Proceedings Pro106 : International Conference on Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

Title: UHPFRC 2017 Designing and Building with UHPFRC: New large-scale implementations, recent technical advances, experience and standards
Edited by François Toutlemonde & Jacques Resplendino
ISBN: 978-2-35158-166-7
e-ISBN : 978-2-35158-167-4
Pages: 1950
Publication date: 2017

UHPFRC 2017 international symposium is the third major scientific event organized in France on Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) applications. After Marseille in 2009 and 2013 where the MuCEM project and realization constituted the iconic UHPFRC implementation, the host city of Montpellier in 2017 will make it possible to visit the Republique Bridge, the residential mansions « La Mantilla » and the new high-speed railway station with its over 8,000 m² roofing UHPFRC « palmes ».
The symposium subtitle is «Designing and Building with UHPFRC: New large-scale implementations, recent technical advances, experience and standards ». It corresponds to the fruitful relation to be found between feedback of recent UHPFRC realizations, forefront research results, and just issued UHPFRC Standards like the French ones dating back 2016.
Over 105 contributions from 20 countries, reviewed by the 59 members of the International Scientific Comittee, are collected in these Proceedings. They testify UHPFRC development in France, Europe, North America and Far East and include descriptions of UHPFRC applications, design studies and research supporting these realizations. Let reading of this material stimulate the researchers’, engineers’ and architects’ creativity!


Research on UHPFRC materials and mixes

Characterization of low cost UHPFRC for structural applications
Pages: 3 - 10

Experimental study on properties of ultra-high strength fiber-reinforced concrete containing ordinary Portland cement and blast furnace slag with various fineness
Pages: 11 - 20

Mechanical and durability properties of environmentally friendly ultra-high performance concrete ( UHPC)
Pages: 21 - 28

Effect of steel fiber shape on pullout behavior of autoclaved UHPFRC with granite powder
Pages: 29 - 36

Study of amorphous metallic fibers as alternative constituents in a referenced industrial UHPFRC mix: Conditions of optimized applications
Pages: 37 - 44

Sensitivity of various steel-fiber types to compressive behavior of ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concretes
Pages: 45 - 52

Design of a UHPFRC using amorphous metallic fibres
Pages: 53 - 62

Influence of fibre content and aggregate size on the behaviour of ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete during fire
Pages: 63 - 72

Early-age shrinkage development of ultra-high performance concrete under heat curing treatment
Pages: 73 - 82

Possibilities for improving the properties of UHPC by means of thermal treatment
Pages: 83 - 92

Mechanical properties of fiber reinforced pore free concrete with high strength matrix above 400MPa
Pages: 93 - 103

Processes of UHPFRC production and placement

Numerical simulations and non-destructive measurements of fibre orientation on UHPFRC wind towers
Pages: 105 - 115

Precast structural elements made of UHPC
Pages: 115 - 124

Upgrading of existing bridge decks using UHPFRC densified by ettringite formation (AFT-UHPFRC): preliminary investigation
Pages: 125 - 134

Complex architectural elements from HPFRC and 3D printed sandstone
Pages: 135 - 144

Sprayed UHPC with glass fibres for 3D panels
Pages: 145 - 153

Ultra-high performance shotcrete: yes we can!
Pages: 154 - 163

UHPFRC properties, characterization, tests and analysis

Uni-axial tensile tests for UHPFRC
Pages: 165 - 174

The optimized design of dog-bones for tensile test of ultra-high performance concrete
Pages: 175 - 182

Size effect of HPFRCC in uniaxial tension
Pages: 183 - 190

Effect of fibre orientation on the tensile strength of ultra-high performance steel fibre-reinforced self-compacting concrete
Pages: 191 - 200

An anlytical approach to derive constitutive laws from bending tests without using FE-simulation
Pages: 201 - 210

Inverse Analysis tailored for both strain hardening and strain softening UHPFRC
Pages: 211 - 220

Derivation of constitutive law for UHPFRC using DIC system
Pages: 221 - 230

Identification of the tensile law of UHPFRC materials from bending tests by means of digital image correlation
Pages: 231 - 241

