Proceedings pro070 : 2nd International Symposium on Service Life Design for Infrastructures

Title: 2nd International Symposium on Service Life Design for Infrastructures
Edited by K. van Breugel, Guang Ye, Yong Yuan
ISBN: 978-2-35158-096-7
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-097-4
Pages: 1266
Publication date: 2010

In the past few years more and more attention has been devoted to the safety and serviceability as weil as durability and sustainability of structures. Meanwhile there are intensive research and development activities going on, e.g. on materials properties, deterioration mechanisms, geometrie- and structural design, execution aspect ad maintenance. Furthermore, codes and standards on service life design are being discussed and partially established world wide. It is now time to present a focused picture of the current status and future trends in this field, including theory, practice and education. The aim of the symposium is to provide a forum to researchers and practitioners for presenting the newest findings and to discuss new ideas on service life design and serviceability of infrastructural works, effectiveness of service life design methods and experiences from the practice.


Author(s): K. van Breugel, Yong Yuan
Pages: XXIX - XXIX

Theme 1: Degradation mechanisms and simulation models for durability prediction /multi-scale analysis of deterioration mechanism

Challenges in predicting service-life of concrete structures exposed to chlorides
Author(s): R.D. Hooton
Pages: 3 - 16

Durability requirements for concrete construction in the mediterranean coast
Author(s): K. Kovler, V. Chernov, C. Zlotnicov
Pages: 17 - 25

Meso-scale mechanical characteristics of chemically deteriorated mortar
Author(s): Y. Sato, T. Miura, Y. Oiwa
Pages: 27 - 32

Characteristics and constitutive model of corroded steel bars induced by chloride
Author(s): Yidong Xu, Chunxiang Qian
Pages: 33 - 40

Proposal of effective concrete cover in consideration of deterioration by internal cracking
Author(s): I. Ujike, R. Sato, S. Okazaki
Pages: 41 - 48

Portuguese approach for concrete durability related with reinforcement corrosion
Author(s): A. Valente Monteiro, M. Vieira, A. Gonçalves
Pages: 49 - 56

Study of cement-fly ash paste exposed to sodium sulfate solutions with different concentrations at different temperatures
Author(s): Zanqun Liu, Geert De Schutter, Dehua Deng, Yunhua Liu
Pages: 57 - 64

Chloride penetration into cementitious mortar at early age
Author(s): J. Caballero, R.B. Polder, G. Leegwater, A. Fraaij
Pages: 65 - 72

A benchmark of carbonation models on concretes with and without mineral additions
Author(s): E. Stora, B. Albert, R. Barbarulo
Pages: 73 - 81

Time dependent chloride diffusion coefficient - field studies of concrete exposed to marine environment in Norway
Author(s): Gro Markeset, Ola Skjřlsvold
Pages: 83 - 90

Service Life of reinforced concrete structures under combined mechanical and environmental loads
Author(s): F.H. Wittmann, T. Zhao, P. Zhang, F. Jiang
Pages: 91 - 98

Neutralization of concreteunder weak sufuric acid environment
Author(s): Toshio Yonezawa, Yasunori Matsufuji, Shizuo Harada, Tomoyuki Koyama, Etsutaka Maeda, Kyoichi Tanaka, Fumio Oshida
Pages: 99 - 106

Multiple cracking in textile reinforced concrete and its effect on the transport of water and gases
Author(s): Matthias Lieboldt, Viktor Mechtcherine
Pages: 107 - 114

Experimental study on flexural performance of steel and FRP hybridreinforced concrete beams
Author(s): Lili Sui, Feng Xing, Jihua Zhu, Dawang Li, Jinfang Liu
Pages: 115 - 122

Mechanisms and modeling freeze-thaw deterioration of concrete using critical dilation
Author(s): Y. Kang, W. Hansen, C. Borgnakke
Pages: 123 - 130

Fluorapatite formation in carbonated blast furnace slag mixtures
Author(s): K. Sisomphon, O. Copuroglu, A.L.A. Fraay
Pages: 131 - 138

A multidisciplinary approach to reriving parameters for modeling service life of reinforced concrete
Author(s): D.A. Koleva, K. van Breugel, J.M.C. Mol, J.H.W. de Wit
Pages: 139 - 147

A macro model to represent moisture field in early-age concrete
Author(s): Yiming Zhang, Yong Yuan
Pages: 149 - 156

Multi-scale modeling to predict ion diffusivity of cracked cement-based materials
Author(s): Fabrice Bernard, Siham Kamali-Bernard
Pages: 157 - 166

Microstructure-based simulation of time-dependent chloride diffusivity in saturated cement paste
Author(s): Mingzhong Zhang, Guang Ye, K. van Breugel
Pages: 167 - 174

Numerical simulation of ASR induced deterioration of concrete beams based on a hygro-chemo-mechanical model
Author(s): G. Meschke, M. Gofman, F. Bangert
Pages: 175 - 183

Numerical simulation on moisture transport from super absorbent polymers to concrete
Author(s): H. Huang, G. Ye, K. van Breugel
Pages: 185 - 194

New structural system for columns of infrastructures subjected to the accidental loading due to natural hazards
Author(s): Amirabbas Koochekali, Alahyar Koochekali
Pages: 195 - 203

Joint effects of expansive admixture and fly ash on the carbonation rate of concrete
Author(s): Zhonghe Shui, Liuqing Tu, Wei Chen, Juntao Ma, Wenbing Xu
Pages: 205 - 212

Durability of concrete against weak sulfuric acid in soil
Author(s): Tomoyuki Koyama, Yasunori Matsufuji, Shizuo Harada, Toshio Yonezawa, Kyoichi Tanaka, Etsutaka Maeda, Fumio Oshida
Pages: 213 - 220

Mutli-scale diagnosis of concrete damage caused by alkali-silica reaction
Author(s): Younes Boukari, Patrice Rivard, David Bulteel, Nor-Edine Abriak
Pages: 221 - 228

Durability Aspects of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete in Civil Infrastructure
Author(s): Anders Ole Stubbe Solgaard, André Küter, Carola Edvardsen, Henrik Stang, Mette Geiker
Pages: 229 - 236

Theme 2: Design of infrastructures for safety, serviceability and durability /probabilistic performance based service life design

The probabilistic durability design of HK-Zhuhai-Macao bridge concrete structure based on the local long-term exposed test and marine construction inspection
Author(s): Quanke Su, Shengnian Wang, Zhihong Fan
Pages: 239 - 247

The consultant’s view on service life design
Author(s): Carola Edvardsen
Pages: 249 - 264

Guideline for service life design of structural concrete with regard to chloride induced corrosion - the approach in the Netherlands
Author(s): Rob B. Polder, Gert van der Wegen, Klaas van Breugel
Pages: 265 - 272

Challenge of Multi- disciplines of predicting model
Author(s): Klaas van Breugel
Pages: 273 - 280

Service life of RC structures in a marine environment: a probabilistic approach
Author(s): Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Dan M. Frangopol, Ikumasa Yoshida
Pages: 281 - 288

Performance-based design approaches for durability design of reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): Rachel N. Muigai, Mark G. Alexander, Pilate Moyo, Mike B. Otieno
Pages: 289 - 296

Durability design of concrete structures in severe environments
Author(s): Odd E. Gjřrv
Pages: 297 - 304

Durability design of reinforced concrete based on reliability of barrier function of cover concrete
Author(s): Md. S. Islam, T. Kishi
Pages: 305 - 312

Modelling corrosion propagation in RC structures - a critical review
Author(s): Mike B. Otieno, Hans D. Beushausen, Mark G. Alexander
Pages: 313 - 320

Systematic research on structural performance of deteriorated concrete structures in Japan
Author(s): T. Shimomura, S. Miyazato, T. Yamamoto, S. Saito, Y. Kato, H. Tsuruta
Pages: 321 - 329

A probabilistic approach for the service life estimation of pre-cast concrete girders
Author(s): Kálmán Koris, István Bódi
Pages: 331 - 338

Service life prediction of concrete marine structures
Author(s): Wei-Liang Jin, Chen Xu
Pages: 339 - 350

Durability of reinforced concrete structures: design formats
Author(s): Ch. Gehlen, S. von Greve-Dierfeld
Pages: 351 - 358

Development of guidelines for durability design of reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): Joost Gulikers
Pages: 359 - 368

Study on service life of coastal concrete structures based on the chloride ion penetration
Author(s): Weilun Wang, Han Lu, Wujian Long, Feng Xing, Ningxu Han
Pages: 369 - 376

Theme 3: Model-based design for concrete structures

Electrical resistivity as microstructural parameter for the calculation of reinforcement service life
Author(s): Carmen Andrade, Renata d’Andrea
Pages: 379 - 388

Structural performance of R/C structures under mechanical and environmental action
Author(s): Luca Giordano, Giuseppe Mancini, Francesco Tondolo
Pages: 389 - 396

A model for integral evaluation of structures
Author(s): Fedde Tolman
Pages: 397 - 404

Reliability analysis and design of GFRP-reinforced bridge decks
Author(s): Young Hoon Kim, David Trejo, Paolo Gardoni
Pages: 405 - 412

Flexural analysis of corroded RC beam by FEM based on data of different inspection level
Author(s): Ryosuke Takahashi, Hiroki Kanno, Yuuzou Akashi, Shigehiko Saito
Pages: 413 - 421

Theme 4: LCA: Life cycle design and life cost design

LCC optimization for infrastructure
Author(s): J. Bakker, J. Schavemaker, M. ten Cate
Pages: 425 - 436

Life cycle assessment of a column supported isostatic beam in high-volume fly ash concrete (HVFA concrete)
Author(s): Philip Van den Heede, Elke Gruyaert, Nicolas Robeyst, Nele De Belie
Pages: 437 - 444

Life Cycle Management of Existing Bridges
Author(s): Xinsha Fu, Ying Li
Pages: 445 - 452

LCA for evaluating underground infrastructures like tunnels: potential environmental impacts of "materials"
Author(s): L. D'Aloia Schwartzentruber, F. Rival, H. Kote
Pages: 453 - 460

Development of maintenance planning system for port facilities
Author(s): Ema Kato, Yuichiro Kawabata, Mitsuyasu Iwanami, Hiroshi Yokota
Pages: 461 - 168

Service life consideration during the construction of concrete infrastructures on the basis of PRSLD framework
Author(s): Ningxu Han, Jos Kronemeijer
Pages: 469 - 476

Life cycle of bridge grillages subjected to corrosion
Author(s): S. Imperatore, Z. Rinaldi
Pages: 477 - 484

Extended service life of concrete structures by the use of embedded sensors
Author(s): Peter H. Mřller, Oskar Klinghoffer, Erik Stoltzner
Pages: 485 - 492

Experience of using 100 years service life design specification for motorway project in Australia
Author(s): B.A. Sabaa, R. Sri Ravindrarajah
Pages: 493 - 499

Theme 5: Cathodic protection / corrosion and corrosion protection (part one)

Long-Term Chloride Penetration Resistance of Silica Fume Concretes Based on Field Exposure
Author(s): R.D. Hooton, E. Bentz, T. Kojundic
Pages: 503 - 512

Prediction of chloride binding isotherms by analytical model or numerical inverse analysis
Author(s): Véronique Baroghel-Bouny, Xiaomeng Wang, Mickaël Thiéry
Pages: 513 - 526

Estimation method of steel corrosion in concrete considering temperature changes
Author(s): Shinichi Miyazato, Tsunehiko Mitamura
Pages: 527 - 534

Corrosion behavior of pre-rusted and pre-passivated steel in mortar
Author(s): Jingjie Shi, Wei Sun
Pages: 535 - 543

Performance and working life of cathodic protection systems for concrete structures
Author(s): Rob B. Polder, Erika A.C. Neeft, Greet Leegwater
Pages: 545 - 552

Significance of the corrosion propagation phase in service life prediction of cracked RC structures
Author(s): Mike B. Otieno, Mark G. Alexander, Hans D. Beushausen
Pages: 553 - 560

Enhancement of electrochemical chloride removal using corrosion inhibitors
Author(s): M. Sanchez, M.C. Alonso
Pages: 561 - 568

Considerations on the effect of sample size for the critical chloride content in concrete
Author(s): U. Angst, B. Elsener, C. K. Larsen, Ř. Vennesland
Pages: 569 - 576

Numerical study on the chloride induced steel corrosion in concrete
Author(s): C.Y. Kim, J.K. Kim
Pages: 577 - 584

Corrosion process in cracked reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): Wei Tian, Peter Schießl
Pages: 585 - 602

Theme 5: Cathodic protection / corrosion and corrosion protection (part two)

A new representation of chloride threshold level for steel corrosion in concrete
Author(s): M.S. Jung, H.B. Shim, S.-H. Kim, K.Y. Ann
Pages: 605 - 612

Extension of residual service life by galvanic cathodic protection
Author(s): George Sergi
Pages: 613 - 621

Crack initiation and propagation caused by corrosion-product expansion around corroding bars
Author(s): Yasuji Shinohara
Pages: 623 - 630

Chloride Binding Behavior of Cement Composition
Author(s): In-Seok Yoon
Pages: 631 - 635

On the application of thermodynamics of corrosion for service life design of concrete structures
Author(s): André Küter, Mette R. Geiker, Per Mřller
Pages: 637 - 644

Corrosion of reinforcing steel and behaviour of rienforced concrete beams under sustained load
Author(s): Anongdeth Phetkaysone, Ryoichi Sato, Ryohei Yamada
Pages: 645 - 654

Fluorinated nana-fibres and corrosion
Author(s): P. van Tonder, D. Kruger, B. Jones
Pages: 655 - 662

Electrochemical behavior of reinforcing steel in modified concrete and cement extract
Author(s): D.A. Koleva, K. van Breugel, J.M.C. Mol, J.H.W. de Wit
Pages: 663 - 671

Carbonation and chloride corrosion of steel reinforcement in natural pozzolan-based mortars
Author(s): Jose Pacheco, Gerardo J. Fajardo, Pedro L. Valdez
Pages: 773 - 680

Effects of blast furnace slag and chemical admixtures on the accuracy of different methods used for the determination of chloride content of Portland cement pastes
Author(s): D. M. Aleixo, V. A. Quarcioni, S. C. Angulo, W. L. Repette
Pages: 681 - 688

Theme 6: High performance and environment-friendly materials

High performance materials and monitoring
Author(s): Surendra P. Shah, Jae Hong Kim
Pages: 691 - 698

Effect of calcium aluminate cement in mitigating the corrosion of steel in concrete
Author(s): K.Y. Ann, J.P. Hwang, S.-H. Kim, I.L. Jang
Pages: 699 - 705

Measuring the coefficient of thermal expansion of cement paste at early age
Author(s): Roman Loser, Carmelo Di Bella, Beat Münch, Pietro Lura
Pages: 707 - 714

Side effect of electrochemical desalination in concrete structures
Author(s): Y. Tanaka, Y. Hayamizu
Pages: 715 - 722

Experimental study on mechanical properties of mortars at ultra low temperature
Author(s): Zhengwu Jiang, Xiongying Li
Pages: 723 - 731

Experimental study to estimate thermal stress caused by heat of cement hydration in massive concrete structures
Author(s): Toshiaki Mizobuchi, Yasuro Maki, Ryousuke Inoue
Pages: 733 - 740

The effect of slag on durability of lightweight concrete
Author(s): Hongzhi Cui, T.Y. Lo, Feng Xing
Pages: 741 - 747

Sintered board materials made from recycled glass in building industry
Author(s): T. Melichar, J. Bydzovský
Pages: 749 - 756

Effect of material constituents on fresh and mechanical properties of SCC designated for precast, prestressed applications
Author(s): Wujian Long, Kamal Henri Khayat, Feng Xing
Pages: 757 - 764

Tensile strength of nano-fibre reinforced concrete repair material
Author(s): P. van Tonder, D. Kruger, M. Shihambi
Pages: 765 - 771

On improving the infrastructure service life using ECC to mitigate rebar corrosion
Author(s): Mo Li, Ravi Ranade, Lili Kan, Victor C. Li
Pages: 773 - 781

Numerical simulation of the behaviour of high performance fibre reinforced mortar with conventional reinforcing bars in concentric tension
Author(s): Ryosuke Shionaga, Withit Pansuk, Yasuhiko Sato, Joost C. Walraven
Pages: 783 - 790

Microstructural analysis and global performance of mortar with tailored nano aggregates
Author(s): Jie Hu, D.A. Koleva, K. van Breugel
Pages: 791 - 797

Effect of temperature on the healing rates of asphalt mastic
Author(s): Alvaro García
Pages: 799 - 805

Review of recent progress in structural applications of ductile fiber reinforced cementitious composites
Author(s): Mohamed Maalej
Pages: 807 - 815

Influencing factors of air-void characteristics
Author(s): Yan Shang, Changwen Miao, Jiaping Liu, Qianping Ran
Pages: 817 - 824

Self-healing of Cracks in Bacterial Concrete
Author(s): Virginie Wiktor, Henk M. Jonkers
Pages: 825 - 831

Bacteria mediated remediation of concrete structures
Author(s): Henk M. Jonkers, Arjan Thijssen
Pages: 833 - 840

Improving Service life of Concrete by using RHA
Author(s): Nguyen Van Tuan, Guang Ye, Klaas van Breugel, Bui Danh Dai
Pages: 841 - 847

Super absorbent polymers to simulate self healing in ECC
Author(s): J.S. Kim, E. Schlangen
Pages: 849 - 858

Effect of fly ash on effective alkali in matrix and at different depth of reactive aggregates
Author(s): Chunxiang Qian, Wen Xu, Yuan Zhuang
Pages: 859 - 866

Water Security Problems of Shanghai Expo 2010 and Countermeasures
Author(s): Shuguang Liu, Haoyun Wu, Cuiping Kuang, Guihui Zhong
Pages: 867 - 874

Chloride Penetration into the cracked tensile zone of reinforced concrete structures before and after water repellent treatment
Author(s): Fuxiang Jiang, Folker H. Wittmann, Tiejun Zhao, Furu Li, Song Gao
Pages: 875 - 882

Determination of activation energy of cement hydration by electrical resistivity measurement
Author(s): Xiaosheng Wei, Lianzhen Xiao
Pages: 883 - 890

Theme 7: Transition from early-age properties to serviceability

On the variability of temperature fields in massive concrete structures at early age
Author(s): J.-M. Torrenti, L. Buffo-Lacarričre
Pages: 893 - 900

Early age properties of green concrete containing high mineral additions
Author(s): Muhammad Irfan Ahmad Khokhar, Stéphanie Staquet
Pages: 901 - 909

Autogenous deformation of slag cement concretes under free condition at early age
Author(s): A. Darquennes, S. Staquet, B. Espion
Pages: 911 - 918

The Effect of curing on the microstructure and chloride penetration resistance of concrete
Author(s): W. Jeannette Bouwmeester - van den Bos, Rob B. Polder, Federica Lollini
Pages: 919 - 926

Theme 8: Inspection, assessment and monitoring

Service states of an operating tunnel: view from a structural engineer
Author(s): Yong Yuan
Pages: 929 - 936

Structural and durability assessment of the bridges across the low-rhine
Author(s): Michel M.R. Boutz, Rob P.H. Vergoossen, Cor Kuilboer
Pages: 937 - 944

Benchmark test on load-carrying behavior of RC member with reinforcing steel corroded by using common experimental procedure
Author(s): Takashi Yamamoto, Michiaki Oyado, Yasuhiro Mikata, Takumi Shimomura
Pages: 945 - 952

Investigation on variability of cross sectional area of electrically corroded reinforcing bar
Author(s): M. Oyado, T. Yamamoto, T. Shimomura
Pages: 953 - 960

Risk inventory serviceability hydraulic structures in the Netherlands
Author(s): Dirk Jan Kiljan, Hans Janssen
Pages: 961 - 967

The assessment method of vertical cracks influence on cooling towers shell
Author(s): Zdenek Snirch, Amos Dufka, Martin Lukavec
Pages: 969 - 975

Investigation of dynamic and static elastic modulus based on in-situ concrete cores
Author(s): SangHun Han, WooSun Park
Pages: 977 - 983

Design verification using corrosion monitoring systems indicating time-to-corrosion
Author(s): Michael Raupach, Joost Gulikers
Pages: 985 - 994

A laboratory and on-site test method for air permeability of concrete
Author(s): P. Paulini
Pages: 995 - 1002

The use of NDT methods in the evaluation of structures
Author(s): Michael Grantham
Pages: 1003 - 1012

GPR an effective tool inside the inspectors’ tool box
Author(s): Sherif A. Yehia
Pages: 1013 - 1018

NMR inspection on concrete-coatings
Author(s): Jeanette Orlowsky
Pages: 1019 - 1026

Error effect analysis in shape measurement of bridge pier model by laser transducer
Author(s): Xianfeng Wang, Feng Xing, Yoshiaki Goto, Makoto Obata
Pages: 1027 - 1034

Fracture behavior of concrete pavement material in bending under monotonic and cyclic loading
Author(s): E. Denneman, R. Wu, J.T. Harvey
Pages: 1035 - 1042

Study of methods of testing used to prevent the RAA
Author(s): C.F.C. Silva, E.C.B. Monteiro, A.D. Gusmăo
Pages: 1043 - 1050

Appearance defects on lining structure of tunnel
Author(s): Rulu Wang, Shuai Fan, Yong Yuan
Pages: 1051 - 1058

Classifying inspection of tunnel structures
Author(s): Yong Yuan, Liu Xian
Pages: 1059 - 1066

The challenge of a perpetual service life: conservation of concrete heritage
Author(s): Herdis A. Heinemann, Rob P.J. van Hees, Timo G. Nijland, Hielkje Zijlstra
Pages: 1067 - 1074

Theme 9: Maintenance, repair and strengthening strategies

Experimental analysis of the durability of RC beams strengthened by FRP laminates under the penetration of chloride ions
Author(s): A.A. Ramezanianpour, A. Gharachorlou
Pages: 1077 - 1084

The use of polymer cement mortar in the rehabilitation of service stairs in Lisbon, Portugal
Author(s): M. S. Ribeiro
Pages: 1085 - 1092

Preliminary study of Electrochemical lithium migration into cementitious mortar
Author(s): Jose Pacheco Farias, Rob B. Polder
Pages: 1093 - 1100

The muiderbrug - extending the life time by strengthening the structure
Author(s): Hans Dorsman
Pages: 1101 - 1109

Anticipation of degradation in concrete buildings’ facade and balcony structures
Author(s): A. Köliö, J. Lahdensivu
Pages: 1111 - 1120

Durability and service life of concrete repairs in the presence of cracks
Author(s): Jian Zhou, Guang Ye, Klaas van Breugel
Pages: 1121 - 1129

Performance analysis and causes of concrete pavements imperfections (CPI): a case study
Author(s): Muhieddin S. Tughar
Pages: 1131 - 1138

Stray current increased by underground space extension and underground space structure service life
Author(s): Yongjing Tang, Koujun Wei
Pages: 1139 - 1148

Research for durability of common used hinged joints in hollow slab bridge
Author(s): Pei Li, Jun Wei, Rongzhen Dong, Zhiwu Yu, Yue Xu, Xia Ban
Pages: 1149 - 1162

Bridge performance asset management
Author(s): E.A.B. Koenders, J. Kok, C. Bosma, B. Obladen
Pages: 1163 - 1170

Verify Operating Conditions of Tunnel Structure
Author(s): Yang Chi, Yong Yuan, Xian Liu
Pages: 1171 - 1177

Theme 10: Asset management: economically efficient exploitation of infrastructure; control of risk of safety and durability; changing demands of society

Towards a new business model for asset management in water sector
Author(s): H. Ehrenburg, J.B.G. Bruinsma
Pages: 1181 - 1190

System risk management for the maintenance of infrastructure facilities
Author(s): Hans de Jonge, Marc Lasne, Linda Docters van Leeuwen
Pages: 1191 - 1198

Asset management of road infrastructure in the Netherlands: a framework for an integrated life cycle model
Author(s): Rupin Soti, Harry Habing
Pages: 1199 - 1207

Infrastructural transport networks value asset management
Author(s): A.R.M. Wolfert, E.A.B. Koenders
Pages: 1209 - 1214