Proceedings pro118-4 : International Conference on Advances in Construction Materials and Systems (ICACMS), Vol. 4

Title: Proceedings of International Conference (ICACMS) Chennai, INDIA September 3-8,2017 Advances in construction materials and systems Vol.4
Edited by :
Manu Santhanam
Ravindra Gettu
Radhakrishna G.Pillai
Sunitha K.Nayar

e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-191-9
ISBN: 978-2-35158-196-4
Pages: 770
Publication date: 2017

The International Conference on Advances in Construction Materials and Systems (ICACMS 2017) is part of the prestigious RILEM Annual Week, which is the annual meeting of the standing committees of RILEM (International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures). Such meetings occur every year in conjunction with a major international conference. The recent RILEM weeks were held in Copenhagen (2016), Melbourne (2015), São Paulo (2014), Paris (2013), Cape
Town (2012), Hong Kong (2011).

The conference covers several themes related to construction materials and systems, with the objective of providing the state of the art coverage on cement and asphalt concrete, heritage materials, and building systems. The specific conference themes include: Advances in supplementary cementing materials, Concrete durability and performance specifications, Early age behaviour and rheology of cementitious systems, Special concretes and applications, Advances in characterization of construction materials, Sustainable building systems, Bituminous binders and mixtures, Repair and conservation of heritage structures, Corrosion control and corrosion monitoring in concrete structures, Repair materials and repair systems for concrete structures. The themes selected for the conference are reflective of the scientific coverage provided by the different Technical Clusters within RILEM.

The 200+ papers received from academics and industry professionals from more than 50 countries across the world are assembled into 4 volumes. The first volume deals with the papers from the invited (keynote) speakers, while the remaining three volumes
– arranged in appropriate sub-sections, deal with the specific themes of the conference. The onerous task of compilation of these papers into the four volumes was performed by our editing team comprising of students. The abstracts submitted for the conference were subjected to independent peer review by two experts from the international scientific committee, and subsequently, the selected papers were also thoroughly reviewed by the editing team followed by members from the scientific committee. The successful compilation of the proceedings is largely owing to the efforts of the editing team and the experts from the scientific committee.


Author(s): Manu Santhanam
Pages: 24-25

Study on Physical and Microstructural Properties of Light Weight Aerated Fly Ash Based Geopolymer.
Author(s): T. Revathi, R. Jeyalakshmi and N. P. Rajamane
Pages: 26-35

Chloride Profiling of Integral and Non-Integral Surface Treated Foamed Concrete
Author(s): Algurnon S. van Rooyen and Gideon P.A.G. van Zijl
Pages: 36-41

Artificial Neural Network for Evaluating the Strength of Self- Compacting Self-Curing Concrete
Author(s): A Mohanraj, V Senthilkumar and N Karthiga Shenbagam
Pages: 42-51

Hydration of Cement Blended with Flash-calcined Dredging Sediments
Author(s): Ruben Snellings1, Liesbeth Horckmans1, Céline Van Bunderen2, Lucie Vandewalle2, Koenraad Van Balen2, Joris Dockx3, Jonas Marlijn3, Jos Vandekeybus4 and Özlem Cizer2
Pages: 52-59

Behaviour of M 50 Grade Self-Compacting Concrete Developed Using Indian Metakaolin
Author(s): Kruthi Kiran Ramagiri(1), Janardhana Maganti(1) and Dinakar Pasala(2)
Pages: 60-69

Effect of Molarity of Sodium Hydroxide and Curing Temperature on the Strength of Geopolymer Concrete Containing Recycled Concrete Aggregate
Author(s): Kruthi Kiran Ramagiri(1), Janardhana Maganti(1) and Dinakar Pasala(2)
Pages: 70-79

Making and using Self-Compacting Concrete with Locally Available Materials for Various Applications in Indian Scenario
Author(s): L. S. Kannan, V. Umamaheshwaran and K. Sivakumar
Pages: 88-97

Repair and Retrofitting of Structural Components using Textile Reinforced Concrete
Author(s): Smitha Gopinath(1), Nagesh R. Iyer(2) and Ravindra Gettu(3)
Pages: 98-105

Early Hydration and Autogenous Shrinkage of UHPC
Author(s): Jianhui Liu(1), Caijun Shi(2) and Zeimei Wu(1,2)
Pages: 106-117

Characterization of Separability of Carbon Textile Reinforced Concrete for Increased Material Sustainability
Author(s): Magdalena K. Kimm(1), Nils Gerstein(1), Lia Weiler(2), Anya Vollpracht(2) and Thomas Gries(1)
Pages: 118-125

