Proceedings pro074 : International RILEM Conference on Use of Superabsorbent Polymers and Other New Additives in Concrete

Title: International RILEM Conference on Use of Superabsorbent Polymers and Other New Additives in Concrete
Edited by O.M. Jensen, M.T. Hasholt and S. Laustsen
ISBN: 978-2-35158-104-9
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-105-6
Pages: 329
Publication date: 2010

The RILEM conference "Use of Superabsorbent Polymers and Other New Additives in Concrete", 15-18 August 2010, Lyngby, Denmark, is scientifically sponsored by RILEM through the technical committee: TC 225-SAP Application of super absorbent polymers in concrete construction. The event is hosted by the Department of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark and financially sponsored by the Knud Højgaard Foundation.

The conference broadly concerns all aspects of the use of new additives in concrete. A major part of the conference addresses themes with relation to the aforementioned RILEM technical committee 225-SAP. Other examples of new additives covered by the conference theme include surface active agents and mineral admixtures. The contributions to the conference deal with theory, modeling and results from experimental investigations, where such new additives are used in concrete.

In addition to the above mentioned topics, two invited speakers contribute keynote talks at the conference on topics of general relevance for the audience. Hans-Henrik Bache, formerly Aalborg Portland Cement factory, makes a perspective on the ‘Development of ultra high strength concrete’. Christian Munch-Petersen, from EMCON A/S, shows the footprints of ‘Concrete for modern, large bridges and tunnels’. The latter contribution is included in this volume. All contributions have been peer reviewed.


Author(s): O.M. Jensen, V. Mechtcherine, H.W. Reinhardt
Pages: XIII - XIV

Preparation of water dispersible polyisocyanate and performance evaluation of in-situ toughening concrete
Author(s): Bei Ding, Changwen Miao, Wenrui Tang, Dongliang Zhou
Pages: 1 - 10

Multifunctional use of SAP in strain-hardening cement-based composites
Author(s): A-E. Brüdern, V. Mechtcherine
Pages: 11 - 22

The effects of mineral fillers and superplasticizers on rheology and the heat of hydration of cementitious mortars
Author(s): L. Czarnecki, A.J. Klemm, K. Sikora
Pages: 23 - 32

Deliberations on kinetics of internal curing water migration and consumption based on experimental studies on sap-enriched UHPC
Author(s): L. Dudziak, V. Mechtcherine
Pages: 33 - 43

Assessing the autogenous shrinkage cracking propensity of concrete - methodological aspects
Author(s): S. Eppers, V. Mechtcherine, C. Müller
Pages: 45 - 56

Stresses due to temperature changes in restrained ring tests
Author(s): S. Eppers, C. Müller
Pages: 57 - 66

The shrinkage cone method for measuring the autogenous shrinkage - an alternative to the corrugated tube method
Author(s): S. Eppers, C. Müller
Pages: 67 - 76

On the absorption kinetics of superabsorbent polymers
Author(s): L.P. Esteves
Pages: 77 - 84

Water-entrained cement-based materials by superabsorbent polymers: On the fundamentals
Author(s): L.P. Esteves
Pages: 85 - 91

Influence of new organic shrinkage reducing agents on concrete performance
Author(s): V.R. Falikman, A.Y. Vainer
Pages: 93 - 103

Influence of surfactants on cement hydration at the concrete / formwork interface
Author(s): E. Gueit, E. Darque-Ceretti, P. Tintillier, M. Horgnies
Pages: 105 - 115

Mechanical properties of concrete with SAP part I: Development of compressive strength
Author(s): M.T. Hasholt, M.H.S. Jespersen, O.M. Jensen
Pages: 117 - 126

Mechanical properties of concrete with SAP part II: Modulus of elasticity
Author(s): M.T. Hasholt, M.H.S. Jespersen, O.M. Jensen
Pages: 127 - 136

Effects of spatial structure of superabsorbent polymer particles on autogenous shrinkage behavior of cement paste
Author(s): S-I. Igarashi, N. Aragane, Y. Koike
Pages: 137 - 147

SAP-based particles with delayed absorption
Author(s): D. Kopkáne, J. Novácek
Pages: 149 - 152

CT measurement of SAP voids in concrete
Author(s): S. Laustsen, D.P. Bentz, M.T. Hasholt, O.M. Jensen
Pages: 153 - 162

Estimating the swelling ratio of superabsorbent polymers in cement-based materials
Author(s): Hai Xiang Dennis Lee, Hong Seong Wong, Nick Buenfeld
Pages: 163 - 170

Self-sealing cement-based materials using superabsorbent polymers
Author(s): Hai Xiang Dennis Lee, Hong Seong Wong, Nick Buenfeld
Pages: 171 - 178

Shrinkage and cracking behavior of high performance concrete containing a MgO-CaO composed expansive agent
Author(s): Changwen Miao, Jiaping Liu, Fei Guo, Shouzhi Zhang, Yujiang Wang
Pages: 179 - 191

Research in concrete specifications
Author(s): C. Munch-Petersen
Pages: 193 - 196

Moisture profiles and diffusion coefficients in mortars containing shrinkage reducing admixtures
Author(s): M. Pour-Ghaz, R. Spragg, J. Weiss
Pages: 197 - 206

Application of superabsorbent polymers in lightweight concrete with porous matrix
Author(s): H-W. Reinhardt, A. Assmann
Pages: 207 - 212

Shrinkage of mortars with a suspension of superabsorbent polymers
Author(s): A. Bettencourt Ribeiro, M. Vinagre, A. Gonçalves
Pages: 213 - 222

An overview of the mechanism of shrinkage reducing admixtures in mitigating volume changes in fresh and hardened cementitious systems at early ages
Author(s): G. Sant, P. Lura, K. Scrivener, J. Weiss
Pages: 223 - 232

Restrained shrinkage behavior due to combined autogenous and thermal effects in mortars containing super absorbent polymer (SAP)
Author(s): J.L. Schlitter, T. Barrett, J. Weiss
Pages: 233 - 242

The impact of SAP structure on the effectiveness of internal curing
Author(s): J. Siramanont, W Vichit-Vadakan, W. Siriwatwechakul
Pages: 243 - 252

Superabsorbent polymer structures
Author(s): W. Siriwatwechakul, J. Siramanont, W. Vichit-Vadakan
Pages: 253 - 262

Long-term shrinkage and stress in ultra high strength concrete using porous ceramic waste for internal curing
Author(s): M. Suzuki, M.S. Meddah, R. Sato, T. Kawabata
Pages: 263 - 272

A smart initial curing procedure based on pore water under pressure measurement
Author(s): Qian Tian, Yujiang Wang, Fei Guo, Jiaping Liu, Changwen Miao
Pages: 273 - 284

Towards durable concrete that repairs cracks autonomously
Author(s): K. Van Tittelboom, N. De Belie, F. Lehmann, C. Grosse
Pages: 285 - 292

Effect of rice husk ash on autogenous shrinkage of ultra high performance
Author(s): Nguyen Van Tuan, Guang Ye, Klaas van Breugel
Pages: 293 - 304

Durability aspects of internally cured high performance concrete
Author(s): S. Zhutovsky, K. Kovler
Pages: 305 - 314