Proceedings pro082 : 2nd International RILEM Conference on Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment

Title: 2nd International RILEM Conference on Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment
Edited by V.M. John, E. Vazquez, S.C. Angulo, C. Ulsen
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-122-3
Pages: 507
Publication date: 2011

The building and construction industry is responsible for more than 40% of the total raw materials extraction. Construction and demolition waste around of 50% of the total urban waste. Therefore, the use of waste, both from construction as well from other industry, by the building and construction industry is both a need and an opportunity.

This conference discusses the technical challenges of closing the cycle of the construction industry by using construction and demolition waste as well waste from other industries as a raw materials.


Author(s): E. Vazquez and V.M. John
Pages: XV - XV

Waste Management

Quantitative assessment of waste management in Brazilian construction sites
Author(s): A. C. Lordsleem Jr. and S. Fucale
Pages: 1 - 10

Estimation method of production and composition of construction and demolition debris
Author(s): I. Martínez, C. Vázquez, B. González and F. Martínez
Pages: 11 - 18

Gear project - an ambitious participative project
Author(s): V. A. E. Pinto, E. Vazquez i Ramonich and F.A. Güell
Pages: 19 - 28

Gear project - diagnosis of the current recycling situation in Spain
Author(s): E. Varela, E. Vazquez, A. Güell, M. Barra, I. Girbés, F. López, M.I. Martínez, A. Romero, P. Serna and A. Tirado
Pages: 29 - 38

New foundations for the building industry: nine basic concepts to promote sustainability
Author(s): J.A. Azambuja, L.C. Bonin, L. Zucchetti and A.B. Masuero
Pages: 39 - 49

Management of waste generated by a group of concrete plants
Author(s): J. Lorenzo, F.L. Gayarre, R. Santiago, S. Eguidazu, E.C. López-Colina, F.J. Suárez and A.L. Martínez
Pages: 51 - 60

Characterization and use of construction and demolition wastes (CDW) of workmanships in engineering
Author(s): T.F. Macedo and K.P.V. Lafayette
Pages: 61 - 69

Gypsum plastering: waste evaluation
Author(s): L.L. Pimentel and G. Camarini
Pages: 71 - 81

Recycling in greater demolition projects and exploitation of the Irma city concept
Author(s): E.K. Lauritzen
Pages: 83 - 90

Recycled Products

Fine dredged marine sand on mortars
Author(s): J. Limeira, L. Agulló and M. Etxeberria
Pages: 91 - 101

Use of the recycled polystyrene as polymer admixture to produce polymer modified mortar
Author(s): L. A. C. Motta, J.J. Alves Júnior, T.S. Motta, C.S. Meireles, S. Ribeiro, R.M.N. Assunção and G. Rodrigues Filho
Pages: 103 - 108

Application of earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines sludge in construction projects
Author(s): M. Barra, E. Vázquez, D.F. Aponte and J. Ainchil
Pages: 109 - 118

Laboratory investigation on the use of stabilized bottom ashes for road pavements
Author(s): E. Toraldo and S. Saponaro
Pages: 119 - 127

Structural concretes made from recycled precast elements
Author(s): M. Bassan, M. Quattrone and V. Basilico
Pages: 129 - 139

Semi-experimental formulas to predict the reactions between mechanical properties of recycled concrete
Author(s): M. Hosseinian, M. Nili, N. Biglari joo and S. Ahmadi
Pages: 141 - 153

Experimental section of concrete pavement using thin aggregates
Author(s): L. Limeira, L. Agulló, T. García and J. Ainchil
Pages: 155 - 164

Design and execution of soil-cement layers with C&D materials
Author(s): J.P. Ainchil, J.M. Cadenas, C. Rios, C. Cortés, A. Sampedro, E. Vázquez and J.M. Navarro
Pages: 165 - 173

State-of-the-art on the use of fine recycled aggregates in concrete production
Author(s): L. Evangelista and J. de Brito
Pages: 175 - 183

The feasibility of using natural self-ground rice husk ash in structural concrete
Author(s): G.C. Isaia, A.L.G. Gastaldini, L. Meira, M. Duart and R. Zerbino
Pages: 185 - 206

Influence of the diameter of the bar and CDW content on the bond behavior of recycled reinforced concrete
Author(s): C.N.S. Reis, M.B. Leite and P.R.L. Lima
Pages: 207 - 214

Production of concrete blocks with rubber and fines from crushed of basalt
Author(s): A. Campos and G. Morales
Pages: 215 - 221

