Proceedings pro073 : 2nd International Conference on Waste Engineering and Management - ICWEM 2010

Title: 2nd International Conference on Waste Engineering and Management - ICWEM 2010
Edited by J.Zh. Xiao, Y. Zhang, M.S. Cheung and Reuben P. K. Chu
ISBN: 978-2-35158-102-5
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-103-2
Pages: 896
Publication date: 2010

The International Conference on Waste Engineering and Management (ICWEM2010) is held in Shanghai, China, October 13-15, 2010. It is organized by the China Civil Engineering Society (CCES), the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) and Tongji University.

The proceedings contain 9 keynote papers, and 84 contributed papers presented at the conference. These papers cover a wide spectrum of topics and originated from 12 countries and regions around the world where research and development on the conference topics are considered to be put forward actively. They report the current state-of-the-art and point to future directions of research in this thematic field.

The amount of construction and demolition waste has increased dramatically worldwide. In addition new projects in urban planning and buildings reaching their life-span may lead to increased number of demolished structures. In the past recent years natural disasters such as the 2008 China Wenchuan earthquake and 2010 Haiti earthquake have all contributed drastically to the high volumes of waste. Meanwhile the importance of proper management of waste and environmental issues have become a concern not only by the building engineering field but also by the general public. Moreover, the dependency on natural resources and traditional way of dealing with waste such as landfills have showed that in the long run they are not sustainable. Waste water and air pollution have also seen an increase in recent years as a result of industrialization and increased urban population growth.

The objective of ICWEM2010 is to provide an international forum for researchers, specialists, professionals and public administrators and for all concerned with the promotion and exchange of information on innovation in materials, methodologies and technologies for the construction, safety and security, maintenance and management of buildings, water and air quality management. This conference is also aimed at presenting and publishing the most recent research & development on waste engineering and management.


Author(s): Jianzhuang XIAO

I. Keynote lectures

Actual Situation of the State of the Art Prepared by the TC-217, Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment
Author(s): E. VAZQUEZ
Pages: 1 - 10

How to Produce High Quality Concrete Mixes with Recycled Concrete Aggregate
Pages: 11 - 35

Full-scale Axial Loading Tests of Concrete-filled Steel Tubular Columns Incorporating Demolished Concrete Lumps
Author(s): Bo WU, Xinyu ZHAO, Qiongxiang LIU, Jinsuo ZHANG
Pages: 36 - 45

Effects of Fly Ash on Mechanical Properties of 10-year-old Concrete Prepared with Recycled Concrete Aggregates
Author(s): Chisun POON, Shicong KOU
Pages: 46 - 59

Environmental Impact Minimization and Performance Maximization in Concrete Recycling
Author(s): Takafumi NOGUCHI, Ryoma KITAGAKI
Pages: 60 - 71

Sustainable Structures with Comments on Fib Model Code 2010 (NMC 2010)
Author(s): Horst FALKNER, Christian KORKOWSKI
Pages: 72 - 84

Investigating the Potential of Using Recycled Aggregate Concrete in Singapore
Author(s): Kanghai TAN, Negar ROGHANIAN, Didier TALAMONA
Pages: 85 - 95

Properties and Microstructure of CO2 Cured Concrete Blocks
Author(s): Caijun SHI, Fuqiang HE
Pages: 96 - 107

Measurement of Thermal Performance of Building Envelope - A Comparison of Some International Legislation
Author(s): Hongyu LI, Malcolm LAVERICK
Pages: 108 - 121

II. Latest technology on reclamation of construction wastes

Study on Cold on-site Recycling Construction Processes and Techniques for Old Sphalt Pavement
Author(s): Jun SHI, Xiaofei LIANG
Pages: 122 - 128

Study on the Integration of Recycling Process on Urban Construction Waste Based on It
Author(s): Wei DAI, Zhonghe SHUI, Ping DUAN
Pages: 129 - 137

