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23 September 2022

Future TC topics


We collect topics that are attracting interest and for which the creation of a new TC is being discussed. For each topic, a brief description is provided, which is open to additions based on the inputs by the interested researchers. To receive more information about the work in progress on a specific topic, to propose any addition to the topic description and to express your interest in participating to a new TC, please contact the reference person indicated.


If you would like to propose a new topic, please contact the RILEM General Secretariat (


At the moment we have two topics and we will add more as we receive proposals on this page:

  • TC TOPIC: Historic concrete - Identification, diagnosis and conservation
    TC DESCRIPTION: Concrete is now recognized worldwide as a cultural heritage material, as evidenced by the recent UNESCO listing of famous concrete buildings. Despite the value of this heritage, dedicated research remains insufficient considering the huge challenge of the conservation of historic concretes dating back to the late 18th century to the mid-20th century, following the concepts of the Venice Charter. In this contest, the purpose of the new TC will be to summarize the existing literature and to provide recommendations, respectively about: (1) ancient cements variety and specific identification methodologies; (2) specific decays of historic concrete and good practices in terms of diagnosis and long-term monitoring; (3) restoration strategies and their durability. REFERENCE PERSON: Dr Elisabeth MARIE-VICTOIRE, LRMH, France (
  • TC TOPIC: Bamboo as a structural material
    TC DESCRIPTION: The new TC will address the mechanical properties of bamboo and their variability. Starting from a review of the state of the art, the TC will aim at extending the knowledge of the mechanical characteristics to the several species present in the different zones, including the temperate zones. This could be the basis for grading procedures like those used for timber. Another essential aspect that will be addressed is the understanding of the degradation mechanisms of the material properties over time due to different environmental conditions. REFERENCE PERSON: Prof. Luisa MOLARI, University of Bologna, Italy (





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