Compendium comp013 : RILEM Technical Day 2005 in Moscow

Title: RILEM Technical Day 2005 in Moscow
Edited by M. Brusin
ISBN: None
e-ISBN: 2351580451
Pages: 190
Publication date: 2005

For the participants of the RILEM Technical Day in Moscow, we have combined in the present compendium selected lectures presented to the RILEM members and to the participants of the International Conference on "Concrete and Reinforced Concrete - Developments Trends" on Thursday 8 September 2005, and also other information of interest related to the technical activities of RILEM, including progress reports from active RILEM Technical Committees.

A special mention is due to the 2005 Robert L’Hermite Medallist, Dr Maria Rosa Valluzzi, presenting a lecture "On the vulnerability of historic masonry structures: analysis and mitigation". This paper will be published in Materials and Structures in early 2006.

We hope that this publication will assist you in your professional activities and provide you with insight into the benefits of the technical activities of RILEM.


NIIZhB, RILEM Titular Member, hosting the 59th RILEM week in Moscow
Author(s): V. Falikman
Pages: 5 - 6

Author(s): A. Bentur, M. Brusin
Pages: 7 - 7

1. Robert L'Hermite Lecture

On the Vulnerability of Historic Masonry Structures: Analysis and Mitigation
Author(s): M.R. Valluzzi
Pages: 13 - 35

2. RILEM Technical Activities

How RILEM Works: Overview of the Clusters of Technical Committees
Author(s): S. Mindess
Pages: 39 - 44

Progress Reports of RILEM Technical Committees
Author(s): RILEM TCs Chairs
Pages: 45 - 99

3. Lectures during the RILEM Technical Day

Strategies for the Assessment of Historic Masonry Structures
Author(s): L. Binda, C. Maierhofer
Pages: 103 - 124

Self Compacting Concrete. Research and Routine Practice
Author(s): Å Skarendahl
Pages: 125 - 135

Non-Destructive Evaluation of the Concrete Cover (Covercrete) - Comparative Testing Program Results
Author(s): R. Torrent
Pages: 137 - 153

Textile Reinforced Concrete - Basic Principles and Examples of Application
Author(s): T. Brockmann, W. Brameshuber
Pages: 155 - 167

Failures of reinforced concrete structures and their prevention
Author(s): V.V. Shugaev, B.S. Sokolov
Pages: 169 - 177