Proceedings pro088 : 8th RILEM International Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Concrete: challenges and opportunities (BEFIB 2012)

Title: 8th RILEM International Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Concrete: challenges and opportunities (BEFIB 2012)
Edited by Joaquim A.O. Barros
ISBN: 978-2-35158-132-2
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-133-9
Pages: 332
Publication date: 2012



Author(s): Joaquim A.O. Barros
Pages: xxiii

Keynote Lectures

Fiber reinforced concrete in support of sustainable infrastructure systems
Author(s): B. Mobasher
Pages: 1 - 21

FRC thin walled structures: opportunities and threats
Author(s): M. di Prisco, M. Colombo
Pages: 23 - 49


Coupled effects of glass fiber and time on fluidity and stability of self-compacting composites
Author(s): I. Mehdipour, K. Amini, M. Khanjani
Pages: 55 - 65

Rheological characterization of high performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites
Author(s): M. Haist, L. Ferrara
Pages: 66 - 74

Rheological characterization of the effect of steel fibres in self-compacting concrete
Author(s): S. Grünewald, J.C. Walraven
Pages: 75 - 85

Influence of restraint on the early age cracking of concrete with and without fibres
Author(s): R. Combrinck, W.P. Boshoff
Pages: 86 - 99

Assessment of fibre orientation and distribution in steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete panels
Author(s): A. Abrishambaf, J. Barros, V.M.C.F. Cunha, F.N.M. Cunha
Pages: 100 - 112

Mechanical properties

Local impact damage behavior of fiber reinforced high strength concrete slabs
Author(s): A. Abadel, H. Abbas, T. Almusallam, Y. Al-Salloum, S. Alsayed, N. Siddiqui, R. Iqbal
Pages: 113 - 122

Concrete strength dependent pull-out behavior of deformed steel fibers
Author(s): K. Wille
Pages: 123 - 135

Bending behavior of 3D fabric reinforced cementitious composites
Author(s): E. Amzaleg, A. Peled, S. Janetzko, T. Gries
Pages: 136 - 148

FRC in complex geometry façades
Author(s): T. Henriksen, A. Schiftner
Pages: 149 - 161

Fiber synergy in hybrid fiber reinforced concrete (HyFRC) in flexure, shear and impact
Author(s): N. Banthia, F. Majdzadeh, J. Wu
Pages: 162 - 175

Design of large SFRC member in bending
Author(s): R. de Montaignac, B. Massicotte, J.-P. Charron
Pages: 176 - 188

Experimental study of scaling effect related to post cracking behaviours of Metal Fibres Reinforced Concretes (MFRC)
Author(s): P. Rossi
Pages: 189 - 197

Tension lap slices strengthened with ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): M.A. Dagenais, B. Massicotte
Pages: 198 - 208

Identification of tensile behaviour of SFR-SCC: direct vs. indirect tests
Author(s): L. Ferrara, A. Caverzan, M. Muhaxheri, M. di Prisco
Pages: 209 - 221

Fibre reinforced ultra high performance concrete under impact load
Author(s): S. Illguth, D. Lowke, C. Gehlen
Pages: 222 - 230

Compressive behaviour of flax FRP tube confined coir fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): L. Yan, X. Yuan, C. Nguyen, N. Chouw
Pages: 231 - 242

A new strategy to reduce the environmental impact of FRC
Author(s): A.P. Fantilli, B. Chiaia
Pages: 243 - 253

Load-bearing behaviour of textile reinforced concrete with short fibres
Author(s): M. Hinzen, W. Brameshuber
Pages: 254 - 266

New views on the study of variables affecting bond of reinforcing bars to steel fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): E.G. Taengua, L. Mas, J.R. Martí Vargas, P. Serna Ros
Pages: 267 - 278

Residual compressive strength of fire exposed fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): G.L. Balázs, E. Lublóy
Pages: 279 - 288

Characterization of cracking in strain hardening cementitious composites using the compact tension test
Author(s): E.B. Pereira, G. Fischer, J.A.O Barros
Pages: 289 - 301

Mechanical properties of high strength concrete with recycled steel fibres from waste tyres
Author(s): D. Bjegovic, A. Baricevic, S. Lakusic
Pages: 302 - 312

Influence of fibre orientation on the performance of steel fibre-reinforced concrete
Author(s): S. Grünewald, F. Laranjeira, J.C. Walraven, A. Aguado, C. Molins
Pages: 313 - 325

Initial study on the tensile creep of cracked steel fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): C.J. Mouton, W.P. Boshoff
Pages: 326 - 337

