Proceedings pro021 : International RILEM Symposium on Connections between Steel and Concrete

Title: International RILEM Symposium on Connections between Steel and Concrete
Edited by R. Eligehausen
ISBN: 2-912143-25-X
e-ISBN: 2351580346
Pages: 1448
Publication date: 2001

Anchorage by fasteners and composite structures of steel and concrete have seen dramatic progress in research, technology and application over the past decade. The understanding of the fundamental principles underlying both disciplines has significantly improved. Concurrently, there has been rapid growth in the development of sophisticated new products and the establishment of international directives and codes to ensure their safe and economical use in a wide range of engineered structures.
Although they deal with very similar problems, the two disciplines have developed independently from each other. To optimize the use of composite structures and fastenings to concrete, however, it is necessary to have knowledge of both: the local behavior of the fastening system and the global behavior of the structure. The aim of the symposium was to create a forum to offer the experts in practice and research of both fields the opportunity to benefit from the exchange of latest knowledge in technology, developments and new areas of research.
This book forms the proceedings of the symposium which brought together leading experts from all facets of the research, design, construction and anchor manufacturing community from around the world. Their lectures covered the topics
ˇ testing
ˇ behavior and design
ˇ durability
ˇ exceptional applications, strengthening and structures
ˇ related topics such as anchorage to masonry
In total 134 papers are gathered in these 2 volumes.


Author(s): R. Eligehausen
Pages: XXI - XXII

Part one: Keynote lectures

Where structural steel and concrete meet
Author(s): J.W.B. Stark, D.A. Hordijk
Pages: 1 - 10

Fastening technique - Current status and future trends
Author(s): R. Eligehausen, I. Hofacker, S. Lettow
Pages: 11 - 27

Part two: Design

Anchoring to concrete: the new ACI approach
Author(s): J.E. Breen, E.-M. Eichinger, W. Fuchs
Pages: 31 - 44

Evolution of fastening design methods in Europe
Author(s): W. Fuchs
Pages: 45 - 60

Probabilistic calibration of design methods
Author(s): W. Fuchs
Pages: 61 - 71

Current status of post-installed anchor application in Japan
Author(s): R. Tanaka
Pages: 72 - 79

Design method for splitting failure mode of fastenings
Author(s): J. Asmus, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 80 - 89

Behaviour and design of fastenings of shear lugs in concrete
Author(s): H. Michler, M. Curbach
Pages: 90 - 101

Safety relevant aspects for torque controlled expansion anchors
Author(s): H. Gassner, E. Wisser
Pages: 102 - 107

Study on standard test methods for post-installed anchors
Author(s): Y. Hosokawa, K. Nakano, Y. Oohaga, S. Usami, K. Imai
Pages: 108 - 117

Static behavior of anchors under combinations of tension and shear loading
Author(s): D. Lotze, R.E. Klingner, H.L. Graves, III
Pages: 118 - 128

Improved structural model for channel bars with more than 2 anchors
Author(s): J. Kraus, J. Ozbolt, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 129 - 141

Anchors in low and high strength concrete
Author(s): J. Kunz, Y. Yamamoto, M. Berra
Pages: 142 - 149

Development of common uniform regulations in Europe for the assessment of metal anchors
Author(s): K. Laternser
Pages: 150 - 157

Behavior of multiple-anchor fastenings subjected to combined tension/shear loads and bending moment
Author(s): L. Li, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 158 - 169

Load bearing capacity of torque-controlled expansion anchors
Author(s): L. Li
Pages: 170 - 177

Behaviour and design of anchors close to an edge under torsion
Author(s): R. Mallée
Pages: 178 - 185

Fixing new anchors: concerning relevant base plate thickness
Author(s): R. Mallée, F. Burkhardt
Pages: 186 - 195

Installation verification of mechanical and adhesive anchors
Author(s): L. Mattis
Pages: 196 - 201

Steel capacity of headed studs loaded in shear
Author(s): N.S. Anderson, D.F. Meinheit
Pages: 202 - 211

The analysis of fastener strength using the limit state approach
Author(s): J.J. Melcher, M. Karmazínová
Pages: 212 - 219

Behavior of shear anchors in concrete stastical analysis and design recommendations
Author(s): H. Muratli, R.E. Klingner, H.L. Graves, III
Pages: 220 - 230

