Proceedings pro055 : International RILEM Symposium on Photocatalysis, Environment and Construction Materials - TDP 2007

Title: International RILEM Symposium on Photocatalysis, Environment and Construction Materials - TDP 2007
Edited by P. Baglioni and L. Casssar
ISBN: 978-2-35158-056-1
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-057-8
Pages: 342
Publication date: 2007

2007 is the closure event of RILEM Technical Committee 194-TDP: ‘Application of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis to Construction Materials’, and also presented the state-of-the-art on this subject.
There will be four lectures on the State of the Art of Photocatalytic glass and windows, Photocatalytic paints, Photocatalytic ceramics and Photocatalytic cementitious materials.

Besides fundamentals on the photocatalytic process and materials, the application of photocatalytic materials and new advanced developments were presented. Researches from European and Japanese projects were reported.

The symposium deals with a variety of related subjects:
1. Fundamentals of practically applicable TiO2 photocatalysis in construction materials fields;
2. Economic and environmental benefits of construction materials utilizing TiO2 photocatalysis;
3. Development of self-cleaning construction materials with TiO2 photocatalyst;
4. Development of air-cleaning construction materials with TiO2 photocatalyst;
5. Development of antibacterial construction materials with TiO2 photocatalyst;
6. Test methods and the development of standards for characterization of the efficiency of photocatalytic properties;
7. Fullscale trials and case studies;
8. Future development of useful construction materials with TiO2 photocatalyst;
9. Advances in visible photocatalysis.

Target readers: graduate students, material scientists, researchers, engineers, material suppliers, contractors and scientists from research organizations, universities and industries


Author(s): Piero Baglioni and Luigi Cassar
Pages: XVII - XVII

Session One: Fundamentals

TiO2 photocatalysts towards novel building materials
Author(s): Kazuhito Hashimoto (Plenary lecture)
Pages: 3 - 8

Reaction intermediates and pathways in the photoreduction of oxygen molecules at the (101) TiO2 (anatase) surface
Author(s): Francesco Filippone, Giuseppe Mattioli, Aldo Amore Bonapasta
Pages: 9 - 16

The role of the synthetic procedure of nano-crystalline TiO2 on the photodegradation of toluene
Author(s): C.L. Bianchi, S. Ardizzone, G. Cappelletti, C. Pirola, V. Ragaini
Pages: 17 - 24

Photocatalytic titanium dioxide
Author(s): M. Fukumaru, Y. Masunaga, K. Yamamoto, M. Okuda
Pages: 25 - 30

Doped titanium dioxide as a photocatalyst for UV and visible light
Author(s): Stephan P. Blöß, Lothar Elfenthal
Pages: 31 - 38

Session Two: Glass / Testing / Models

Photocatalysis: from fundamentals to self-cleaning glass applications
Author(s): Jean-Marie Herrmann, Laure Péruchon, Eric Puzenat, Chantal Guillard
Pages: 41 - 48

Limits of application of photocatalytic technologies to construction materials
Author(s): F. Peterka, J. Jirkovský, P. Sťahel, Z. Navrátil
Pages: 49 - 56

Characterization of TiO2 thin films for photocatalytic applications
Author(s): Marianna Bellardita, Maurizio Addamo, Agatino Di Paola, Leonardo Palmisano
Pages: 57 - 64

Semiconducting nanocrystalline films for environmental photocatalysis: effect of the substrate type/composition and deposition techniques
Author(s): A. Panniello, R. Comparelli, D. Diso, A. Licciulli, G. Mascolo, A. S. Franza, M. Striccoli, A. Agostiano, M. L. Curri
Pages: 65 - 75

Precision measurement of BTEX depollution in air by photocatalytic building materials using a stirred flow reactors
Author(s): Alberto Strini, Simona Cassese, Elisa Bossi
Pages: 77 - 83

Photocatalytic coverings assessment: from canyon street measurements to 3-D modelling
Author(s): A. Plassais, F. Rousseau, E. Eriksson, L. Guillot
Pages: 85 - 91

A SPME-GC-MS method for the evaluation of dropping capacity of organic pollutants by TiO2 added plasters used in building industry
Author(s): G. Pieraccini, F.R. Dani, L. Turbanti, F. Boscaro, C. Pepe, G. Moneti
Pages: 93 - 99

Photocatalytic testing of immobilized titanium dioxide and its efficiency for degradation of air contaminants
Author(s): Nicklas Bengtsson, Marta Castellote
Pages: 101 - 108

Photochemically induced reactions on organic derivatives in the presence of titanium dioxide: a product study
Author(s): Tullio Caronna, Francesca Fontana, Giovanni Palmisano
Pages: 109 - 115

Interfering effects in the measurement of BTEX depollution in air by photocatalytic materials
Author(s): Alberto Strini, Elisa Bossi
Pages: 117 - 122