A Crack-Width Design Approach for Seamless Jointless Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Grade Slabs
Author(s): Hendrik Thooft(1), H.E. Sriprakash Shastry(2) and Navneet T. Narayan(3)
Pages: 126-135

Effect of Addition of Nucleation Seeds in Alkali Activated Binders
Author(s): Sravanthi Puligilla(1), Dipobrato Sarbapalli(2) and Paramita Mondal(3)
Pages: 136-143

Ductility of Concrete Confined with FRP under Cyclic Loading
Author(s): G. Ramesh(1), Ravindra Gettu(2) and B. H. Bharatkumar(1)
Pages: 144-153

Compressive Strength Modelling Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for Concrete with Waste Foundry Sand as Partial Fine Aggregate
Author(s): R. Muthukumaran(1), M. Nithya (2), A. K. Priya (2), V. Aparna (2) and D.Vivek(2)
Pages: 162-167

Comparison of Flexural Toughness Parameters from Notched and Unnotched Beam Tests for Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Author(s): Sujatha Jose and Ravindra Gettu
Pages: 168-177

Effect of Prestress on the Bond Strength of Pretensioned Concrete Systems
Author(s): Prabha Mohandoss and Radhakrishna G. Pillai
Pages: 178-185

Effects of Span to Bonded Length of CFRP on Flexural Performance of CFRP/Concrete Composites
Author(s): P. M. Ekanayake(1), J. C. P. H. Gamage(2) and U. N. D. Perera(3)
Pages: 186-195

Progress on Testing of Mechanical Properties of Cement Based Materials - Extended Round Robin Test of Cost Action TU 1404
Author(s): Bokan Bosiljkov V(1), Serdar M(2), Staquet S(3) and Azenha M(4)
Pages: 196-203

Effect of Surface Protection on Carbonation Induced Corrosion in Reinforced Foamed Concrete
Author(s): Marlin S. Mubatapasango and Algurnon S. van Rooyen
Pages: 204-213

Experimental Study on Effect of Polypropylene Fibers on Durability Properties of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete
Author(s): Karthikeyan R.M (1), Venkatesh Babu D.L (2) and Prince Arulraj G (3)
Pages: 214-223

Effect of the Pore Size of Cement Based Materials on Migration Tests
Author(s): Quang Hung Nguyen (1,2), Sylvie Lorente (1) and Anne Duhart-Barone (2)
Pages: 224-231

Grouted Post-Tensioning Evaluation and Corrosion Mitigation
Author(s): Liao Haixue
Pages: 232-237

A Study on Deterioration of Flexural Behaviour of Corroded Pre- tensioned Beams
Author(s): G. Resmi, Amlan K. Sengupta and Radhakrishna G. Pillai
Pages: 238-247

Concrete with Fly Ash – Highest Quality for Durability Ever Achieved in Mozambique for a Bridge
Author(s): D. Swanepoel1, J. Seitz1 and B. Pengyu2
Pages: 248-257

Aging Factors in 100 Years Old Concrete of Panamá Canal
Author(s): C. Andrade(1), N. Rebolledo(1), R. Perez(2) and M. Baz(2)
Pages: 258-267

Durability of Bagasse Ash Based Cementitious Systems in Acidic Environment
Author(s): Ramaswamy K. P(1, 2), Satyanarayana Rao N(1) and Manu Santhanam(1)
Pages: 268-277

Modelling carbonation rates in concretes with similar strength and with and without slag
Author(s): Sundar Rathnarajan1, Naga Pavan Vaddey2, Radhakrishna G. Pillai1, Ravindra Gettu1,and Manu Santhanam1
Pages: 278-285

Comparison of Corrosion of Damaged Fusion-bonded-epoxy-coated (FBEC) and Uncoated Steel Rebars
Author(s): Deepak K. Kamde and Radhakrishna G. Pillai
Pages: 286-293

Deterioration of Concrete under Combined Freeze-Thaw Cycles, Chloride Attack and Flexural Load
Author(s): Yin CAO, Ling WANG and Yan YAO
Pages: 294-303

Additional Insights on the Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Degradation Due to Acid Attack: Special Case of Acids Forming Soluble Salts
Author(s): Ramaswamy K. P. (1, 3), Alexandra Bertron (2) and Manu Santhanam (1)
Pages: 304-315

Challenges in Determining the Chloride Threshold of Steel Embedded in Cementitious Systems
Author(s): Sripriya Rengaraju and Radhakrishna G.Pillai
Pages: 316-323

