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Interview with 2024 RILEM Colonnetti Medallist, Prof. Zhenming Li

25 March 2024 Association
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Dr Zhenming Li is a Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), China. He has served as executive secretary for the RILEM Technical Committee 294-MPA “Mechanical properties of alkali-activated concrete”. He is also a TC member of 283-CAM : Chloride transport in alkali-activated materials, 289-DCM : Long-term durability of structural concretes in marine exposure conditions, and UMW : Upcycling Powder Mineral “Wastes” into Cement Matrices. Dr Li received the 2024 RILEM Colonnetti medal for his achievements in understanding, predicting and mitigating the autogenous shrinkage of alkali-activated materials. Dr Li will be a key-note speaker at the 2024 RILEM Spring Convention, in Milan, Italy, presenting “Autogenous shrinkage of alkali-activated materials”.

This interview took place on 12 March 2024. Click on the symbol below to read it.


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