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RILEM is an international network of experts in the field of construction with a variety of objectives serving not only our technical community but also extending benefits to each individual member. Since both objectives can be met through active co-operation in RILEM committees it is a general policy of our organisation that members of Technical Committees should be RILEM members as well (either as Individual Member, or as a staff member of a Titular* or Industrial Member).
It is obvious that the operation and management of such an international organisation also requires financial means and in this respect, the organisation depends on the membership fees.
I would like to invite you to confirm your registration as a RILEM Senior Member(1). In this quality, you are entitled to all benefits of our organisation, however, also contributing to the budget for the operation and management of our organisation. I hope you will confirm today your registration, thus expressing your solidarity to RILEM Technical Activities.
I would like very much you could start as a member of one of our RILEM Technical Committees.

 Dr. Carmen Andrade, President of RILEM (2000-2003)

* Titular member is now Institutional member .

(1) Members under the age of 35 years can be invited to participate in a RILEM TC as RILEM Young Member. 


Appointment of a RILEM TC Member

Any RILEM member can become a TC member even if s/he has no background on the topic. All RILEM members should be allowed to learn about a new topic by joining a TC. Nevertheless, the TC Chairs can decide to refuse additional members in the final year of the TC. Interested RILEM members should be given the option to join meetings as guests though.

All members of a RILEM TC should be individual members of RILEM or belong to a corporate member organisation throughout the life of the TC.

A TC member is appointed by name. No delegation or temporary replacement is possible, in order to ensure the best efficiency of the TC work.

RILEM would like to remind everyone that its young members (under the age of 35) are strongly encouraged to join a TC.


Advantages of a RILEM TC Member

Each RILEM TC member receives:

  • a personal free access (with user name and password) to the private directories of the RILEM TC hosted at, where working documents, agendas and minutes of the TC (uploaded directly by the TC Chair or his Deputy Chair) can be downloaded;
  • a personal access to each document produced by the RILEM Technical Committee.


Category of a RILEM TC Member

  • Each RILEM TC member has to actively contribute to the production and discussion of the working documents. The former categories of regular or corresponding members are not used anymore.


Assignments of a RILEM TC Member

According to the Statutes and By-laws of RILEM, each RILEM TC member:

  • should cooperate actively with the Chair and colleagues (also for members not attending the meetings on a regular basis, but having to contribute to the work at least by correspondence)
  • should support RILEM strategy and organisation.
  • should be either an individual member, or a staff member employed by a RILEM Institutional or Industrial Member. Individual Members are registered with a full membership fee including the online version of our journal Materials and Structures. A special discount fee is applicable for countries according to their GDP per capita. Members with 40 or 60% discount will benefit of all services (the complete list of countries can be found on the Membership page ).

The membership fee is not an “ entrance fee ” for being allowed to contribute to the TC work. It is in fact a practical mean for the TC Member of expressing his solidarity and support in the activity of RILEM, the only income for the Association being the fees paid by its members.


Confidentiality Clause

Each RILEM TC Member has the possibility of downloading the working documents available in the RILEM TC private directories (for the TC in which he is an active member). None of these downloaded working documents should be circulated, duplicated or copied by any means, or published on any web page, journal, proceedings of conferences, etc. Any TC Member is bounded with this mandatory rule. Any publication of RILEM TC working documents is submitted to the rules defined by RILEM. Until official publication by RILEM, such working documents should remain confidential.

Only the names of the RILEM active members of the TC appear in the online list of the TC and only these names will appear in all the publications of the TC (STAR, recommendations etc.)