Influence of the incorporation of fly ash and slag on the shrinkage response of common concretes
Author(s): Sakthivel T, Ravindra Gettu and Radhakrishna G. Pillai
Pages: 324-329

The Full Utilization of Recycled Concrete Aggregates Produced Using the Microwave Beneficiation Technique in Combination with Carbon Sequestration
Author(s): Ashokreddy Annapareddy, Lin Jie and K. C. Gary Ong
Pages: 330-337

Water Content Effect on Concrete Response in UPV Tests
Author(s): Biondi S, Valente C and Zuccarino L
Pages: 338-343

Service Life Modeling of Biogenic Sulphuric Acid Attack on Sewage Structure: A State-of-the-Art Review
Author(s): Ankur Bansal and Shashank Bishnoi
Pages: 344-353

Molecular Dynamics Based Mechanical Characterization of Cement Constituents at Elevated Temperatures
Author(s): Harsha Praneeth and Tezeswi Tadepalli
Pages: 354-361

Microstructural and Phase Assemblage Changes in Naturally Carbonated Cement Paste with Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMS)
Author(s): W. Soja , H. Maraghechi and K. Scrivener
Pages: 362-367

The Hydration and Microstructural Development of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement
Author(s): Shashank Bishnoi and Sreejith Krishnan
Pages: 368-375

Temperature Effects on Performance of Cementitious Systems: Microstructure and Transport Properties
Author(s): Yuvaraj Dhandapani (1)*, Karen L. Scrivener (2) and Manu Santhanam(1)
Pages: 376-385

High Stable Asphalt Wearing Course Mix (DAsphalt® D HS) - for Bus Lane, Roundabout and Industrial Areas
Author(s): Pahirangan Sivapatham and Norbert Simmleit
Pages: 386-395

Fatigue Evaluation Tests for Asphalt Binders and Instabilities in Torsional Flows
Author(s): Abhijith B. S. and Atul Narayan S. P.
Pages: 396-405

Viscoelastic Characterization of Bitumen and Bitumen-Filler Mastics with Indentation Tests
Author(s): Hassan Fadil1, Denis Jelagin1 and Per-Lennart Larsson2
Pages: 406-415

Hollow Cylinder Apparatus to Characterize Interfaces Between Pavement Layers
Author(s): Thomas Attia1, Hervé Di Benedetto1, Cédric Sauzéat1, François Olard2 and Simon Pouget2
Pages: 426-435

Development of Response Surface Model for Mechanical Properties of Foamed Bitumen Mixtures
Author(s): Siksha S. Kar(1), Devesh Tiwari(1), Aravind K. Swamy(2) and Pramod K. Jain(1)
Pages: 436-445

Effect of Natural Rubber and Zycotherm on Moisture Performance of Asphalt Mixtures
Author(s): P Saha Chowdhury 1, Sonu Kumar 2 and D Sarkar3
Pages: 446-453

Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Rutting Performance of Asphalt- Rubber Gap Graded (AR-GAP) Mixtures
Author(s): Veena Venudharan and Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri
Pages: 454-463

Characterization of Uncertainty in Asphalt Mixture Complex Modulus Data
Author(s): Aswathy Rema and Aravind K. Swamy
Pages: 464-473

Influence of Aging and Moisture Conditioning on the Tensile Strength Characteristics of Bituminous Mixtures
Author(s): Bhaskar P Das, Nishant Bhargava and Anjan Kumar S
Pages: 474-483

A New Test Method to Study the Healing Behaviour of Asphaltic Materials Containing Encapsulated rejuvenators
Author(s): Tariq Al-Mansoori (1), Rui Micaelo(2), Ignacio Artamendi(3), Alvaro Garcia(1)
Pages: 484-491

Induction Heatable Asphalt Tiles and Pellets: New Approaches in Road Maintenance
Author(s): Breixo Gomez-Meijide (1), Hadel Obaidi (1), and Alvaro Garcia (1)
Pages: 492-501

Water Evaporation from Asphalt Porous Media
Author(s): Mustafa Aboufoul and Alvaro Garcia
Pages: 502-511

Use of WLF Equation to Capture Short Term Aging Characteristics of Asphalt Binder
Author(s): Priyansh Singh and Aravind K. Swamy
Pages: 512-519

Development of Probabilistic Rutting Curve from Wheel Tracking Device Data
Author(s): Priyansh Singh and Aravind K. Swamy
Pages: 520-527

Influence of Evotherm on Moisture Resistance of Dense Bituminous Mixtures Subjected to Varied Temperatures and Pressures in a Moisture Induced Sensitivity Tester
Author(s): Utsav Vishal(1), Sandel Prashant Shyam(1), Venkaiah Chowdary(1) and K. Ahmed Asif(2)
Pages: 528-535