Study on shear transfer of joint steel bar and concrete shear key in concrete connections
Author(s): K. Nakano, Y. Matsuzaki
Pages: 231 - 240

Performance of undercut anchors in comparison to cast-in-place headed studs
Author(s): P. Pusill-Wachtsmuth
Pages: 241 - 250

Shear anchoring in concrete close to edge
Author(s): N. Randl, M. John
Pages: 251 - 260

Behavior of tensile anchors in concrete: statistical analysis and design recommendations
Author(s): M. Shirvani, R.E. Klingner, H.L. Graves, III
Pages: 261 - 271

Performance of single anchors near an edge under varying angles of loading
Author(s): R.E. Wollmershauser, U. Nestler, V. Smith
Pages: 272 - 281

The prequalification of anchors in the united states of america: past, present and future
Author(s): R.E. Wollmershauser
Pages: 282 - 289

On the ratio of plate thickness to stud diameters for steel concrete stud shear connectors
Author(s): H.D. Wright, A. Elbadawy, R. Cairns
Pages: 290 - 299

Incorporation of the size effect and other factors in strength design of concrete fastenings, in the context of the CEB Design Guide
Author(s): V.I. Yagust, D.Z. Yankelevsky
Pages: 300 - 309

Part three: Durability/Fire

Corrosion behavior of materials in fixing applications
Author(s): N. Arnold
Pages: 313 - 319

Behaviour of post-installed anchors in case of fire
Author(s): K. Bergmeister, A. Rieder
Pages: 320 - 328

Durability of galvanized, post-installed fasteners to concrete
Author(s): K. Menzel, B. Hagmayer
Pages: 329 - 337

Durability of stainless steel connections with respect to corrosion
Author(s): U. Nürnberger
Pages: 338 - 351

Fibre resistance of steel anchors in concrete
Author(s): M. Reick
Pages: 352 - 357

Part four: Bonded anchors

Anchoring with bonded fasteners
Author(s): R.A. Cook, R.C. Konz
Pages: 361 - 370

Experimental study on performance of bonded anchors in the low strength reinforced concrete
Author(s): T. Akiyama, Y. Yamamoto, S. Ichihashi, T. Katagiri
Pages: 371 - 380

Behavior of grouted anchors
Author(s): R.A. Cook, N.A. Zamora, R.C. Konz
Pages: 381 - 390

Long time load-carrying capacity of bonded anchors
Author(s): L. Elfgren, G. Danielsson, I. Holm, G. Söderlind
Pages: 391 - 401

Transmission of shear loads with post-installed rebars
Author(s): J. Kunz
Pages: 402 - 410

Design of anchorages with bonded anchors tension load
Author(s): B. Lehr, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 411 - 421

Load bearing bahavior and design of single adhesive anchors
Author(s): J. Meszaros, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 422 - 432

Rebar anchorage in concrete with injections adhesive
Author(s): M. Reuter, T. Greppmeir, F. Münger
Pages: 433 - 442

Investigations on bonding behaviour of the reinforcements in historic masonry
Author(s): M. Raupach, J. Brockmann, A. Domink, M. Schürholz
Pages: 443 - 455

Actual trends in chemical fixings: from capsule to injection systems
Author(s): J. Schätzle
Pages: 456 - 460

Performance of bonded anchors in dependence of installation conditions, state of cure - Deformation behavior at elevated temperatures
Author(s): G.W. Ehrenstein, A. Tome
Pages: 461 - 469

Study on the performance evaluation of the new capsule typed bonded anchor
Author(s): M. Yonetani, A. Fukuoka, Y. Matsuzaki
Pages: 470 - 476

Part five: Seismic behaviour

Seismic behavior of connections between steel and concrete
Author(s): J.O. Jirsa
Pages: 479 - 480

Test on connectors for seismic retrofitting of concrete and masonry structures in Mexico
Author(s): S.M. Alcocer, L. Flores
Pages: 481 - 490

Design and construction of heavy industrial anchorage for power-plants
Author(s): P.J. Carrato, W.F. Brittle
Pages: 491 - 497

Dynamic behavior of single and double near-edge anchors loaded in shear
Author(s): J.H. Gross, R.E. Klingner, H.L. Graves, III
Pages: 498 - 508

Post-installed rebar connections under seismic loading
Author(s): I. Hofacker, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 509 - 520

An evaluation of tensile capacity of anchor system in NPPS by actual model tests
Author(s): J. Jung-Bum, W. Sang-Kyun, S. Yong-Pyo, L. Jong-Rim
Pages: 521 - 530

