Proceedings pro011 : 4th International RILEM Conference on Reflective Cracking in PavementsOttawa, Ontario, Canada (2000)

Title: 4th International RILEM Conference on Reflective Cracking in Pavements
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (2000)
Edited by A. O. Abd El Halim, D. A. Taylor
and El H. H. Mohamed
ISBN: 2-912143-14-4
e-ISBN: 2351580265
Pages: 549
Publication date: 2000

Crack propagation through a new overlay in a road structure is one of the main causes of premature pavement deterioration.
The phenomenon of reflective cracking is widespread in many countries and, with the ever-present financial restrictions, transportation authorities have to find economic means of repairing and upgrading their pavements.
This book presents the Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Reflective Cracking in Pavements, organized by the RILEM Technical Committee 157-PRC, Carleton University, the National Research Council of Canada, the Transportation Association of Canada and the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton. It was held in Ottawa, Canada, March 26 - 30, 2000. Fifty international papers cover the main topics of the conference:
· Design and analysis
· Resistance to cracking
· Crack prevention - Modified mixes
· Crack prevention - Stress relief layers
· Crack prevention - Pre-cracking
· Crack prevention - Pavement reinforcement materials
· Evaluation of prevention techniques
The conference reflects the interest of professionals and the major research efforts continuing around the world to mitigate the effects of reflective cracking in roadway pavements by the development and application of innovative technologies. This volume will be a vital source of information for highway researchers, engineers, contractors and authorities involved in road construction and maintenance.


Author(s): L. Francken, A.O. Abd El Halim, D. Taylor
Pages: XIII - XV

Author(s): L. Francken, A.O. Abd El Halim, D. Taylor
Pages: XVI - XVI

Part one - Design and analysis

Steel reinforcement influence on the dynamic behaviour of bitumous pavement
Author(s): M. Coni, P.M. Bianco
Pages: 3 - 12

Effect of reinforcement properties
Author(s): A. de Bondt
Pages: 13 - 22

Mode of loading in reflective and flexural fatigue cracking - A numeric evaluation
Author(s): J.B. Sousa, J.C. Pais, R.N. Stubstad
Pages: 23 - 35

A simplified computer model for grid reinforced asphalt overlays
Author(s): N.H. Thom
Pages: 37 - 46

Healing behaviour of reflective cracks
Author(s): E.K. Tschegg, A. Catharin, S.E. Stanzl-Tschegg
Pages: 47 - 56

Structural design of roads with steel reinforcing nettings
Author(s): A. Vanelstraete, D. Léonard, J. Veys
Pages: 57 - 67

Optimal thickness of asphalt overlay for composite pavements
Author(s): F. Zhou, L. Sun
Pages: 69 - 79

Mechanistic analysis of reflective cracking and validation of field test
Author(s): F. Zhou, L. Sun
Pages: 81 - 91

Evaluation of reflective cracking resistance in bituminous mixtures
Author(s): J.C. Pais, P.A.A. Pereira
Pages: 93 - 102

The role of unbound aggregate layers in reflective cracking
Author(s): M. Zeghal, El H.H. Mohamed
Pages: 103 - 113

Determining the potential for reflection of cracks
Author(s): B. Martín-Pérez, El H.H. Mohamed
Pages: 115 - 124

Induced cracking, developing an analytical design method with performance validation
Author(s): S.J. Ellis, R.P. Dudgeon, M.A. Megan
Pages: 125 - 133

Thermoviscoelastic modeling of road structures - Applications on cement bound base pavement under thermal variation
Author(s): F. Dubois, M. Arfaoui, C. Petit
Pages: 135 - 144

Part two - Resistance to cracking

Quantitative estimation of thermal crack resistance of road pavements with asphalt surfacings and cement concrete bases
Author(s): V.D. Kazarnovsky, V.A. Kretov, V.M. Yumashev
Pages: 147 - 154

Prediction of existing reflective cracking potential of flexible pavements
Author(s): J.C. Pais, P.A.A. Pereira
Pages: 155 - 164

Mechanistic analysis for opening reflective cracking in asphalt overlays
Author(s): Z. Tan
Pages: 165 - 174

Factors influencing the fracture behaviour of geosynthetic overlay-systems
Author(s): E.K. Tschegg
Pages: 175 - 184

Behaviour of asphalt pavements under repeated tensile strains
Author(s): A. Shalaby, A.O. Abd el Halim, S.M. Easa
Pages: 185 - 194

The stress intensity factor concept for crack growth in asphalt
Author(s): F. Tolman, J. Zuidema, R. Hofman
Pages: 195 - 204

Part three - Crack Prevention - Modified mixes

Influence of rheology of asphalt concrete and interlayer bitumen on the reflective crack development
Author(s): G.N. Kiryukhin
Pages: 207 - 216