Characterization of the tensile response of strain hardening UHPFRC-Chillon Viaducts
Pages: 242 - 250

Effect of specimen size on the compressive strength of ultra-high performance concrete
Pages: 251 - 260

Accelerated Chloride Migration tests of UHPFRC
Pages: 261-270

UHPC in extreme conditions and temperature loading
Pages: 271-280

Development of impact resistant UHPFRC
Pages: 281 - 290

Fatigue behavior of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) under compressive loading
Pages: 291 - 300

UHPFRC constitutive modelling

Probabilistic numerical model of ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete
Pages: 303 - 312

Three-dimensional Finite Element modeling of UHPC using total strain crack models
Pages: 313 - 324

A numerical model to determine the characteristic length of UHPFRC beams
Pages: 325 - 336

Finite Element analysis of UHPFRC plates under impact loads
Pages: 337 - 346

Designing UHPFRC structures with organic fibres
Pages: 347-354

Structural behaviour of UHPFRC

Effect of ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete and high-strength steel on the flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams
Pages: 357 - 364

Experimental studies and numerical analysis on the flexural behavior of reinforced UHPC beams
Pages: 365 - 374

Flexural quasi-static behaviour of UHPFRC circular slab specimens
Pages: 375 - 384

Correlation between the material tensile properties and the flexural response of UHPFRC panels
Pages: 385 - 394

Impact resistance performance of UHPFRC panels under low velocity impact loading
Pages: 393 - 402

Impact resistance of UHPFRC plates
Pages: 403 - 410

Effect of ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete on the blast performance of reinforced concrete beams
Pages: 411 - 420

Seismic ductility of UHPFRC columns: some results
Pages: 421 - 430

UHPFRC direct shear characterization applied to web-flange shear design of T-shaped girders
Pages: 431 - 440

UHPFRC in composite structures

Experimental research on the interfacial properties of non-steam-cured UHPC-Steel composite beam
Pages: 443 - 451

Interface shear transfer between precast UHPFRC elements and normal concrete overlay
Pages: 451 - 460

Experimental research on the behaviour of short headed stud in non-steam-cured UHPC under tensile and shear load
Pages: 461 - 470

Behaviour of headed shear stud connectors in composite beams with UHPFRC connection
Pages: 471 - 480

Finite Element analysis on pull-out behavior of post-installed adhesive anchor filled with UHPFRC
Pages: 481 - 490

Circular UHPC-NSC composite columns under concentric loading
Pages: 491 - 498

Test on circular steel tube confined UHPC and UHPFRC colums under axial loading
Pages: 499-508

Creep behavior of composite Glulam-UHPFRC beams connected by bonding
Pages: 509 - 516

Shear Strengthening method for RC beams by using post-tensioned UFC panel
Pages: 517 - 524

Non-prestressed bridge deck-girder composite with end-girder continuity detail using ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) within the end connection
Pages: 525 - 532

Research and application of the composite deck system composed of orthotropic steel deck and thin UHPFRC layer
Pages: 533 - 542

Standards and pre-normatives studies

The German Guideline for ultra-high performance concrete
Pages: 545-554

Standardization of Ultra-high Performance Concrete - The Canadian Perspective
Pages: 555-564

Advances in the development of the first UHPFRC Recommendations in Spain: Material classification, design and characterization
Pages: 565 - 574

Reliability-based calibration of partial factor for thin non-structural elements made of UHPFRC
Pages: 575 - 584

New semi-probabilistic design method for non-structural elements made of UHPFRC
Pages: 585 - 592

Prospective studies of UHPFRC application projects

Exploring UHPFRC possibilities
Pages: 595 - 604

Experimental study of ultra-high performance mortar mansory shot columns under axial loads
Pages: 605-614

Large-scale strength testing of hexcrete segment designed with UHPC for tall wind turbine towers
Pages: 615 - 624

Slender UHPFRC pre-stressed girders for mid-span bridges and park decks: conceptual design and modeling of the structural behaviour
Pages: 625 - 634