Direct shear strength of annealed-wire fibre concrete
Author(s): E.A. Basoenondo, E. Tjahjono, I.C. Lukito
Pages: 338 - 346

Silica modified synthetic fiber for improving interface property in FRCC
Author(s): Z. Yang, J. Liu, J. Liu, C. Li, H. Zhou
Pages: 347 - 357

Mechanical behaviour of wood fibre reinforced cementitious composites
Author(s): L. Sierra-Beltran, E. Schlangen
Pages: 358 - 368

Investigation on single fiber pullout and interfacial debonding mechanisms with acoustic emission techniques
Author(s): G. Zhao, Els Verstrynge, M. di Prisco, L. Vandewalle
Pages: 369 - 380

Fatigue behavior of SFRC under bending
Author(s): F. Germano, G.A. Plizzari
Pages: 381 - 393

Material properties of fibre reinforced UHPC
Author(s): N. Randl, F. Däuber
Pages: 394 - 404

Assessment on the mechanical performance of steel fibre reinforced concrete using fibres geometrical factor
Author(s): N.N. Sarbini, I.S. Ibrahim, A.A. Saim
Pages: 405 - 417

Influence of concrete flow on fibre distribution, orientation and mechanical properties of fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): E.V. Sarmiento, G. Zirgulis, S. Sandbakk, M.R. Geiker, T. Kanstad
Pages: 418 - 430

Design and characterization of self-compacting fibre reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete
Author(s): H. Costa, D. Esteves, E. Júlio, T. Simőes
Pages: 431 - 443

Fibre reinforced concrete using polyethylene strips
Author(s): N.L. Holland, J.M. Nichols, A.B. Nichols
Pages: 444 - 456

Development and application of a high performance fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete in post-tensioning anchorage zones
Author(s): C. Marchăo, S. Nunes, V. Lúcio, A. Brás, J. Figueiras
Pages: 457 - 469

Design of UHPFRC with enhanced ductility and flowability
Author(s): E. Ghafari, H. Costa, E. Júlio
Pages: 470 - 479

Pullout behavior of polyvinyl alcohol fiber from cementitious matrix during plastic state
Author(s): J. Liu, C. Li, J. Liu, Z. Yang, G. Cui
Pages: 480 - 488

Testing and performance of bond of steel bars in fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete
Author(s): D.J. Marie, G.P.C. Correia, T.T. Lima
Pages: 489 - 499

Reuse of steel fibres from scrap tires in FRC
Author(s): G. Centonze, M. Leone, M.A. Aiello
Pages: 500 - 511

Interfacial bond behaviour of GFRP bar in self-compacting fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): H. Mazaheripour, J. Barros, F. Soltanzadeh, D. Gonçalves
Pages: 512 - 525

Pan-fibre modified concrete
Author(s): I.N. Minsadrov
Pages: 526 - 533

Hybrid cement-based composites: dynamic and static tensile behaviors
Author(s): Z. Cohen, A. Peled, B. Mobasher, S. Janetzko, T. Gries
Pages: 534 - 546

Fracture studies on concretes with hybrid steel fibers
Author(s): M. Arall, O. Sengul, C. Tasdemir, M.A. Tasdemir
Pages: 547 - 559

Fibre reinforced concrete entirely made from recycled construction waste, synthetic fibres, cement and water and its practical utilisation
Author(s): J. Vodicka, V. Vytlacilova
Pages: 560 - 570

Methodology of measuring creep of concrete specimen reinforced with polymer fibres subjected to bending
Author(s): J. Fládr, J. Vodička, J. Krátký
Pages: 571 - 580

Evaluation of concrete pipes reinforced with steel fibers
Author(s): J.L. Akasaki, A.P. Fugii, J.L.P. Melges, R.M. Queiroz, T.F.S. Trentin, M.M. Tashima
Pages: 581 - 588

Fibres introduction in self-compacting concrete using Belém materials
Author(s): F.F. Mendonça Filho, J.Z.R. Silva Junior
Pages: 589 - 597

Nanofibers in fiber reinforced cement based materials

Fiber to matrix bond mechanisms in FRC composites
Author(s): A.E. Naaman
Pages: 598 - 610

Early age behaviour of self compacting concrete with polypropylene fibers and carbon nanofibers
Author(s): J. Puentes, G. Barluenga, I. Palomar
Pages: 611 - 623

Effect of high temperatures on steel fiber reinforced concrete with EAF slag aggregates
Author(s): I. Papayianni, M. Papachristoforou
Pages: 624 - 634