Influence of Static and Vibratory Compaction on the Flow Behaviour of Asphalt Surface Courses
Author(s): Ehsan Ghafoori Roozbahany, Alvaro Guarin and Manfred N. Partl
Pages: 536-545

Exploration of Temperature and Loading Rate Interdependency for Fracture Properties of Asphalt Mixtures
Author(s): Katie E. Haslett , Eshan V. Dave and Jo S. Daniel
Pages: 546-555

Using the Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test to Characterize Asphalt Mixture Rutting and Moisture Damage Resistance in Cold Regions
Author(s): Hussain Bahia, Cheng Ling and Daniel Swiertz
Pages: 556-565

Evaluating the Effect of Mix Design Variables on Flexibility Index from Semicircular Bend Test at Intermediate Temperature
Author(s): Hussain Bahia(1), Cheng Ling(1), Remya Varma(1), Daniel Swiertz(1) and Pouya Teymourpour(2)
Pages: 566-575

Evaluation of Low Temperature Cracking Tests and Their Sensitivty to Asphalt Mixture Design Factors
Author(s): Hussain U. Bahia1, Andrew Hanz2, Tirupan Mandal3, and Remya Varma1
Pages: 576-587

Effect of Dynamic Vehicle Loading on the Rutting Behavior of Bituminous Pavements
Author(s): Kavinmathi K and Atul Narayan S. P
Pages: 588-597

Evaluation of Tack Coat Materials and Application Rates for Asphalt Interlayer Bond Strength
Author(s): Vinayak Malaghan and Amit Goel
Pages: 598-603

Effect of Fibres Addition On The Electrical And Thermal Properties of Recycled Rubber Membranes
Author(s): J. Norambuena-Contreras(1), J. L. Concha(1), R. Muñoz(2) and E. Baradit(2)
Pages: 604-613

Study on Feasibility and Effect of Adding PCM (Phase Changing Material) in Wearing Course using Cold Mix Technology
Author(s): Piyush Sharma and Amit Goel
Pages: 614-623

Effect of Natural Polymers from Aegle Marmelos on the Characteristics of Hydraulic Lime Mortar
Author(s): R. Ravi1, S. Thirumalini2 and Khalid Ahmed Gour1
Pages: 624-633

Historic Mortar Production in the First Millennium A.D. New Results from Archaeology and Scientific Dating
Author(s): Sophie Hueglin (1) (2)
Pages: 634-639

Effect of Aging on the Microstructural Characteristics of Lime Putty
Author(s): Divya Rani and Manu Santhanam
Pages: 640-645

Finite Element Modelling of a Three-Storey Cross Laminated Timber Structure
Author(s): Chrysl A. Aranha(1), Jorge M. Branco(2) and Paulo B. Lourenço(2)
Pages: 646-655

Effect of Transportation of Fly Ash: An LCA and LCCA Analysis of Concrete
Author(s): Daman Panesar and Deepak Kanraj
Pages: 656-665

Sustainable Building Systems- Features and Benefits
Author(s): Seema A. Nihalani, Jayesh Juremalani, and Nazimali Chinwala
Pages: 676-689

Assessment of Carbon Sequestration of Hemp Concrete
Author(s): Tarun Jami(1) and Sumit Kumar(2)
Pages: 690-699

Identification of Suitable Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers Using Geographic Information System
Author(s): Nivedha P, Athira G, Bahurudeen A and Prasanta K S
Pages: 700-707

Validation of Cooling Load Calculation of a Building using Transmission Matrix Method
Author(s): Nabeel Khan and B. Bhattacharjee
Pages: 708-713

Factors Influencing Sustainable Construction in India: Evidences from Case Studies
Author(s): Aneetha Vilventhan and Sivaramakrishnan
Pages: 714-723

PCM in Cement Based Materials for Green Construction: A Review
Author(s): Suresh Kumar Padala, Shraddha J. Deshpande and B. Bhattacharjee
Pages: 724-733

Retrofitting Building Roof for Energy Efficiency
Author(s): Bandana Jha (1) and B. Bhattacharjee (2)
Pages: 734-743

Thermal Comfort And Energy Savings Through Cool Elastomeric Roof Coatings
Author(s): Gulab N. Malunjkar(1), Jouko Vyörykkä(2)
Pages: 744-753

Study of Eco-Efficiency of Ready-Mixed Concrete Production Processes
Author(s): Anna George Nellickal and Sivakumar Palaniappan
Pages: 754-763