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2022 end-of-year greetings

29 December 2022 Association
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What a year it has been!


RILEM relocated in January. The staff of the General Secretariat no longer works near the Eiffel Tower, but inside one of the most prestigious universities in Paris, the University of Gustave Eiffel. It was in this venue that we held the 2022 RILEM Spring Convention in March, together with the First Conference on Earthen Materials. We celebrated 75 years of RILEM, with a full-day webinar rich of presentations and discussions and the release of a special Topical Collection in Materials and Structures, 75 Years of RILEM: Materials & Structures’, and a 75th RILEM Anniversary Book.


In 2022, TAC approved the establishment of 12 new Technical Committees, 8 in April and 4 in October. Please, read here if you wish to join any of the RILEM TCs!


The RILEM TC members have been busy! You can check the latest RILEM publications here. We also kindly invite you to check the latest papers in RILEM technical letters, and the 10 issues published by Materials and Structures in 2022, with around 250 papers in total! Many of these papers are TC reports!


The ROC&TOK series have been as successful as always, releasing 25 webinars in 2022: 19 in English, 2 in Chinese (new!) and 2 in Spanish (new!); the recordings are all available on the RILEM YouTube Channel. On this regard, stay tuned as we will soon release an interview with the EAC Chair, Prof. Karen Scrivener. Also the RILEM Youth Council launched a new series of online events: the Peer-to-Peer webinar series. Four events have been offered in 2022, the recordings of which are all available here!  


We revamped the RILEM website, with a new trendy look!


We lost Fanta Sylla in February in her role of Management Assistant, as she decided to pursue a career in screenwriting. But we gained Aurelie Martingale who has proven to be another excellent team member! Pietro Lura stepped back as RILEM treasurer; we thanked Pietro for the great work, and we welcomed Sofiane Amziane as new RILEM Treasurer!


We met in Kyoto, Japan, in September. Although still a hybrid event, the 76th Annual Week had a huge in-person attendance rate… and it was a fantastic event! 


Sadly, we witnessed the beginning of a war. Let’s hope for a peaceful 2023, with no wars, no conflicts, no suffering. 


We look forward to another year of activities, meetings, and discussions TOGETHER!

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