Proceedings pro089 : Performance-based Specification and Control of Concrete Durability

Title: RILEM International Workshop on Performance-based Specification and Control of Concrete Durability
Edited by D. Bjegović, H. Beushausen, M. Serdar
ISBN: 978-2-35158-135-3
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-136-0
Pages: 676
Publication date: 2013



Author(s): D. Bjegović, H. Beushausen, M. Serdar
Pages: XV - XVI

Session 1: Novel cements

Chemical resistance of novel hybrid cement in various aggressive solutions
Author(s): I. Janotka, M. Bačuvčík, P. Martauz, J. Strigač
Pages: 17 - 24

Novel hybrid cement based on different mechanisms of setting and hardening
Author(s): J. Strigač, P. Martauz
Pages: 25 - 31

The influence of partial cement replacement by fly ash and silica fume on the hydro-abrasive resistance of concrete
Author(s): N.S. Ristić, Z.J. Grdić, G.A. Topličić-Ćurčić, D.Z. Grdić
Pages: 33 - 40

Durability of new environment-friendly concrete without portland cement
Author(s): M. Ogino, R. Okamoto, S. Miyahara, E. Owaki, J. Matsumoto, J. Sakamoto, T. Maruya
Pages: 41 - 48

Cementitious materials with low additions of waste GRP dust: Effect on fresh and hardened properties
Author(s): F. Tittarelli, S. Kawashima, G. Moriconi, S.P. Shah
Pages: 49 - 56

Effective water-cement ratio of concrete and its effect on the durability of concrete structures
Author(s): M. Chromá, P. Rovnaníková, B. Teplý, A. Strauss
Pages: 57 - 65

Comparison of reactivity of cementitious additions on properties of micro-concrete
Author(s): M. Lanez, M.N. Oudjit, A. Bali
Pages: 67 - 73

Concrete durability improvement by the use of metakaolin
Author(s): N. Melo, A. Velosa, P. Cachim
Pages: 75 - 82

Session 2: Test methods

Carbonation resistance: Accelerated determination and limiting values based on Swiss standard method
Author(s): F. Moro, F. Hunkeler, P. Nygaard, S. Cuchet
Pages: 85 - 92

Bridge damage identification from measured natural frequencies
Author(s): I. Mekjavić
Pages: 93 - 100

Use of combined durability parameters for different exposure conditions
Author(s): B.S. Dhanya, M. Santhanam
Pages: 101 - 108

Threshold pore radius of concrete obtained with two novel methods
Author(s): Y. Sakai, C. Nakamura, T. Kishi
Pages: 109 - 116

Importance of water behavior on chloride ion ingress in cover concrete - A case study
Author(s): Md.S. Islam, T. Kishi
Pages: 117 - 124

Quality control of concrete structures using IR thermography
Author(s): B. Milovanović, I.B. Pečur, N. Štirmer
Pages: 125 - 132

Non-destructive testing of accelerated corrosion of reinforced mortar pozzolanic
Author(s): M. Hamadache, M. Mouli, N. Bouhamou, F. Dif, S. Benosman
Pages: 133 - 140

Session 3: Chloride ingress and durability properties

Chloride penetration after field exposure compared with estimates from service life prediction models
Author(s): J.M. Aldred, A. Castel
Pages: 143 - 150

Electrical resistivity testing for as-built concrete performance assessment of chloride penetration resistance
Author(s): R.B. Polder, W.H.A. Peelen
Pages: 151 - 157

The influence of frost attack on chloride transport in concrete
Author(s): M. Ferreira, H. Kuosa, M. Leivo, L. Makkonen
Pages: 159 - 166

The influence of increased levels of limestone mineral addition used in combination with cement kiln dust on chloride ion penetration
Author(s): B.T. Benn, D. Baweja, J.E. Mills
Pages: 167 - 174

Performance evaluation of galvanic anodes through laboratory testing and on-site monitoring
Author(s): W. Dodds, C. Christodoulou, C.I. Goodier, S.A. Austin
Pages: 175 - 182

Performance-based correlations between different concrete properties
Author(s): A. Selander, M. Westerholm, J. Trägårdh
Pages: 183 - 190

Durability properties of recycled aggregate concrete
Author(s): I. B. Pečur, N. Štirmer, B. Milovanović
Pages: 191 - 198

Determination of chloride diffusion coefficient in mortars with supplementary cementitious materials
Author(s): V. Elfmarkova, P. Spiesz, H. J. H. Brouwers
Pages: 199 - 205