Long-term properties and durability

Long term behaviour of fiber reinforced concrete beams in bending
Author(s): E. Vasanelli, F. Micelli, M.A. Aiello, G. Plizzari
Pages: 635 - 647

Structural behaviour of glass fibre reinforced self compacting concrete wall panels
Author(s): M. Chandrasekhar, M.V. Seshagiri Rao, M. Janardhana
Pages: 648 - 659

A fuzzy probabilistic durability concept for strain-hardening cement-based composites
Author(s): F. Altmann, V. Mechtcherine
Pages: 660 - 670

Durability of hemp fibers in the alkaline environment of cement matrix
Author(s): I. Merta, K. Kopecskó, E.K. Tschegg
Pages: 671 - 679

Transport properties in cracked fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): M.C. Torrijos, G. Giaccio, R. Zerbino
Pages: 680 - 691

Water permeability of fiber reinforced concrete subjected to constant and cyclic tensile loading
Author(s): C. Desmettre, J.P. Charron
Pages: 692 - 703

A comprehensive study on the effect of fibers and loading on flexural creep of SFRC
Author(s): S. Arango, E.G. Taengua, J.R. Martí Vargas, P. Serna Ros
Pages: 704 - 715

Temperature effect on the long-term behaviour of macro-synthetic-and steel-fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): N. Buratti, C. Mazzotti
Pages: 715 - 725

Effects of different types and dosages of fibres on the long-term behaviour of fibre-reinforced self-compacting concrete
Author(s): N. Buratti, C. Mazzotti
Pages: 726 - 738

An application of HPFRCC and fiber net for recovering strength of RC members deteriorated by chloride induced corrosion
Author(s): K. Kobayashi, S. Asano, R. Ohashi, K. Rokugo
Pages: 739 - 748

Influence of water consumption and the content of addition of staple fibers in the volumetric changes of concretes used in floors
Author(s): J.A. de L. Senisse, D.C.C. Dal Molin, A.L.R. Abitante
Pages: 749 - 759

Experimental research on uni-axial tensile creep behaviour of pre-cracked steel fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): G. Zhao, M. di Prisco, L. Vandewalle
Pages: 760 - 771

A study on durability of reinforced concrete using steel fibers under the chloride attack condition
Author(s): J. Matsumoto, K. Horiguchi, T. Maruya
Pages: 772 - 782

Crack control in fibrous RC elements
Author(s): G. Tiberti, F. Minelli, G.A. Plizzari
Pages: 783 - 795

Time dependant behaviour of SFRC elements under sustained loads
Author(s): D. Nakov, G. Markovski
Pages: 796 - 808

Analysis of drying shrinkage on fibre reinforced concrete by the model B3
Author(s): M. Sahiganic-Isovic, T. Arangjelovski
Pages: 809 - 821

Influence of variation of microfibre types and filler on workability, mechanical characteristics and some durability properties of fibre reinforced high strength self-compacting concrete
Author(s): M. Rezvani, S. Palecki, D.C. Lupascu
Pages: 822 - 834

Long-time creep testing of pre-cracked fibre reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): T. Kanstadl, G. Zirgulis
Pages: 835 - 847

Behavior under thermal shock of steel fiber reinforced refractory concrete
Author(s): R.D.T. Filho, L.F.L. Rosa, J.D. Vieira, A.C.J. Evangelista, I.F. de Moraes, L.F. Santos, F. Medeiros
Pages: 848 - 858

Effect of glass fiber on mechanical properties and de-icing salt scaling resistance of decorative self-consolidating cementitious material
Author(s): I. Mehdipour, S. Karimzadeh, M.H. Karimnezhad, M. Khanjani
Pages: 859 - 869

Shrinkage properties of polyolefin fiber reinforced mortars
Author(s): B. Kiani, T. Rahmani, M. Nemati Chari, M. Shekarchizadeh
Pages: 870 - 877

Evolution of remaining compressive strength of fibre reinforced high strength concrete under fatigue efforts
Author(s): J. Minguez, D.C. González, M.A. Vicente, J.A. Martinez
Pages: 878 - 886

Analytical and numerical models

Numerical tool for modelling steel fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): C. Molins, A. Pros, P. Díez
Pages: 887 - 896

Fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete flow simulations in comparison with L-Box experiments using Carbopol
Author(s): O. Švec, J. Skoček, J.F. Olesen, H. Stang
Pages: 897 - 905

Flexural design of strain hardening cement composites
Author(s): B. Mobasher, C. Barsby
Pages: 906 - 917

