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Materials and Structures 277 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 38 , N° 277
Année: 2005


Flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams with cementitious repair materials
Author(s): S.-K. Park, D.-S. Yang
Pages: 329 - 334

Mode I and mixed mode fracture studies in brittle materials using the Brazilian disc specimen
Author(s): H. N. Atahan, M. A. Tasdemir, C. Tasdemir, N. Ozyurt, S. Akyuz
Pages: 305 - 312

Study on hydration of Portland cement with fly ash using electrical measurement
Author(s): X. Wei, Z. Li
Pages: 411 - 417

Shear behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): A. Meda, F. Minelli, G. A. Plizzari, P. Riva
Pages: 343 - 351

Study of the degradation causes affecting stucco sculptures from the Valentino Castle in Turin
Author(s): J.-M. Tulliani, C. Bertolini Cestari
Pages: 425 - 432

A comparison of transport properties for concrete using the ponding test and the accelerated chloride migration test
Author(s): C. C. Yang
Pages: 313 - 320

Alkali-silica reactivity criteria for concrete aggregates
Author(s): M. Berra, T. Mangialardi, A.E. Paolini
Pages: 373 - 380

Dama de Elche: pigments, surface coating and stone of the sculpture
Author(s): M. P. Luxán, J. L. Prada, F. Dorrego
Pages: 419 - 424

Preliminary modeling of internal heterogeneities in fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): O. Plé, O. Bayard
Pages: 359 - 366

Quantification of movements of flat and elongated particles in hot mix asphalt subject to wheel load test
Author(s): J. S. Chen, S.-Y. Wong, K.-Y. Lin
Pages: 395 - 402

Fatigue behavior of concrete subjected to biaxial loading in the compression region
Author(s): B. Mu, S. P. Shah
Pages: 289 - 298

Influence of composite materials confinement on alkali aggregate expansion
Author(s): I. Mohamed, L. Curtil, S. Ronel-Idrissi, P. Hamelin
Pages: 387 - 394

Influence of the pozzolanic fraction obtained from vitrified bottom-ashes from MSWI on the properties of cementitious composites
Author(s): A. Saccani, F. Sandrolini, F. Andreola, L. Barbieri, A. Corradi, I. Lancellotti
Pages: 367 - 371

Mechanical behaviour of thermally damaged high-strength steel fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): G. M. Giaccio, R. L. Zerbino
Pages: 335 - 342

Effect of normalizing heat treatment on the mechanical behaviour of low-alloy steel weld metals
Author(s): V. B. Trindade, J. C. Payão-Filho, A. S. Guimarães, R. P. R. Paranhos
Pages: 353 - 357

L'emploi de métakaolin dans la production de béton écologiquement efficace
Author(s): L. A. P. Pereira, S. Jalali, J. M. Torres Fernandes, E. Torres
Pages: 403 - 410

Mechanical threshold of cementitious materials at early age
Author(s): J. M. Torrenti, F. Benboudjema
Pages: 299 - 304

Alkali-aggregate reaction in Swiss tunnels
Author(s): A. Leemann, C. Thalmann, W. Studer
Pages: 381 - 386

Durability of bonded cement-based overlays: effect of metal fibre reinforcement
Author(s): A. Turatsinze, J.-L. Granju, V. Sabathier, H. Farhat
Pages: 321 - 327

RILEM Magazine n°1, April 2005
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: S1 - S8