Session 4: Admixtures and resistant materials

Effect of chemical admixtures on water penetration of concrete
Author(s): M. Hassani, K. Vessalas, D. Baweja, Z. Schmidt
Pages: 209 - 216

Surface impregnated concrete: a comparative study
Author(s): N. Ukrainczyk
Pages: 217 - 224

Improving durability of reinforced concrete structures using migrating corrosion inhibitors
Author(s): B. Bavarian and L. Reiner
Pages: 225 - 232

Prediction method for degree of rebar corrosion in reinforced concrete by thermography
Author(s): T. Imai and H. Oshita
Pages: 233 - 240

Durability design of concrete structures with corrosion resistant reinforcement
Author(s): F. Lollini, M. Carsana, M. Gastaldi, E. Redaelli and L. Bertolini
Pages: 241 - 248

Effects of material characteristics on ready-mixed concrete and implementation of quality control system
Author(s): M. Shekarchizadeh, M. Eftekhar, S. Khodabakhsh Reshad, S. Asgarpour
Pages: 249 - 256

Influence of cementitious additions on the saturation point of superplasticizer
Author(s): M. Lanez, M. N Oudjit, A. Bali
Pages: 257 - 263

Session 5: Performance-based design

How can we move from prescription to performance?
Author(s): S. Mindess, P-C. Aïtcin
Pages: 267 - 273

Field based performance indicators for concrete durability
Author(s): N. Srinivasan, M. Santhanam, Radhakrishna G Pillai
Pages: 275 - 282

Probabilistic durability design and performance-based specification of concrete in the marine environment
Author(s): J. C Knights
Pages: 283 - 290

Water permeability of reinforced concrete structures containing fiber reinforcement
Author(s): C. Desmettre, J.-P. Charron, M. Hubert
Pages: 291 - 299

Key performance indicators - A new approach for specifying concrete and assessing state of health of concrete structures
Author(s): S. Nanukuttan, C. Green, M. Basheer, D. Robinson, J. McCarter, G. Starrs
Pages: 301 - 308

Difficulties encountered in the derivation of performance criteria for reinforced concrete structures based on degradation models
Author(s): J. Gulikers, I. S. Oslakovic
Pages: 309 - 316

The development of performance-based durability tables for reinforced concrete in the marine environment
Author(s): J. C. Knights
Pages: 317 - 323

Relationship between air permeability and carbonation progress of concrete in Japan
Author(s): K-i. Imamoto, K. Shimozawa, M. Nagayama, J.Yamasaki, A. Tanaka
Pages: 325 - 332

Prescriptive and performance-based choice of corrosion resistant reinforcing steel
Author(s): M. Serdar, D. Bjegović
Pages: 333 - 340

Principles of the performance-based approach for concrete durability
Author(s): H. Beushausen
Pages: 341 - 349

Session 6: Durability enhancement

Performance versus prescriptive durability requirements - A case study
Author(s): O. E. Gjørv
Pages: 353 - 360

Evaluation of moisture and gas permeability of surface treated concrete under accelerated weathering conditions towards conservation of reinforced concrete buildings
Author(s): M. Misono, K-i. Imamoto, K. Nagai, and C. Kiyohara
Pages: 361 - 368

Estimated performance of as-built internally cured concrete bridge decks
Author(s): J. Weiss, Y. Bu, C. Di Bella, C. Villani
Pages: 369 - 376

Influence of finishing materials on carbonation suppression of concrete in existing structures
Author(s): A. Nakai, K-i. Imamoto, C. Kiyohara, S. Sato, A.Tanaka , K. Niwano, S. Amemiya
Pages: 377 - 384

Extension of service life by electrochemical treatment of steel reinforcement
Author(s): G. Sergi and G. Seneviratne
Pages: 385 - 392

Curing of concrete
Author(s): F. Jacobs
Pages: 393 - 400

Investigation on fired animal bones as aggregate replacement in concrete
Author(s): J.K. Makunza
Pages: 401 - 408

Session 7: Durability modelling

Use of resistivity and chloride resistance measurements to assess concrete durability of new panama canal
Author(s): C. Andrade, N. Rebolledo, A. Castillo, F. Tavares, R. Pérez, M. Baz
Pages: 411 - 418

Performance assessment of cracks in reinforced concrete: from crack width to crack volume
Author(s): J. Pacheco, B.Šavija, E. Schlangen, R. B. Polder
Pages: 419 - 426