Effect of Dehydrated Cement Paste (DCP) Addition on Cementitious Characteristics of Cement in Early Age
Author(s): Zhonghe SHUI, Rui YU
Pages: 138 - 148

Thermal Performance Study on the Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Sandwich Block Wall with Straw Blocks
Author(s): Fusheng LIU, Yong LIU, Shaojie WANG, Jun FAN
Pages: 149 - 157

Equilibrium Point of CO2 Emission and Material Reusability in Concrete Industry at the Case of Replacing ready-mixed Concrete Demands to Precast Concrete Products
Author(s): R. KITAGAK, T. MITANI, H. NAGAI, Takafumi NOGUCHI
Pages: 158 - 165

Effect of Scatter-filling Recycled Aggregate on Properties of High-fluidity Concrete
Author(s): Deyu KONG, Haicun FANG, Jun JIANG, Biao GENG
Pages: 166 - 172

Effect of Heating & Mixing on Properties of Recycled Aggregate and Asphalt Mixture Prepared with
Author(s): Deyu KONG, Honggui HU, Tongyuan NI, Chaoyin LIU
Pages: 173 - 180

Research on theMicrostructure and Properties of Porous Glass-ceramics Made of Slate
Author(s): Mingli CAO, Jing LIU
Pages: 181 - 187

Investigation of the Fracture Process of Rubberized Concrete by Ficticious Crack Model and Acoustic Emmission Analysis
Author(s): Yamei ZHANG, Chao WANG, Zhe ZHAO
Pages: 188 - 198

Comparison of Leaching Characteristics of Sulfate and Toc from Mixed C&D Waste Residue, Agricultural Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners
Pages: 199 - 204

Resource-flow Simulation in Concrete-related Industries Using EcoMA-environmental Evaluation of Concrete-related Industries Including Admixtures
Author(s): Hideki YAMAGISHI, Takuma MITANI, Ryoma KITAGAKI, Hironori NAGAI, Takafumi NOGUCHI
Pages: 205 - 214

Green Buildings and Sustainable Infrastructure for the Canadian Forces
Pages: 215 - 225

A model for Carbon Credits From Composting
Author(s): Shafiul AHMED, Edward MCBEAN, Frank ROVERS, Tej GIDDA
Pages: 226 - 233

Assessment of Optimal Controls on Landfill Gas Generation to Improve Utilization Opportunities
Author(s): Shafinaz RITCHIE, Edward MCBEAN
Pages: 234 - 243

Mechanical Performance and Microstructure of Geopolymer Prepared from High Calcium Fly Ash
Author(s): Xiaolu GUO, Huisheng SHI
Pages: 244 - 252

Study on Stimulating the Cementitious Activity of Waste Slate Powder
Author(s): Mingli CAO, Hang YAO
Pages: 253 - 260

Study on Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate and Influence of it on Properties of Concrete
Author(s): Jiaying SUN, Huaqin JIANG
Pages: 261 - 268

Living Architecture: Vertical Planting on Facade Walls in Concrete Jungles
Author(s): L.M. CHU, C.Y. CHENG
Pages: 269 - 279

Effect of Construction Waste and Cinder on the Performance Properties of Cementbased Materials Produced by Press Forming Technique
Author(s): Qinghai LI, Bei SUN
Pages: 280 - 287

Development of Thermal Insulation Plasters with Utilization of By-products
Author(s): Jiri ZACH, Rudolf HELA, Martin SEDLMAJER
Pages: 288 - 296

Resistance High Performance Concrete with the Addition of Finely Ground Brick Body
Author(s): Jiri BROZOVSKY, Jiri ZACH
Pages: 297 - 304

Development and Study of Anti-noise Barriers Based on Alternative Raw Material Sources
Author(s): Jiri ZACH, Jiri BROZOVSKY, Jitka HROUDOVA
Pages: 305 - 313

Ultrasonic Pulse Method - The Cement Strength Evaluation Tool
Author(s): Jiri BROZOVSKY, Jiri ZACH
Pages: 314 - 323