Predicting the flow-induced dispersion and orientation of steel fibers in self-consolidating concrete by distinct element method
Author(s): L. Ferrara, S. Shyshko, V. Mechtcherine
Pages: 918 - 930

Numerical modeling of precast frc segments: the Monte Lirio tunnel in Panama
Author(s): A. Meda, F. Nerilli, Z. Rinaldi
Pages: 931 - 941

A semi-analytical model to simulate the direct shear pull-out behaviour of hooked-end steel fibres
Author(s): T. Soetens, S. Matthys
Pages: 942 - 954

Numerical modelling of the behaviour of SFRC elements in presence of multiple cracks
Author(s): P. Bernardi, R. Cerioni, E. Michelini
Pages: 955 - 968

Modelling of stress-strain behaviour of sisal fibre reinforced concrete using damage theory
Author(s): P.R.L. Lima, R.D.T. Filho, J.M. Filho
Pages: 969 - 980

A design model for fibre reinforced concrete bending elements with longitudinal pre-stressed steel and FRP bars
Author(s): M. Taheri, J.A.O. Barros, H. Salehian
Pages: 981 - 993

A comparative study between experimental and numerical analyses of steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete structural behavior
Author(s): S.S. Penna, P.C. Guetti, R.S. Pitangueira, G.O. Ribeiro, P. Serna
Pages: 994 - 1006

Steel-fibre-reinforced concrete beams under cyclic loads
Author(s): A. Abbas, S. Syed Mohsin, D. Cotsovos
Pages: 1007 - 1019

The predictive performance of design models for the punching resistance of SFRC slabs in inner column loading conditions
Author(s): B.N.M. Neto, J.A.O. Barros, G.S. Melo
Pages: 1020 - 1032

Non-linear finite element analysis of steel fibre reinforced beams with conventional reinforcement
Author(s): D. Fall, R. Rempling, A. Jansson, K. Lundgren, K. Gylltoft
Pages: 1033 - 1045

Numerical simulations of three-point bending tests: two distinct approaches
Author(s): V.M.C.F. Cunha, J.A.O. Barros, J.M. Sena-Cruz
Pages: 1046 - 1058

Codes and standards

An attempt to the determination of the partial safety factor for SFRC members subjected to bending forces
Author(s): C. Camós, J.R. Casas, C. Molins
Pages: 1059 - 1069

On the design of steel fibre reinforced concrete pavements and slabs-on-grade
Author(s): S.K. Nayar, R. Gettu
Pages: 1070 - 1081

A new approach on crushing strength test for fibre reinforced concrete pipes
Author(s): A. Figueiredo, A. de la Fuente, C. Molins, A. Aguado
Pages: 1082 - 1095

Shear resistance of macro-synthetic and steel fibre reinforced concrete beams without stirrups
Author(s): R. Varma, J. Barros, J.M. Sena-Cruz
Pages: 1096 - 1108

Design-curves of strain softening and strain hardening fibre reinforced concrete elements subjected to axial load and bending moments
Author(s): R. Varma, J. Barros, J.M. Sena-Cruz
Pages: 1109 - 1121

Innovative structural systems

Structural behaviour of hybrid concrete beams with fibre reinforced lightweight concrete
Author(s): L.G. Nes, J.A. Řverli
Pages: 1122 - 1134

Steel Fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete for grid foundations of single-family houses
Author(s): N. Alves, J. Barros, A. Nunes, L. Lourenço
Pages: 1135 - 1147

Crack width control for elements reinforced with rebars and recycled steel fibres: an experimental and theoretical study
Author(s): G. Groli, A.P. Caldentey
Pages: 1148 - 1160

Steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete for lightweight and durable pedestrian bridges: creep behaviour
Author(s): P.J.D. Mendes, J.A. Barros, D.M.F. Gonçalves, J.M. Sena-Cruz
Pages: 1161 - 1173

Effects of curing conditions on crack bridging response of PVA reinforced cementitious matrix
Author(s): E. Esmaeeli, J. Barros, M. Mastali
Pages: 1174 - 1186

Bolted joints for UHPFRC precast prestressed elements
Author(s): E. Camacho, J.A. López, P. Serna
Pages: 1187 - 1199

Strengthening of R/C beams with high performance concrete jacket
Author(s): S. Mostosi, A. Meda, P. Riva, S. Maringoni
Pages: 1200 - 1213

Conception of sandwich structural panels comprising thin walled steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete (SFRSCC) and fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) connectors
Author(s): R. Lameiras, J. Barros, M. Azenha, I. Valente
Pages: 1214 - 1226