Sample preparation for the measurement of BTEX photodegradation in air by pure catalyst
Author(s): Alberto Strini, Elisa Bossi
Pages: 123 - 128

Session Three: Cement / Concrete

Photocatalysis of cementitious materials
Author(s): L. Cassar, A. Beeldens, N. Pimpinelli, G. L. Guerrini
Pages: 131 - 145

Comparative study on cementitious products containing titanium dioxide as photo-catalyst
Author(s): Götz Hüsken, Martin Hunger, Henricus J.H. Brouwers
Pages: 147 - 154

Concrete containing TIO2: an overview of photocatalytic NOX abatement
Author(s): R. Amadelli and L. Samiolo
Pages: 155 - 162

NOx removal effects and physical properties of cement mortar incorporating titanium dioxide powder
Author(s): Makoto Kawakami, Takashi Furumura, Hidenobu Tokushige
Pages: 163 - 170

Photocatalytic and surface abatement of aromatic hydrocarbons by anatase
Author(s): Francesco Pinna, Valentina Trevisan, Luigi Cassar, Carmine Pepe, Nicola Pernicone
Pages: 171 - 177

Photocatalytic cementitious roads for depollution
Author(s): Gian Luca Guerrini and Enrico Peccati
Pages: 179 - 186

Air purification by road materials: results of the test project in Antwerp
Author(s): Anne Beeldens
Pages: 187 - 194

Mitigating biofilm growth through the modification of concrete design and practice
Author(s): Jonah C. Kurth, David J. Giannantonio, Frederic Allain, Patricia A. Sobecky, Kimberly E. Kurtis
Pages: 195 - 202

Photocatalytic cement: a new approach to environmental protection
Author(s): Luigi Campanella, Fabio Borzetti, Luigi Cassar
Pages: 203 - 209

An experimental characterization of a photocatalytic mortar for road bituminous pavements
Author(s): M. Crispino, S. Lambrugo
Pages: 211 - 218

Use of photocatalytic cementitious materials for self-cleaning applications
Author(s): G. L. Guerrini, A. Plassais, C. Pepe, L. Cassar
Pages: 219 - 226

Titanium dioxide containing cementitious materials: characterization and air cleaning potential
Author(s): Aníbal Maury, Nele De Belie, Kristof Demeestere, Tapio Mäntylä
Pages: 227 - 234

Synthesis of TiO2-AG doped slurry for concrete impregnation
Author(s): B. Tryba, M. Czerwińska and A. W. Morawski
Pages: 235 - 242

Study of the NO2 surface saturation of photocatalytic cements
Author(s): F. Pinna, V. Trevisan, L. Cassar, E. Peccati, C. Pepe, N. Pernicone
Pages: 243 - 248

Session Four: Coatings

Photocatalytic coatings for the construction industry
Author(s): Claire E. Bygott, Julie E. Maltby, John L. Stratton, Robert McIntyre
Pages: 251 - 258

Colloidal nanocrystal films as catalysts for environmental applications
Author(s): Roberto Comparelli, Anna Panniello, Michela Corricelli, Elisabetta Fanizza, Marinella Striccoli, Vito Locaputo, Giuseppe Mascolo, Angela Agostiano, M. Lucia Curri
Pages: 259 - 266

Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of a surface-coated with TiO2
Author(s): Si. Bonetta, Sa. Bonetta, A. Strini, E. Carraro
Pages: 267 - 272

Photocatalytic activity of TiO2 thin films prepared in the presence of organic and inorganic additives
Author(s): L. Palmisano , G. Marcì , E. García-López and A. Di Paola
Pages: 273 - 280

Flame Spraying of TiO2 nanoparticles: deposition onto glass substrate
Author(s): M. Dinelli, M. Bonini, A. Giorgetti, F. Casucci, F. Ridi, E. Fratini, N. Baldanzini, P. Citti, P. Baglioni
Pages: 281 - 288

Session Five: Ceramics / Stone

Research and applications of photocatalyst tiles
Author(s): Mitsuhide Shimohigoshi, Yoshimitsu Saeki
Pages: 291 - 297

Photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B on building materials – influence of substrate and environment
Author(s): D. Stephan, P. Wilhelm, M. Schmidt
Pages: 299 - 306

Self-cleaning performance evaluation of commercial photocatalyst coating materials trough 5 years outdoor exposure
Author(s): Kenji Motohashi, Tatsuo Inukai
Pages: 307 - 313

Surface engineering on natural stone through TiO2 photocatalytic coatings
Author(s): Giancarlo Potenza, Antonio Licciulli, Daniela Diso, Sergio Franza, Angela Calia, Mariateresa Lettieri, Giuseppe Ciccarella
Pages: 315 - 322