Huaxin Cement/ UHPC Ductal FM Pre-Tensioned beam
Pages: 635 - 644

New systems of precast bridge decks made with ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete
Pages: 645 - 654

Seismic design and performance of ultra-high performance concrete bridge bents
Pages: 655 - 664

Fully precast light-weight steel-UHPC composite structure for accelerated bridge construction
Pages: 665 - 674

The new strengthening method of hollow slab girder bridges by UHPC
Pages: 675 - 682

Adhesion of a UHPFRC cover to a regular concrete as protection for marine structures
Pages: 683 - 690

Ice shield for offshore structures
Pages: 691 - 698

An innovative approach of using UHPC for metro viaducts
Pages: 699 - 706

Super long-span longitudinal prestressed UHPC box-girder bridge
Pages: 707 - 716

Innovative rehabilitation technology for corrugated metal pipe culverts using wet-mix sprayed UHPFRC
Pages: 717 - 724

Monographs of UHPFRC applications - bridges

La République Bridge in Montpellier
Pages: 727 - 736

UHPFRC Footbridge in le Cannet des Maures
Pages: 737 - 744

Thin-walled U-profile UHPFRC footbridge
Pages: 745 - 754

Design, installation and long term monitoring of UHPC footbridge over Opatovicky Channel
Pages: 755 - 764

Application of UHPC from pedestrian cable-stayed bridge to the first UHPC cable-stayed road bridge
Pages: 765 - 776

Buthaumont Bridge on the Orne river in Boncourt
Pages: 777 - 786

Hammersmith Flyover: a complete innovative renovation
Pages: 787 - 796

A UHPC overlay for deteriorated bridge decks
Pages: 797 - 806

New UHPFRC deck slab for the Grand Pont in Thouaré-sur-Loire (France) - How to extend the life of a 19th century metallic structure bridge
Pages: 807 - 814

Monographs of UHPFRC applications - buildings and structures

Memorial of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
Pages: 817 - 826

The international Memorial of Notre Dame de Lorette: detailed design and realization
Pages: 827 - 836

Roofing of Montpellier - South of France TGV Station
Pages: 837 - 856

Slender sunshades beams made of UHPFRC between two tunnels in Marseille
Pages: 857 - 866

La Marseillaise Tower
Pages: 867 - 878

Shum Yip Upperhills UHPC façade panels: Analysis of the design process
Pages: 879 - 888

Columns and ornamental vertical elements made with UHPFRC for the Saint-Nazaire aquatic center
Pages: 889 - 896

Design and production of UHPFRC raised floor tiles
Pages: 897 - 904

The Miles Stair in Somerset House
Pages: 905 - 914

Typical series of UHPFRC applications

Architectonic UHPFRC elements in BSI
Pages: 917 - 926

The Ductal rainscreen cladding solution in Europe
Pages: 927 - 936

Industrial production of thin rainscreen cladding in UHPC
Pages: 927 - 936

Smart building components - UHPC mullions
Pages: 945 - 954

A type of UHPC not quite up to standards
Pages: 955 - 964

Emerging UHPC-based bridge construction and preservation solutions
Pages: 965 - 974

UHPC link slab solutions in North America
Pages: 975 - 982

UHPC pier repair/retrofit: Examples of completed projects in North America
Pages: 983 - 992

Strengthening of existing structures using R-UHPFRC: principles and conceptual design
Pages: 993 - 1002

Turnkey projects of ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) footbridges
Pages: 1003 - 1012

Experience with UHPFRC applications in the Czech Republic
Pages: 1013 - 1022

Case study of two accelerated bridge construction projects in the U.S. using prefabricated bridge elements connected with UHPFRC
Pages: 1023 - 1032

Malaysia, taking ultra-high performance concrete bridges to new dimensions
Pages: 1033 - 1042

Summary of the keynote lectures

UHPFRC, a customized ready-to-install material: Luxury vs. common use of one of today's constructive materials
Pages: 1045 - 1046

French experience of UHPFRC development from 2013: standards, breakthrough, UHPFRC solutions, fashion...
Pages: 1047 - 1050