Means to reduce development of reflected cracks in asphalt concrete pavements
Author(s): L.V. Pozdnjaeva, V.A. Kretov, M.B. Levitscki
Pages: 217 - 225

Fiber-modified asphalt overlays
Author(s): J.P. Serfass, B. Mahe de a Villegle
Pages: 227 - 239

Reflective cracking on C-SHRP long term pavement performance sites
Author(s): A. Shalaby, L. Fréchette
Pages: 241 - 250

Comparison of laboratory test performance between asphalt-rubber hot mix and dense graded asphalt concrete
Author(s): J.B. Sousa, J.C. Pais, R.N. Stubstad
Pages: 251 - 266

Long term monitoring of hot in-place recycled asphalt runway pavements in British Columbia
Author(s): K.R. Fyvie, J.R. McCutchon, R. Flynn, J. Scarlett
Pages: 267 - 278

Use of stone mastic asphalt to mitigate reflective cracking
Author(s): R. Burlie, L. Uzarowski, J. Emery
Pages: 279 - 288

Part four - Crack Prevention - Stress relief layers

Influence of thin interrupting layers to development of reflected cracks
Author(s): V.A. Kretov, L.A. Gorelysheva
Pages: 291 - 295

Controlling reflection cracking "black topping" old concrete pavements
Author(s): K. Hadipour, A.C. Balasundaram, M.L.J. Maher
Pages: 297 - 306

Use of asphalt crack relief layer in airport pavements
Author(s): A.R. Nataraj, A. van der Meer
Pages: 307 - 317

Interventions pour réduire la fissuration des chaussées
Author(s): D. St-Laurent, G. Bergeron
Pages: 319 - 329

Reflective cracking in bridge deck surfacings of asphalt
Author(s): E.J. Vater
Pages: 331 - 341

Part five - Crack Prevention - Pre-cracking

Performance of the saw cut and seal method for controlling reflection cracking
Author(s): M.H. Burtwell, I. Carswell, W.G. Lloyd
Pages: 345 - 355

Field performance of crack and seat projects in Wisconsin
Author(s): S. Owusu-Ababio, T. Nelson
Pages: 357 - 366

Implementation of crack and seat for concrete pavement maintenance
Author(s): J.F. Potter, R. Dudgeon, P.C. Langdale
Pages: 367 - 377

15 years of precracking in Spain: an evaluation
Author(s): C. Jofré, J. Vaquero, R. Álvarez-Loranca
Pages: 379 - 389

Part six - Crack Prevention - Pavement reinforcement materials

Fissuration des chaussées comme résultat des déformations minières du sous-sol
Author(s): K. Chlipalski, B. Strycharz
Pages: 393 - 402

Fibreglass geogrid performance evaluation for retarding reflective cracking
Author(s): J.R. Darling, J.H. Woolstencroft
Pages: 403 - 412

Use of steel fibre reinforcement in cement treated base
Author(s): N.H. Thom, I. Thompson, C.H. Peaston
Pages: 413 - 422

Geotextile reinforced bituminous surfacing
Author(s): H. van Deuren, J. Esnouf
Pages: 423 - 430

Influence of a high modulus geogrid composite on the surface layer of roads on soft soil
Author(s): J.M. Elias, A. Scarpas, X. Liu
Pages: 431 - 440

Reinforced pavements: laboratory and field experiences
Author(s): G. Dondi, A. Bonini, A. Simone
Pages: 441 - 454

Evaluation of Geonet reinforcement in resisting reflective cracking of asphalt pavement
Author(s): Z. Zhengqi, Z. Dengliang
Pages: 455 - 462

Part seven - Evaluation of prevention techniques

An examination on the factor which affects reflective cracking
Author(s): N. Abe, H. Maehara, T. Maruyama, K. Ooba
Pages: 465 - 474

Cost-effectiveness of reflective crack control treatments in Illinois
Author(s): D. Bozkurt, W.G. Buttlar, B.J. Dempsey
Pages: 475 - 484

Rehabilitation of transversally-cracked asphalt pavements - Alberta Experience
Author(s): V. Ghai
Pages: 485 - 494

Economic benefits of reducing nd treating reflection cracking
Author(s): R. Haas, S. Tighe
Pages: 495 - 505

Road maintenance: technical aspects regarding the choice of Geosynthetics
Author(s): E.R. Steen
Pages: 507 - 516

On site behaviour of interface systems
Author(s): A. Vanelstraete, L. Francken
Pages: 517 - 526

Implementation of recent research results to prevent reflection cracking
Author(s): K. Kandil, Y. Hassan, A.O. Abd El Halim
Pages: 527 - 536

Performance of road trials to prevent reflective cracking
Author(s): L. Quaresma, A. Pinelo, E. Fonseca
Pages: 537 - 546