Structural behavior of SRC column - RC beam joint under monotonic and cyclic load
Author(s): S.-H. Lee, Y.-K. Ju, S.-C. Chun, D.-Y. Kim
Pages: 531 - 540

Dynamic behavior of tensile anchors to concrete
Author(s): M. Rodriguez, D. Lotze, J. Hallowell Gross, Y.-G. Zhang, R.E. Klingner, H.L. Graves, III
Pages: 541 - 550

Test methods for seismic qualification of post-installed anchors
Author(s): J.F. Silva
Pages: 551 - 563

Safety concept for fastenings in nuclear power plants
Author(s): T.M. Sippel, J. Asmus, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 564 - 575

Experimental study on seismic performance of beam members connected with post-installed anchors
Author(s): R. Tanaka, K. Oba
Pages: 576 - 585

Shallow shear anchor bolts for structural seismic strengthening of columns with wing wall
Author(s): Y. Yamamoto, Y. Hattori, T. Koh, M. Kato
Pages: 586 - 595

Seismic response of multiple-anchor connections to concrete
Author(s): Z. Yong-gang, R.E. Klingner, H.L. Graves, III
Pages: 596 - 605

Part six: Numerical simulation

Smeared fracture Finite Element (FE) - Analysis of reinforced concrete structures - Theory and examples
Author(s): J. Ozblot
Pages: 609 - 624

Numerical and experimental investigations of the splitting failure mode of fastenings
Author(s): J. Asmus, J. Ozbolt
Pages: 625 - 636

Three dimensional modeling of an anchorage to concrete using metal anchor bolts
Author(s): H. Boussa, G. Mounajed, B. Mesureur, J.-V. Heck
Pages: 637 - 646

Influence of bending compressive stresses on the concrete cone capacity
Author(s): M. Bruckner, R. Eligehausen, J. Ozbolt
Pages: 647 - 657

ATENA - An advanced tool for engineering analysis of connections
Author(s): V. Cervenka, J. Cervenka, R. Pukl
Pages: 658 - 667

A computational model for double-head studs
Author(s): A. Haufe, E. Ramm
Pages: 668 - 677

Behavior and design of fastenings with headed anchors at the edge under arbitrary loading direction
Author(s): J. Hoffmann, J. Ozbolt, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 678 - 688

Evaluation of a bridge deck strengthening with shear connectors: finite element analysis and experimental results
Author(s): A.J. Leite
Pages: 689 - 697

Numerical analysis of group effect in bonded anchors with different bond strengths
Author(s): Y.-J. Li, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 699 - 707

Simulation of fastening systems utilizing chemical and mechanical anchors
Author(s): J. Nienstedt, R. Mattner, U. Nestler, C. Song
Pages: 708 - 716

Headed stud anchor - Cyclic loading and creep-cracking interaction of concrete
Author(s): J. Ozbolt, J. Hofmann, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 717 - 728

Numerical investigations of headed studs with inclined shoulder
Author(s): P. Pivonka, R. Lackner, H.A. Mang
Pages: 729 - 746

Simulating investigations of headed studs with inclined shoulder
Author(s): R. Pukl, J. Cervenka, V. Cervenka
Pages: 747 - 756

Part seven: Applications

Non-supported crash barriers - Proof of the concrete resistances according to the concrete-capacity-method
Author(s): J. Buhler
Pages: 759 - 765

Reconstruction of multi-layer-walls
Author(s): E. Dereser, J. Buhler
Pages: 766 - 773

Load carrying capacity of fasteners in concrete railay sleepers
Author(s): H. Thun, S. Utsi, L. Elfgren, P. Nilsson, B. Paulsson
Pages: 774 - 784

Anchorage with headed bars with exterior beam-column joints
Author(s): J. Hegger, W. Roeser
Pages: 785 - 794

Halfen HDB-S bars as shear reinforcement in slabs and beams
Author(s): J. Hegger, K. Fröhlich, R. Beutel, W. Roeser
Pages: 795 - 804

Behaviour of fasteners in concrete with coarse recycled concrete and masonry aggregates
Author(s): D.A. Hordijk, R. van der pluijm
Pages: 805 - 814

Regarding strength of anchor bolts used for PCa Curtain wall fasteners
Author(s): H. Kawamura, T. Otobe, S. Oka
Pages: 815 - 824

