are representing each RILEM region and 1 nominated by the DAC chair, for a 3 to 4-year mandate.

RILEM Youth Council members

  • RYC Chair: Surender SINGH, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), INDIA (South Asia). Email: surender@iitm.ac.in
  • RYC Vice Chair: José Vidal González AVIÑA, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, MEXICO (Latin America). Email: jose.gonzalezavn@uanl.edu.mx
  • Outgoing RYC Chair: Joanitta Nabadda NDAWULA, University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA. Email: NDWJOA001@myuct.ac.za  
  • Secretary: Niki TROCHOUTSOU, Politecnico di Milano, ITALY (Europe). Email niki.trochoutsou@polimi.it
  • DAC Representative: Areej GAMIELDIEN, University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA. Email: gmlare001@myuct.ac.za 
  • RYC Symposium coordinator: Magda POSANI, ETH Zurich, SWITZERLAND (Europe). Email: magda.posani@gmail.com
  • PTP webinar coordinator: Angela Tetteh TAWIAH, University of Padua, ITALY (Sub-Saharan Africa). Email: angelatawiah57@gmail.com  
  • PTP webinar coordinator: Liam MARTIN, University of Technology Sydney, AUSTRALIA (Pacific). Email: liam.martin@uts.edu.au
  • Social Media coordinator: Seongmin CHO, Hanyang University, SOUTH KOREA (East Asia). Email: chosm0202@hanyang.com 
  • Olga Beatrice CARCASSI, Natural Materials Lab GSAPP Columbia, UNITED STATES (North America & Caribbean). Email: olgabeatrice.carcassi@polimi.it
  • Yi DU, ETH Zurich, SWITZERLAND (China). Email: du@ibi.baug.ethz.ch
  • Rouba JOUMBLAT, Beirut Arab University, LEBANON (Middle East and North Africa). Email: rouba.joumblat@hotmail.com
  • Aleksandr SURKOV, Research Institute of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete (NIIZHB), RUSSIAN FEDERATION (East Europe & Central Asia). Email: aleksandr_surkov@inbox.ru