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Frequently Asked Questions



Introduction to your profile page (of a subscribing member)



How to get and personalize your invoice

On our YouTube channel, you can find more videos to help you through our website: how to find eventshow to use your RILEM credentials, how to use your credentials and edit your profilehow to find publications, and also a short presentation of our association.


You will find the benefits of the different RILEM membership categories according to your needs, the annual fees and the discounts for a large number of countries on this page: 

RILEM welcomes institutional and industrial membership. To apply please choose Institutional (unlimited staff members), Industrial (companies with unlimited staff members), Associate (small companies and laboratories with 4 staff members) when applying to become a RILEM member. Membership status depends on the number of staff members affiliated with the account and the nature of the corporate member.

To reset your password, please click on the 'Forgot password' link in the Login/Register area on top of the page. Should you encounter any issue, please contact us

To upgrade your status and benefit from a full membership, please contact us

 Technical Committees

You can review the list of current active technical committees at

To join a technical committee, please apply via the online form. More details on this page:

Registered users participate in a Technical Committee meeting but they will not be official members nor authors on the TC outputs. To upgrade your status and become a subscribing RILEM member, please contact us

Any RILEM Senior Member is entitled to propose a new RILEM Technical Committee (TC). Please see the conditions and the form detailing your proposal at  


Your event needs to be co-sponsored by RILEM to appear in our calendar of events. You will find the form and the annexes at The Technical Activities Committee will review your proposal and decide of the co-sponsorship.

Please note that the RILEM co-sponsorship is scientific only and does not include any financial participation. 

Your course needs to be co-sponsored by RILEM to appear in our calendar of events.  It will be submitted to the Educational Activities Committee after submission of the online form


Thousands of articles are available on our website. Any paper published online can be downloaded for free. You need to be connected to access/download our publications.  If you are not a member yet, please create your account as a registered user (registration is free).  

Please check our YouTube channel for videos explaning how to access the publications.

You can search our website and our publications by clicking on the magnifying glass on top of any page.

If you do not find what you are after by using this tool, please contact us.  

Access to our flagship journal is reserved to our subscribing members. They can access through their profile page by clicking on the Button "Materials and Structures". Through their profile they can also access/download the RILEM Proceedings published by Springer.

RILEM STARs are published by Springer but you can find the unedited version of the final drafts free to be downloaded at

Submissions of papers are done directly on the homepage of the journal on Springer website. You will also find general guidelines to help you with your submission:  Regarding TC papers, please follow these guidelines before submitting your work.

Recommendations are published in Materials and Structures in free access. You can find the definition of a RILEM Recommendation, the purpose and the template here.

A Topical Collection in Materials and Structures is a simple way to group TC outputs in one place. It should be considered if the TC is going to publish at least 4 papers in a short period of time. The details are available here.

RILEM Technical Letters publishes short letters on invitation by the Editorial Board. If you are interested in submitting your new article to the journal, please first see the scope of the journal and the publication rules.

Before submission, please first send a cover letter by e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief. Please include: title, list of authors, a short abstract (200 words) and a list of 5 most recent references dealing with the topic.

If the article is invited, you will receive your author credentials from the Managing Editor. At this point, please proceed with online submission. 

Regarding TC papers, please follow these guidelines before submitting your work.


You can sign-up for our newsletter on the Homepage as an external subscriber. If you are a member, please update your email preferences and subscriptions in your profile to receive our bi-weekly newsletter and/or news related to our events. 

Only RILEM subscribing members have access to the online directory and details of the members. From their profile page, they can search RILEM members by name, country or company. They can also access these details from the map: