Proceedings pro045 : NICOM 2: 2nd International Workshop on Nanotechnology in Construction

Title: NICOM 2: 2nd International Workshop on Nanotechnology in Construction
Edited by Y. de Miguel, A. Porro and P.J.M. Bartos
ISBN: 2-912143-87-X
e-ISBN: 2912143888
Pages: 416
Publication date: 2006

This international and interdisciplinary second Symposium on Nanotechnology in Construction, hosted by NANOC, LABEIN-Tecnalia, focused on the latest achievements in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology associated with Materials for the Construction Sector.
Over three days, there were oral contributions from 45 international experts (from industry, academia and funding agencies) as well as a poster session.
The proceedings include all the oral presentations as well as the posters.
This publication is relevant to anyone with experience/ expertise in nanotechnology in the field of construction or those who have such experience in other fields and consider applying it to construction. It will also benefit anyone in the field of Construction who wishes to get informed about achievements to-date and about the short and long term prospects for Nanotechnology in construction for strategic planning and investment:
- Staff from building and construction research institutes and academic centres concerned with construction materials
- Staff from existing research centres where Nanotechnology related work - applied, or potentially applicable to construction - is already carried out
- Personnel involved in advanced construction practice and industrial R&D
- Industrial and government construction


Author(s): Peter J.M. Bartos, Yolanda de Miguel, Antonio Porro
Pages: XV - XVII

Part 1: Nanotechnology in construction: Present and future

Nanoscience and nanotechnology in construction materials
Author(s): Antonio Porro
Pages: 3 - 8

European strategy and action plan for nanotechnology: Focus on the construction sector
Author(s): Christophe Lesniak
Pages: 9 - 16

Nanomaterials in construction and rehabilitation: Contributions and perspectives of the US National Science Foundation
Author(s): Jorn Larsen-Basse, Ken P. Chong
Pages: 17 - 25

Nanotechnology in construction: A roadmap for development
Author(s): Peter J. M. Bartos
Pages: 27 - 36

Part 2: Theoretical modelling of construction materials: From nano to macroscale

Multi-scale modelling: The vehicle for progress in fundamental and practice-oriented research
Author(s): Klaas van Breugel, Ye Guang
Pages: 39 - 48

Nanoscaled elementary components and their mechanical interaction in biological and man-made composite materials: bone, wood, and concrete
Author(s): Christian Hellmich, Karin Hofstetter, Peter Pivonka
Pages: 49 - 56

Relating the nanostructure of concrete to engineering properties
Author(s): Hamlin M. Jennings, Jeffrey J. Thomas, Julia S. Gevrenov, Georgios Constantinides, Franz-Josef Ulm
Pages: 57 - 66

Ab-initio modelling as a tool for understanding C-S-H gel
Author(s): Jorge S. Dolado, Igor Campillo, Yolanda R. de Miguel, Edurne Erkizia, Antonio Porro, Andrés Ayuela, Daniel Sánchez-Portal
Pages: 67 - 72

Engineering the nano- and the meso-scale bonding scheme in neat and hybrid cement hydrates
Author(s): Ahmed Gmira, Jérôme Minet, Nicolas Lequeux, Roland J.-M. Pellenq, Henri Van Damme
Pages: 73 - 84

Hydration and microstructure development of Portland cement blended with blast furnace slag
Author(s): Guang Ye, Klaas van Breugel, Geert De Schutter
Pages: 85 - 93

The alkali activation of fly ashes: From macro to nanoscale
Author(s): Angel Palomo, Ana Fernández-Jiménez, María Criado, María Mar Alonso
Pages: 95 - 104

Part 3: Characterisation and measurement of properties of construction materials at micro-to-nano scale

Synthesis of calcium silicate hydrate/polymer nanocomposites
Author(s): Subhash C. Mojumdar, Laila Raki
Pages: 107 - 114

Neutron scattering methods for concrete nanostructure characterization
Author(s): Richard A. Livingston
Pages: 115 - 124

Nanoscale measurements of cement hydration during the induction period
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Schweitzer, Richard A. Livingston, Claus Rolfs, Hans-Werner Becker, Stefan Kubsky, Timothy Spillane, Marta Castellote, Paloma G. de Viedma
Pages: 125 - 132

New approaches in microstructure analysis of cementitious materials: From micro to nano, from 2D to 3D and from qualitative to quantitative characterization
Author(s): Lorenz Holzer, Beat Münch, Philippe Gasser
Pages: 133 - 141

Characterisation and reduction by nano-additions of the effect of Ca-leaching in cement pastes
Author(s): Juan José Gaitero, Yolanda Sáez de Ibarra, Edurne Erkizia, Igor Campillo
Pages: 143 - 150

On a possibility of structure identification by microindentation and acoustic emission
Author(s): Janusz Kasperkiewicz
Pages: 151 - 159

Nanoindentation size effect of cement pastes
Author(s): Jirí Nemecek, Luboš Kopecký, Zdenek Bittnar
Pages: 161 - 168

Real-time alkali-silicate dissolution experiments with an atomic force microscope
Author(s): Jordi Bernabeu, Ignasi Casanova
Pages: 169 - 177

Atomic force microscopy for cementitious materials
Author(s): Paramita Mondal, Surendra Shah, Laurence Marks
Pages: 179 - 185

Changes of the BET-N2- specific surface area and pore volume during hydration of fly ash belite cement
Author(s): Ana Guerrero, Sara Goñi, Amparo Moragues, Igor Campillo
Pages: 187 - 193

Hybrid nanocomposites based on interpenetrating organic-inorganic polymers as construction materials
Author(s): María José López-Tendero, Irene Beleña Pozo, Eduardo Martínez-Tamayo, Celia Guillem López
Pages: 195 - 201

Superplastic behaviour in nanoceramics
Author(s): Arturo Domínguez-Rodríguez, Diego Gómez-García
Pages: 203 - 207

Carbon nanotubes as a new reinforcement material for modern cement-based binders
Author(s): Xin Jiang, Torsten L. Kowald, Thorsten Staedler, Reinhard H. F. Trettin
Pages: 209 - 213

A new generation of construction materials: Carbon nanotubes incorporated to concrete and polymeric matrix
Author(s): Javier Grávalos, Juan Manuel Mieres, Santiago González
Pages: 215 - 221

Nanotechonology in construction: Nano materials and devices offer macro improvements in concrete materials
Author(s): Monica McCoy, Justin Betts, Ashley Norris, Mohamed Saafi
Pages: 223 - 231

Nano-concrete: Possibilities and challenges
Author(s): Perumalsamy N. Balaguru, Ken Chong, Jorn Larsen-Basse
Pages: 233 - 243

Atomic force nanoindentation of cement pastes modified by nanotube dispersions
Author(s): Yolanda Sáez de Ibarra, Juan José Gaitero, Igor Campillo
Pages: 245 - 253

Part 4: Nanotechnology for construction materials and product development

Ultrahigh-performance concrete: Material engineering by nanoindentation testing and nanomechanical analysis
Author(s): Paul Acker
Pages: 257 - 267

Chemical nano design to engineer intelligent concrete admixtures
Author(s): Mario Corradi, Roberta Magarotto
Pages: 269 - 275

Nanotechnology and photocatalysis in cementitious materials
Author(s): Luigi Cassar
Pages: 277 - 284

High strength micro/nano fine cement
Author(s): Armando García-Luna, Diego R. Bernal
Pages: 285 - 291

Current activities in construction
Author(s): Katerina Zetkova, Jiri Zelenka
Pages: 293 - 301

Micro-nano porous materials for high performance thermal insulation
Author(s): Daniel Quénard, Hébert Sallée
Pages: 303 - 312

Pyrogene nano-oxides in modern cement based composites
Author(s): Arjan Korpa, Reinhard Trettin
Pages: 313 - 319

Protective coatings with nano constituent materials
Author(s): Christos G. Papakonstantinou
Pages: 321 - 328

Formation of nanocrystals of AFt phase during the reaction between alkali-free accelerators and hydrating cement: A key factor for sprayed concretes setting and hardening
Author(s): Cristiano Maltese, Carlo Pistolesi, Anna Bravo, Tiziano Cerulli, Davide Salvioni
Pages: 329 - 338

Nanotechnology opportunities in residential and non-residential construction
Author(s): Theodore H. Wegner, Jerrold E. Winandy, Michael A. Ritter
Pages: 339 - 347

Nanotechnology and design
Author(s): George Elvin
Pages: 349 - 353

Nanotechnologies for the conservation of cultural heritage: Unsolved problems and perspectives
Author(s): Alberto Sposito, Federica Fernández
Pages: 355 - 361

Nano-composite coatings for transportation infrastructures: Demonstration projects
Author(s): Mohamed D. Arafa, Christian DeFazio
Pages: 363 - 371

Some nano aspects and concepts in geotechnology
Author(s): Mohd Raihan Taha, Elias Ismail, Zamri Chik
Pages: 373 - 381

Aerogel-like materials for building super-insulation
Author(s): Arnaud Rigacci, Mireille Tantot-Neirac
Pages: 383 - 393