Proceedings pro062 : RILEM/NSF Workhop on In-Situ Evaluation of Historic Wood and Masonry Structures

Title: RILEM/NSF Workhop on In-Situ Evaluation of Historic Wood and Masonry Structures
Edited by B. Kasal, R. Anthony and M. Drdacky
ISBN: None
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-068-4
Pages: 130
Publication date: 2009

Timber and masonry have been used as construction materials since before the development of organized societies. While construction techniques evolved, the base materials remain virtually unchanged. Historic structures made of these materials represent an irreplaceable facet of our cultural heritage that is subject to natural and man-induced disasters, physical deterioration, material fatigue, and bio-degradation. Human intervention, such as development, pollution and war, contribute to the loss of our cultural heritage. Conservation, engineering, architecture, and other professions focus on elements that can be controlled by technical means to limit the deleterious effects of these factors.


This material is partially based upon work supported by the US National Science Foundation grant No. 0122251. Any opinion, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation


Author(s): B. Kasal
Pages: 1 - 1

Education in engineering evaluation and rehabilitation of historic structures
Author(s): B. Kasal, R.W. Anthony
Pages: 3 - 7

Education and research in engineering assessment and rehabilitation of historic wood and masonry buildings - E.U. perspective
Author(s): C. Bertolini Cestari, A. Carpinteri, S. Invernizzi, G. Lacidogna
Pages: 9 - 17

Status and needs for historic materials and building structures from the construction industry point of view - U.S. perspective
Author(s): E.P. Meade
Pages: 19 - 29

Overview of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods of materials evaluation
Author(s): P.J. Tikalsky
Pages: 31 - 35

Strategies for the assessment of historic masonry structures
Author(s): L. Binda, C. Maierhofer
Pages: 37 - 56

Semi-destructive techniques for in-situ evaluation of historic wood structures
Author(s): B. Kasal, R.W. Anthony
Pages: 57 - 65

Nondestructive testing and damage assessment of masonry structures
Author(s): M.P. Schuller
Pages: 67 - 86

Structural aspects in the reconstruction of historic timber structures
Author(s): J. Kanócz
Pages: 87 - 91

Determination of elastic modules by means of compression test of a timber core
Author(s): J. Minster, M. Micka, P. Václavík
Pages: 93 - 97

Documentation and regulations of historic structures
Author(s): J.M. Izquierdo Encarnación
Pages: 99 - 107

Technology diffusion for historic preservation
Author(s): A. McGee, R.W. Anthony
Pages: 109 - 117

Inspection, diagnosis methodologies and maintenance of ancient timber structures.
Author(s): C. Bertolini Cestari
Pages: 119 - 130