Steel fibre reinforced interior beam-column joints without shear reinforcement and beam bars passing through joint
Author(s): Y. Ishikawa, Y. Tanabe, H. Takatsu, H. Kimura
Pages: 1227 - 1239

Structural and industrial applications

Shear strength of beams reinforced with synthetic macro-fibers and stirrups
Author(s): S. Altoubat, Y. Ardavan, K.A. Rieder
Pages: 1240 - 1252

Behavior of hybrid fibre reinforced self compacting concrete load bearing wall panels
Author(s): M. Chandrasekhar, M. Janardhana, M.V.S. Rao
Pages: 1253 - 1264

Steel fibre as only reinforcing in free suspended one way elevated slabs: design conclusions of a tunnel formed slab and walls based upon full scale testing results
Author(s): C. Kleinman, X. Destrée, A. Lambrechts, A. Hoekstra
Pages: 1265 - 1278

Performance of steel fibre reinforced concrete columns under simulated blast loading
Author(s): R. Burell, H. Aoude, M. Saatcioglu
Pages: 1279 - 1291

Design and testing elevated steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete slabs
Author(s): J.A.O. Barros, H. Salenian, N.M.M.A. Pires, D.M.F. Gonçalves
Pages: 1292 - 1304

Shear strength improvement of unreinforced masonry walls by means of high performance steel fibre reinforced mortar
Author(s): L. Facconi, A. Confortil, F. Minelli, G. Plizzari
Pages: 1305 - 1317

Fibre reinforced concrete pipes: new designing trends
Author(s): A. de la Fuente, A.D. de Figueiredo, A. Aguado, C. Molins, R. Escariz
Pages: 1318 - 1330

Influence of steel fibres, used in conjunction with unconfined rebar configurations, on the structural performance of precast elements
Author(s): G.P. Robinson, A. Palmeri, S.A. Austin
Pages: 1331 - 1343

Preliminary calculations and casting stages of a UHPFRC truss footbridge
Author(s): J.A. López, P. Serna, E. Camacho, J. Navarro
Pages: 1344 - 1356

UFRG - Unidirectional fibre reinforced grout as strengthening material for reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): R. Giăo, V. Lúcio, C. Chastre, A. Brás
Pages: 1357 - 1369

Ductility analysis on the post-peak behavior of self-compacting fiber reinforced concrete (SCFRC) beams subjected to shear
Author(s): E. Cuenca, J. Echegaray, P. Serna, A. Pasetto
Pages: 1370 - 1382

Shear behaviour of shallow beams in polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): B. Barragan, A. Conforti, F. Minelli, S. Moro, G.A. Plizzari, L. Toffoli
Pages: 1383 - 1395

Seismic behaviour of high-performance fibre reinforced concrete (HPFRC) low-rise walls with simplified reinforcement detailing
Author(s): A. Athanasopoulou, G.J. Parra-Montesinos, K.Y. Kim
Pages: 1396 - 1408

Experimental and numerical analysis of SFRC ground slabs under point loading on elastic sub-base
Author(s): I. Gokalpl, O.T. Turan, M. Aydogan, M.A. Tasdemir
Pages: 1409 - 1418

Shear strength of pre-tensioned members in high strength fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): L. Moreillon, J. Nseir, R. Suter, R. Le Roy
Pages: 1419 - 1431

Concrete behaviour and crack control of prestressed concrete beams with fibres
Author(s): A. Kohoutková, I. Broukalová
Pages: 1432 - 1443

Case studies

Non-destructive monitoring of fiber dispersion in fiber reinforced concrete: A comparison between different methods
Author(s): L. Ferrara, M. Faifer, S. Toscani, R. Ottoboni
Pages: 1444 - 1456

Testing the fresh and hardened state performance of steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete
Author(s): L. Ferrara, P. Bamonte, A. Caverzan, A. Musa, I. Sanal
Pages: 1457 - 1469

Blocks of concrete reinforced with natural sisal fibres for use in masonry
Author(s): I.S. Izquiero, M.A. Ramalho, O.S. Izquierdo
Pages: 1470 - 1481

Design charts for steel fibre reinforced concrete elevated slabs
Author(s): D. Nakov
Pages: 1482 - 1494

Application of PVA-fibre reinforced lightweight concrete for the retrofitting of timber beam ceilings
Author(s): K. Holschemacher, H. Kieslich
Pages: 1495 - 1507

Optimization of reinforced concrete and reinforced fibre concrete pole design
Author(s): P. Štěpánek, I. Laniková, M. Zlámal
Pages: 1508 - 1517