Report rep030 : Use of Recycled Materials - Final Report of RILEM TC 198-URM

Title: Use of Recycled Materials - Final Report of RILEM TC 198-URM
Edited by Ch. F. Hendriks, G.M.T. Janssen and E. Vázquez
ISBN: 2-912143-82-9
e-ISBN: 2912143691
Pages: 74
Publication date: 2005

"Working together on sustainability on earth for people, animals and plants. A lifes’ dedication we can realise by turning an ideal into reality. Therefore we shall execute a lot of projects together." (Ch. F. Hendriks)

The successful "International RILEM Conference on the Use of Recycled Materials in Buildings and Structures", as well as the final report on RILEM Technical Committee 198-URM, show we are already good on our way from "ideal to reality". However, we shall have to maintain our joint efforts unabated. We cannot but explore all possibilities to stimulate recycling and to drain the primary resources as little as possible. Only then will we achieve the sustainability that is necessary for the continued existence of our planet, or to use the words of Charles Hendriks:

"Sustainability is not just a notion, it is an attitude to life which we have to extend to all fields. Herein lies rooted the purpose and the benefit of our joint work."


Author(s): G. M. T. Janssen
Pages: XI - XI

Overview regarding construction and demolition waste
Author(s): A. Müller, C. Poon, A. Katz, H. Baum, I. Nissim, G. M. T. Janssen, A. L. Put, S. W. Danielsen, A. Gonçalves, E. Vázquez
Pages: 1 - 26

General approach to reuse and recycling in construction
Author(s): G. M. T. Janssen
Pages: 27 - 32

Author(s): A. Müller
Pages: 33 - 40

Recycled aggregate in concrete
Author(s): E. Vázquez, A. Gonçalves
Pages: 41 - 43

Recycled asphalt pavement
Author(s): L. De Bock, A. Gonçalves
Pages: 45 - 51

Author(s): E. Vázquez
Pages: 53 - 55

Conclusion: The never-ending cycle - A Charter for the recycling sector
Author(s): G. M. T. Janssen
Pages: 57 - 58