Report rep021 : Durability of Building Sealants - State-of-the-Art Report of RILEM TC 139-DBS

Title: Durability of Building Sealants - State-of-the-Art Report of RILEM TC 139-DBS
Edited by A. T. Wolf
ISBN: 2-912143-12-8
e-ISBN: 2351580419
Pages: 476
Publication date: 1999

All building and construction sealants, once installed, are exposed to environmental and service degradation factors which affect their performance over time and ultimately cause them to fail. Replacing failed sealant joints is time consuming and can be expensive, representing a substantial proportion of overall maintenance costs. A thorough understanding of the parameters that affect the durability of sealants is critical for predicting their service life and the associated life cycle costs. In order to address the issue of building sealant durability, the RILEM Technical Committee 139-DBS was inaugurated in 1991.

This volume contains the state-of-the-art report prepared by members of RILEM TC139-DBS as well as by specialists outside the committee. The book represents the first complete treatise of building sealant durability and is intended to form the scientific basis for the development of international standards on sealant durability. It is aimed at providing an up-to-date statement of our knowledge in the field of durability of sealants, while highlighting the gaps in our knowledge and identifying areas for further research. It is hoped that this report furthers the advancement of science and technology of building seals, stimulates further research and contributes to the development of new standards on sealant durability.

This book will be of particular interest to senior construction and maintenance engineers, specifiers and architects, development and technical service personnel at sealant manufacturers, as well as researchers at universities and national test and certification institutes


Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: XI - XII

Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: XIII - XX

Global consideration and performance requirements of sealants
Author(s): A.R. Hutchinson, T.G. Jones, M.A. Lacasse
Pages: 1 - 35

Classification of degradation factors
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 37 - 40

Environmental degradation factors, their characterisation and effects on sealed building joints
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 41 - 71

Effect of joint movement on seals and sealed joints
Author(s): T.G.B. Jones, M.A. Lacasse
Pages: 73 - 105

Effects of degradation factors on sealant adhesion
Author(s): N.E. Shephard, J.M. Klosowski, A.T. Wolf
Pages: 107 - 135

Weathering methods used in sealant durability evaluation
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 137 - 153

Light sources used in laboratory weathering of sealants and their effect on the correlation with natural weathering
Author(s): P. Brennan, E.T. Everett
Pages: 155 - 172

Exposure and mounting techniques used in the outdoor weathering of sealants
Author(s): M.J. Crewdson
Pages: 173 - 180

Attempts at correlating accelerated laboratory and natural outdoor ageing results
Author(s): A.T. Wolf, H. Bolte, T. Boettger
Pages: 181 - 201

Factors governing the durability of sealant formulations
Author(s): T.C.P. Lee, A.T. Wolf
Pages: 203 - 223

Durability of polysulfide sealants
Author(s): G.B. Lowe
Pages: 225 - 234

Durability of one-part polyurethane and polyurethane-hybrid sealants
Author(s): U.O. Onuoha
Pages: 235 - 251

Durability of silicone sealants
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 253 - 273

Durability of water-borne acrylic sealants
Author(s): W. Haller, H. Loth
Pages: 275 - 286

Environmental effects on the aesthetics of building sealants and adjacent substrates
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 287 - 311

Durability of resealed joints
Author(s): A.R. Hutchinson
Pages: 313 - 321

Review of modern analytical techniques used in the study of ageing-induced changes in sealants
Author(s): A.T. Wolf, K. Oba
Pages: 323 - 342

Durability assessment methodologies for sealed building joints
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 343 - 364

Progress towards the development of a durability test method for sealants
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 365 - 380

Appendix: Annotated literature references
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 381 - 445

Biographies of Authors
Pages: XXI - XXIV