Design of experiment and multi-criteria decision applied to concrete mixture with crushed brick and tile as aggregate
Author(s): I. Miličević, D. Bjegović, N. Štirmer
Pages: 427 - 434

Predicting shrinkage deformation of high-strength concrete
Author(s): E. Marušić, N. Štirmer
Pages: 435 - 442

Strategy for predicting transport-based durability properties of concrete based on DEM approach
Author(s): K. Li, L.B.N. Le, P. Stroeven and M. Stroeven
Pages: 443 - 450

Assessment of routine cover measurements during the upgrading of fifteen bridge structures near Keimoes, South Africa
Author(s): P. D. Ronné
Pages: 451 - 458

Simulation of cyclic effects on coupled ionic and moisture transport in concrete
Author(s): S. Yoon, B. Hoda, F. P. Glasser, M. S. Imbabi
Pages: 459 - 467

Session 8: The influence of concrete mix parameters on durability evaluation

Porosity influence on life time of concrete structures analysed by chloride migration testing
Author(s): I. H. Santos, C.A.C. Souza, D. V. Ribeiro
Pages: 471 - 480

Durability of reinforced concrete members suffered hydrogen detonation
Author(s): Y. Yoda, K-i. Imamoto, C. Kiyohara
Pages: 481 - 487

Coping with the effect of moisture on air-permeability measurements
Author(s): R. Torrent, F. Moro, A. Jornet
Pages: 489 - 498

Influence of blended cement type on concrete carbonation, capillary uptake and chloride penetration
Author(s): A. Šajna, V. Bras, L. Završnik
Pages: 499 - 506

Autogenous deformation of dolomite based self-compacting concretes with different mineral additives
Author(s): I. Gabrijel, M. J. Rukavina, D. Bjegović
Pages: 507 - 514

Durability of lightweight concretes containing expanded polystyrene
Author(s): A. Bossio, S. Acierno, M. Pecce, F. Bellucci
Pages: 515 - 522

Use of two-stage (pre-placed aggregate) concrete to produce durable structural concrete
Author(s): H. S. Abdelgader, A. S. El-Baden and A. H. Fahema
Pages: 523 - 529

Session 9: Maintenance and repair

Reinforced concrete corrosion performance in Florida bridges
Author(s): A. N. Sánchez, A. A. Sagüés, M. A. Paredes
Pages: 533 - 540

Controlling past and future deterioration of reinforced concrete
Author(s): C. Christodoulou, C.I. Goodier, S.A. Austin
Pages: 541 - 548

Aspects of conserving exposed concrete architecture with wotruba church as an example
Author(s): M. Ban
Pages: 549 - 556

A monitoring system for preventive and programmed maintenance of concrete structures - case histories and studies
Author(s): G. Moriconi
Pages: 557 - 564

Life cycle design after repair of chloride attacked concrete structures
Author(s): S. Miyazato, T. Ueda, S. Nojima
Pages: 565 - 572

Time to visual damage occurence on building facades due to reinforcement corrosion
Author(s): A. Köliö, J. Lahdensivu, M. Pentti
Pages: 573 - 580

Study on structural performance of corroded RC member
Author(s): H. Oshita, S. Yamasaki
Pages: 581 - 587

Bond reduction due to reinforcement corrosion in concrete
Author(s): I. Holly, J. Bilcik
Pages: 589 - 596

Session 10: Special concretes

Influence of fine aggregate lithology on internal sulfate attack in high early strength concrete
Author(s): A. M. Amde, K. Williams, R. A. Livingston
Pages: 599 - 605

Characteristics of pervious concrete made with steel slag for road construction application
Author(s): I. Barišić, K. Ćosić, I. Netinger
Pages: 607 - 614

Development of high resistivity, high early strength concrete for direct current light rail
Author(s): R. Tinnea, J. Tinnea, K. Kuder
Pages: 615 - 622

Influence of steel fiber addition on the shrinkage of ordinary strength and high strength concrete
Author(s): M. Šahinagić-Isović, T. Arangelovski, M. Ćećez
Pages: 623 - 631

Fibre reinforced SCC concrete with recycled fibres
Author(s): M. Skazlić, A. Baričević, D. Bjegović
Pages: 633 - 640

Impact strength evaluation of rubberized fiber reinforced SCC
Author(s): D.Lj. Jevtić, A. R. Savić
Pages: 641 - 646

Durability and strength assessment of copper slag concrete
Author(s): D. M. Boakye, H. C. Uzoegbo
Pages: 647 - 654