New method of reconstruction - Strengthening of old buildings
Author(s): M. Marjanishvili, T. Zuzadze, D. Ramishvili, A. Lebanidze
Pages: 825 - 835

Fastening in masonry
Author(s): A. Meyer, T. Pregartner
Pages: 836 - 846

Study on design method of joint panels for hybrid railway rigid-frame bridges
Author(s): H. Nishida, K. Murata, T. Takayama
Pages: 847 - 856

Tension stiffening model based on bond
Author(s): M.A. Polak, K. Blackwell
Pages: 857 - 866

Over-cladding of existing concrete buildings using cold formed light steel sections and composite cladding panels
Author(s): S.O. Popo-Ola, R.M. Lawson, P.J. Sullivan
Pages: 867 - 876

Redundant structures fixed with concrete fasteners
Author(s): M. Rößle, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 877 - 888

Numerical and experimental analysis of post-installed rebars spliced with cast-in-place rebars
Author(s): H.A. Spieth, J. Ozbolt, R. Eligehausen, J. Appl
Pages: 889 - 898

Dowel action of titanium bars connecting marble elements
Author(s): E. Vintzileou, K. Papadopoulos
Pages: 899 - 908

Case study - Application of high strength post-tensioned rods for anchoring aerial tram structures to rock
Author(s): G.P. Wheatley
Pages: 909 - 916

Part eight: Special fasteners

Behaviour and design of fastenings with concrete screws
Author(s): J.H.R. Küenzlen, T.M. Sippel
Pages: 919 - 929

Behaviour and design of anchors for lifting and handling in precast concrete elements
Author(s): D. Lotze
Pages: 930 - 941

Behaviour of plastic anchors in cracked and uncracked concrete
Author(s): T. Pregartner, R. Eligehausen
Pages: 942 - 951

Part nine: Bridges

Testing of a dowel connection for a bridge with a concrete deck and a sandwich panel truss structure
Author(s): H. Blontrock, L. Taerwe, A. Nurchi, J. Vantomme, C. De Roover, J. Wastiels, K. Croes
Pages: 955 - 963

A new step forward for composite bridges - The Bras de la Plaine Bridge
Author(s): E. Barlet, G. Causse, J.-P. Viallon
Pages: 964 - 974

Anchorage of the steel elements to the concrete piers at the specific pipe bridges over a Danube-bay in Budapest
Author(s): B. Csiki
Pages: 975 - 981

Behavior and design of steel girder-to-concrete column connection for a cantilever-construction highway bridge
Author(s): L. Huang, H. Hikosaka, M. Shimozono, K. Akehashi
Pages: 982 - 991

Part ten: Composite structures

Recent developments and chances of composite structures
Author(s): U. Kuhlmann
Pages: 995 - 1014

Design of lying studs with longitudinal shear force
Author(s): U. Breuninger
Pages: 1015 - 1024

Studies on the ductility of shear connectors when using high-strength steel and high-strength concrete
Author(s): J. Hegger, G. Sedlacek, P. Döinghaus, H. Trumpf
Pages: 1025 - 1045

Experimental investigations on the bahaviour of strip shear connectors with powder actuated fasteners
Author(s): M. Fontana, H. Beck, R. Bärtschi
Pages: 1046 - 1055

Design concept of nailed shear connections in composite tube columns
Author(s): G. Hanswille, H. Beck, T. Neubauer
Pages: 1056 - 1065

An experimental study on shear characteristics of perfobond strip and its rational strength equations
Author(s): U. Yoshitaka, H. Tetsuya, M. Kaoru
Pages: 1066 - 1075

Behavior of lying shear studs in reinforced concrete slabs
Author(s): U. Kuhlmann, K. Kürschner
Pages: 1076 - 1085

Composite bridge with compression joint connection concrete end slab to steel girder finite element method
Author(s): M.V. Lammens
Pages: 1086 - 1094

Perfo-bond connection and tests
Author(s): S. Poot
Pages: 1095 - 1104

Development and application of saw-tooth connections for composite structures
Author(s): J. Schlaich
Pages: 1105 - 1118

Geometry, behaviour and design of high capacity saw-tooth connections
Author(s): V. Schmid
Pages: 1119 - 1128

Composite bridge with compression joint - Connection concrete end slab to steel girder - Dowels divided in groups
Author(s): D. Tuinstra
Pages: 1129 - 1138