The Effect of Waste Glass on Concrete Performance under High Temperatures
Author(s): Guojun KE, Jiping BAI, David TANN, Abid ABU-TAIR
Pages: 324 - 331

Feasibility Analysis for Utilization of Sewage Sludge Incineration Ash as Cement Replacement
Author(s): Hua ZHANG, Lei PANG, Pinjing HE, Liming SHAO
Pages: 332 - 339

Full Scale Operation of a Unique Landfill Bioreactor: The Calgary Biocell
Author(s): J. Patrick. A. HETTIARATCHI, Carlos HUNTE, Sunil KUMAR
Pages: 340 - 348

Methane Biofiltration: A Cost-effective Approach to Eliminate Fugitive Methane Emissions
Author(s): J. Patrick. A. HETTIARATCHI
Pages: 349 - 356

Effect of VerticalWell Configuration on Leachate Distribution in Bioreactor Landfills
Author(s): Krishna R. REDDY, Hanumanth S. KULKARNI
Pages: 357 - 367

Investigating the Feasibility of Using Post Consumer Aggregates in Concrete Mix
Author(s): Bahman NORUZIAAN, Cody BUSKELL
Pages: 368 - 377

The Glass phase Characterization of Coal Ash Slag
Author(s): Hongzhu QUAN, Tanosaki TAKAO
Pages: 378 - 385

Recycling of Construction Solid Waste and Establishment of Circular Economical System
Author(s): Shouchang DENG, Wanjun Li, Xuebing ZHANG
Pages: 386 - 395

Effect of Construction Waste Charging Scheme on Construction Waste Management in Hong Kong
Author(s): Chisun POON, Agnes WONG, Robin YIP, Ann T.W. YU
Pages: 396 - 407

The Analysis for Construction Waste Recycling in the Best Path
Author(s): Aiju YANG, Songquan XIAO, Bao JI, Zhihua LI, Haoshu DING, Junhui HUANG, Feiyi QIAO
Pages: 408 - 419

The Application of Water Source Heat Pump with Lake and River Water
Author(s): S.H. CHAN, L.K. CHUNG, F. BA
Pages: 420 - 427

Feasibility Study of Automated Refuse Collection System at South East Kowloon Development, Hong Kong
Author(s): Tse KEN, Tam MATTHEW
Pages: 428 - 436

III. Materials and structures of recycled concrete

Research on Carbonation Resistance of Recycled Concrete Using Coarse and Fine Recycled Aggregates
Author(s): Pinghua ZHU, Xinjie WANG, Xin WANG, Jun ZHOU
Pages: 437 - 442

The Performance of Concrete Made from Recycled Aggregate Soaked in Cement Paste
Author(s): Xuebing ZHANG, Chenggang KUANG, Zhi FANG, Shouchang DENG
Pages: 443 - 454

Study on Seismic Behavior of Recycled Concrete Frame Construction
Author(s): Zhenglong CUI, Masahumi KITATSUJI, Reiji TANAKA
Pages: 455 - 460

Study on Practical Application of Recycled Aggregate Used Concrete Solid Waste
Author(s): Yu ZHUANG, Masahumi KITATSUJI, Reji TANAKA
Pages: 461 - 465

Influence of Gravel Damage and Mortar Attached on Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Author(s): Gaifei PENG, Yanzhu HUANG, Jiufeng ZHANG
Pages: 466 - 474

Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Members under Various Loadings
Author(s): Youfu YANG
Pages: 475 - 484

Experimental Study and Design Method of High-Performance Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Author(s): Jingfeng WANG, Bingkang LIU, Xudong GONG, Zhang RUI, Xiqiang WU
Pages: 485 - 490

Experimental Study on Effects of Adhered Mortar Content on Quality of Recycled Coarse Aggregate and Properties of Concrete
Author(s): Hongzhu QUAN, Hideo KASAMI, Takayuki TAMAI
Pages: 491 - 500

Experimental Research and Microscopic Analysis on Fatigue Behavior of Recycled Aggregate Reinforced Concrete
Author(s): Huiqun QYAN, QingYuan WANG
Pages: 501 - 505

Study on Complete Stress-strain Curves of Recycled Concrete
Author(s): Tong HAO, Zhaohua DU, Lixin LIU
Pages: 506 - 512

Experimental Research on CrackWidth of Recycled Concrete Beams
Author(s): Jin WU, Guixin YANG, Xi YANG
Pages: 513 - 521

Experimental Research on the Flexural Properties of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beams with Recycled Coarse Aggregates
Author(s): Yongji SONG, Jin WU
Pages: 522 - 527

Experimental Research on the Strength of Recycled Concrete at Early Ages
Author(s): Yingjie ZHANG, Jin WU
Pages: 528 - 536

Experimental Study on Flexural Behavior of Recycled Concrete Beams after Freezing-Thawing Cycles
Author(s): Jingjing LIU, Jin WU
Pages: 537 - 541

Microplane Model for Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Author(s): Jiabin LI, Jianzhuang XIAO, Jian HUANG
Pages: 542 - 550

Shear Capacity of Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete Beams without Web Reinforcement
Author(s): Jiabin LI, Jianzhuang XIAO, Jian HUANG
Pages: 551 - 558

Mechanical Properties of Recycled Concrete Filled Steel Tubes and Double Skin Tubes
Author(s): X.S. SHI, Q.Y. WANG, C.C. QIU, X.L. ZHAO
Pages: 559 - 567

The Study on Early Drying Shrinkage of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Author(s): Lei ZHU, Jin WU
Pages: 568 - 575

Model Predictive of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Creep Degree Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Author(s): Yong WANG, Qiong HU, Chaoying ZOU, Yanchao WEI
Pages: 576 - 585

Calculation Model and Reliability Analysis for Flexural Capacity of Normal Section of Recycled Concrete Beam
Author(s): Jiachuan YAN, Chaoying ZOU, Qiong HU
Pages: 586 - 596

The Analysis of Economic and Environment Properties of Construction Waste Recycled
Author(s): Yuedong SUN, Xuan DONG
Pages: 597 - 604

Experimental Research on Shear Properties of Recycled Concrete
Author(s): Guoliang BAI, Yuanyuan CHAI, Xu LIA, Yanzheng CHANG
Pages: 605 - 613

Experimental Study on the Compression Behavior of Recycled Concrete Columns
Author(s): Chao LIU, Guoliang BAI, Letian WANG, Zonggang QUAN
Pages: 614 - 621

Experimental Study on Compressive Strength of Recycled Concrete Hollow Block Masonry
Author(s): Fengjian ZHANG, Guoliang BAI, Yuyi AN, Hui XIAO, Zonggang QUAN
Pages: 622 - 627

Investigation of Bond-slip Behavior between Recycled Concrete and Steel Bars under Pull-out Test
Author(s): Guoliang BAI, Shuhai WU, Xiaowen LI
Pages: 628 - 637

Study on Seismic Behavior of Recycled Concrete Frame Joints under Low Cyclic Load
Author(s): Guoliang BAI, Chao LIU, Shengwei JIA, Zonggang QUAN
Pages: 638 - 644

Study on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Concrete Hollow Blocks Based on Orthogonal Experiment
Author(s): Guoliang BAI, Fengjian ZHANG, Yuyi AN, Hui XIAO, Zonggang QUAN
Pages: 645 - 651

Study on Seismic Performance of RAC Shear Wall with Different Shear-span Ratio
Author(s): Wanlin CAO, Hongying DONG, Jianwei ZHANG
Pages: 652 - 660

Preparation Technique and Performance Study of Construction Waste Recycled Coarse and Fine Aggregate Concrete
Author(s): Shaomin SONG, Lin WANG
Pages: 661 - 670