Study of the consistence and mechanical behavior of recycled mortars
Author(s): M.B. Leite, P.R.L. Lima and A.C. Santos
Pages: 223 - 229

Use of waste from sawdust marble and granite in the production of concrete self-consolidating fiber
Author(s): E.B. Silva, F.A.P. Góis, A.S.R. Barboza and P.C.C. Gomes
Pages: 231 - 241

Analysis of zero-slump concrete made recycled aggregate from concrete demolition waste
Author(s): P. Serna, V.A. Ulloa, M.J. Pelufo and C. Jacquin
Pages: 243 - 252

Execution of concrete waffle slab recycled aggregate to be used in prefabricated elements in Spain
Author(s): M.J. Pelufo, P. Serna, C. Jacquin, V.A. Ulloa and F. López
Pages: 253 - 262

The fine fraction of construction and demolition waste
Author(s): I.M. Martins and A. Gonçalves
Pages: 263 - 273

Design of recycled concrete under ultimate limit state by normal stresses
Author(s): B. González-Fonteboa, F. Martínez-Abella, D. Carro-López and I. Martínez-Lage
Pages: 275 - 285

Use of paper industry waste in civil works
Author(s): J.P. Ainchil, C. Rios, C. Cortés, I. Vegas and M. Errasti
Pages: 287 - 295

Influence of recycling fluid catalytic cracking on properties of fresh cement pastes
Author(s): S.M.M. Pinheiro, J.R. Marçal and G. Camarini
Pages: 297 - 308

Concrete produced with recycled aggregates for the use in structures
Author(s): P.C.C. Gomes, J.J.L. Tenório and C.C. Rodrigues
Pages: 309 - 319

Construction of a cable-stayed bridge with recycled concrete in Valencia (Spain)
Author(s): J. de M. Sánchez, P. Alaejos, A. Domingo, C. Lázaro and F. López
Pages: 321 - 331

Quality Control - Characterization

Completely recyclable concrete of aggregate-recovery type by using microwave heating technology
Author(s): T. Noguchi, R. Kitagaki, H. Nagai and M. Tsujino
Pages: 333 - 343

Quality parameters of recycled aggregates – conclusions under the aspects of the concrete technology and processing technology
Author(s): A. Mueller
Pages: 345 - 364

The influence of curing conditions on the mechanical performance of concrete made with recycled concrete waste
Author(s): J. de Brito and N. Fonseca
Pages: 365 - 376

The influence of curing conditions on the durability performance of concrete made with recycled
Author(s): J. de Brito and P. Amorim
Pages: 377 - 388

Influence of proportioning criteria on recycled concrete properties
Author(s): F. López-Gayarre, P. Serna, A. Domingo-Cabo, M.A. Serrano-López, C. López-Colina and E. García-Taengua
Pages: 389 - 400

Correlations between physical and chemical properties of mixed recycled aggregates
Author(s): F. Agrela, V.L. Geraldes, J.R. Jiménez and J. Ayuso
Pages: 401 - 410

Durability of recycled aggregate concrete. An approach to influence of dosage condition on the permeability. Methodology propose of rebars corrosion analysis
Author(s): V.A. Ulloa, A. Domingo, M.J. Pelufo and P. Serna
Pages: 411 - 422

Assessing the eco efficiency of recycling waste in concrete
Author(s): B. L. Damineli and V.M. John
Pages: 423 - 429

Investigation of CDW heterogeneity in Brazil: a proposal of low-cost recycling plant
Author(s): S.C. Angulo, C. Ulsen, F.M.R. Lima, L.N.S. Costa and V.M. John
Pages: 431 - 439

Quantification of mineral admixtures content on cement by rietveld method
Author(s): L.A. Gobbo, L.M. Sant’Agostino and J.L. Antoniassi
Pages: 441 - 448

Technological characterization of fine fraction from brazilian C&D waste
Author(s): C. Ulsen, G. Hawlitschek, H. Kahn, S.C. Angulo and V.M. John
Pages: 449 - 458

An automated test method for density in the saturated surface dry state (SSD) of porous granular
Author(s): F. Hlawatsch, H. Aycil and J. Kropp
Pages: 459 - 468

Construction products prepared from autoclave hardened fines from C&DW
Author(s): F. Hlawatsch, F. Schlütter, M. Berger and J. Kropp
Pages: 469 - 476

Development of a separation process for gypsum-contaminated concrete aggregates
Author(s): T. Schnellert, K. Kehr and A. Müller
Pages: 477 - 482

Dry processing and high quality applications for steel works slags
Author(s): A. Jungmann and A. Schiffers
Pages: 483 - 492