Part eleven: Fatigue

The fatigue behaviour of the shear connection in the hogging region of steel and concrete composite continuous beams under realistic loading
Author(s): H. Bode, A? Leffer
Pages: 1141 - 1151

Influence of fatigue loads in tension on short cast-in-place anchors in concrete
Author(s): E. Cadoni
Pages: 1152 - 1161

A test proposal for fatigue experimental studies on stud shear connectors
Author(s): G. Natalino, E. Giuriani
Pages: 1162 - 1171

Innovative interface systems for steel-girders/concrete-deck connection
Author(s): M.K. Tadros, S.S. Badie, A.M. Girgis
Pages: 1172 - 1181

Part twelve: Connections

Non-linear analyssis of steel-concrete composite beams: a finite element model
Author(s): C. Faella, E. Martinelli, E. Nigro
Pages: 1185 - 1194

Connections between prestressed concrete bridge decks and composite bridge decks - Hybrid construction
Author(s): D. Jankowski, O. Fischer, M. Matthes
Pages: 1195 - 1202

Anchorage behavior of 90-degree hooked beam bars in reinforced concrete wall-beam intersections
Author(s): O. Joh, Y. Goto, A. Kitano
Pages: 1203 - 1212

Embedded steel bearings instead of concrete NIBS
Author(s): M.R. Kintscher
Pages: 1213 - 1222

Anchorage zone in a steel-concrete composite slab with unbonded tendons
Author(s): H. Koukkari
Pages: 1223 - 1232

Connections for continuous framing in precast concrete structures
Author(s): G. Krummel
Pages: 1233 - 1239

Standoff screws as shear connectors for composite trusses: push-out test results and analysis
Author(s): J.R.U. Mujagic, W.S. Easterling, T.M. Murray
Pages: 1240 - 1249

Experimental study on a new joint for prestressed concrete composite bridge with steel truss web
Author(s): K. Furuichi, M. Yamamura, H. Nagumo, K. Yoshida
Pages: 1250 - 1259

Development and application of embedded connection
Author(s): M. Sakurada, T. Yoda, K. Ashiduka, T. Ohura
Pages: 1260 - 1269

Design and construction of a concrete-filled steel tube joint
Author(s): S.P. Schneider, D.R. Kramer, D.L. Sarkkinen
Pages: 1270 - 1280

Friction slipping behavior between concrete and steel - Aiming the development of bolted friction-slipping joint
Author(s): T. Yoshioka, M. Ohkubo
Pages: 1281 - 1290

Part thirteen: Experimental studies

An experimental study on the connection joints between steel girder and reinforced concrete column with various types of embedded load transferring plates
Author(s): N. Ando, I. Nishimura, K. Kamo
Pages: 1293 - 1302

Low-cycle fatigue behaviour of pull-push specimens with headed stud shear connectors
Author(s): S. Erlicher, O.S. Bursi, R. Zandonini
Pages: 1303 - 1312

Static tests on various types of shear connectors for composite structures
Author(s): H.C. Galjaard, J.C. Walraven
Pages: 1313 - 1322

Structural monitoring of hybrid specimens at early age using fibre optic sensors
Author(s): B. Glisic, D. Inaudi
Pages: 1323 - 1332

Development of innovative composite system- Between steel and concrete members
Author(s): K. Kitagawa, H. Watanabe, Y. Tachibana, H. Hiragi, A. Kurita
Pages: 1333 - 1342

An experimental study on the bond-slip relationship between the concrete and steel with stud
Author(s): K. Konno, A. Farghaly, T. Ueda
Pages: 1343 - 1350

The behavior of beam-to-box column connection of CFT with air cavity
Author(s): M.-J. Lee, M.-S. Choi, J.-H. Kim, S.-W. Jun
Pages: 1351 - 1359

Sheet reinforcement
Author(s): O. Matthaei, H.-P. Andrä, N.V. Tue
Pages: 1360 - 1368

Part fourteen: Slim floor structures

Composite girders of reduced height
Author(s): U. Khulmann, J. Fries, A. Rieg
Pages: 1371 - 1381

Innovative development of light steel composites in buildings
Author(s): R.M. Lawson, S.O. Popo-Ola, D.N. Varley
Pages: 1382 - 1391

Intentional and unintentional shear connections in shallow floor composite structures
Author(s): M.V. Leskelä
Pages: 1392 - 1401