Application Example of Recycled Aggregate Concrete in Japan-Medium Quality Recycled Aggregate Used in Concrete Pre-cast Element
Author(s): Zhenglong CUI, Masahumi KITATSUJI, Reiji TANAKA
Pages: 671 - 676

Test Study on the Recycled Aggregate and Recycled Aggregate Concrete Regenerated from Worn Cement Concrete Pavement
Author(s): Yun DONG, Yanyan GAO, Weizhong HE
Pages: 677 - 683

Experimental Research on Basic Properties of Recycled Concrete
Author(s): Shouchang DENG, Fang YU
Pages: 684 - 694

Experimental Studies of Flexural Strength and Mechanics Performance for Recycled Concrete Beam
Author(s): Shouchang DENG, Fang YU
Pages: 695 - 716

Study on the Preparation Technique and its Influences on High Quality Recycled Aggregate
Author(s): Qiuyi LI, Xiangning YANG, Song GAO, Yaguang ZHU
Pages: 717 - 721

Feasible Use of Recycled Concrete Powder as a kind of Mineral Admixture
Author(s): Xiaoyan LIU, Junqing ZUO, Kaiqiong LIU, Aihua LIU
Pages: 722 - 728

Simulation Analysis and Experimental Validation on the Horizontal Bearing Performance of Recycled Concrete BlockWall
Author(s): Jiangde HUANG, Jianzhuang XIAO, Xiao HUANG
Pages: 729 - 742

Properties of Confined Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Author(s): Yijie HUANG, Jianzhuang XIAO, Xiao HUANG
Pages: 743 - 755

Development Status of High Performance Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Author(s): Yuhui FAN, Jianzhuang XIAO, Caoying ZOU
Pages: 756 - 765

The Present Situation and Prospects of Research and Utilization of Recycled Concrete in China
Author(s): Qiong LIU, Jianzhuang XIAO, Hongyu LI
Pages: 766 - 772

Test on the Seismic Performance of Frame Joints with Pre-cast Recycled Concrete Beams and Columns
Author(s): Jianzhuang XIAO, M.M. TAWANA, Pujin WANG
Pages: 773 - 786

IV. Air quality and waste water

A Pilot Trial of Sani Process for Saline Sewage Treatment
Author(s): Di WU, Daniel T. W. TANG, Hui LU, G. H. CHEN
Pages: 787 - 792

Removal of Suspended Solids using On-Site Filtration of Surface Water
Author(s): Thejashree N. RAMALINGAIAH, Catherine N. MULLIGAN, Masaharu FUKUE
Pages: 793 - 803

Effect of Dechlorination Time on the Halogenated Disinfection by Products in Chlorinated Saline Wastewater Effluents
Author(s): Mengting YANG, Xiangru ZHANG
Pages: 804 - 811

A New Technique for Improving Sediment-water Quality by Means of Re-suspension - Fukuyama Method
Author(s): Masaharu FUKUE, Kouji UEHARA, Hidenori KOUGE, Yoshio SATO, Toru HARADA, Mahiro YAMANA, Catherine N. MULLIGAN
Pages: 812 - 817

Area-Wide Establishment of a StormwaterManagement Plan forWing Locations across the Canadian Forces
Pages: 818 - 827

Microscopic Research on Air Sparging i --- Network Model Development
Author(s): Shengyan GAO, Jay N. MEEGODA, Liming HU
Pages: 828 - 837

Review of Air Quality Objectives and Development of a Long Term Air Quality Strategy for Hong Kong
Author(s): Sam P.S. TSOI, K.W. LO, Simon HO
Pages: 838 - 853

Removal of Textile Dye by Bentonite and organo-bentonite
Pages: 854 - 864

Demonstrating Water Stewardship Through Integrated Wastewater Management: the City of Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Author(s): Bruce C. ANDERSON, An DONG, Allen LUCAS
Pages: 865 - 874