Proceedings pro059 : RILEM Symposium on On Site Assessment of Concrete, Masonry and Timber Structures - SACoMaTiS 2008

Title: RILEM Symposium on On Site Assessment of Concrete, Masonry and Timber Structures - SACoMaTiS 2008
Edited by L. Binda, M. di Prisco, R. Felicetti
ISBN: 978-2-35158-061-5
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-075-2
Pages: 1232
Publication date: 2008

Structure maintenance is one of the most relevant problem of civil engineering and architecture. Existing structures when damaged need a diagnostic investigation in order to define their actual state and to assess their safety. This necessity is particularly evident for historical buildings, but also for recent buildings when events like earthquakes, floods or long term lack of maintenance cause severe damage. When on site investigation is carried out nondestructive tests and reliable identification techniques are needed.

In the last years L. Binda, being Convener of Cluster E of RILEM TAC and aware of the importance of NDTs for the site assessment of existing structures, proposed three new TCs on the use of NDT for concrete, masonry and timber structures. Arnon Bentur and Sydney Mindess (chairman of TAC at that time) who gave an important support to the acceptance of the proposed Committees have to be acknowledged. The TCs have been worked hard since their formation and in 2006 it was decided to organise the first Symposium on site assessment of structures with the participation of two other TCs and contribution of external international experts.

The SACoMaTiS 2008 International Symposium has been in fact organized with the collaboration of the following RILEM TCs:
- 207-INR - Interpretation of NDT results and assessment of RC structures
- 216-SAM - Strategies for assessment of historic masonry structures with NDT
- 215-AST - In-situ assessment of structural timber
- 212-ACD - Acoustic emission and related NDE techniques for crack detection and
damage evaluation in concrete.
- 213-MAI - Model assisted integral service life prediction of steel reinforced concrete
structures with respect to corrosion induced damage

New progress in research and new standards have strongly emphasized the influence of site assessment role to estimate residual bearing capacity of structures and infrastructures and their consequent safety factors, even for historical buildings. New technologies are now available and the engineers have to use them in order to appreciate their innovation potentialities and to establish their reliability and their efficiency either in terms of effectiveness and costs. The transfer of knowledge from experts to professionals through guidelines and recommendations proposed by the RILEM TCs working on the topics are now really welcome by engineers and architects working on the field of structural assessment, particularly for C.H.

More than one hundred papers were received and the research information was divided in three sections on concrete, masonry and timber specific topics plus a crosswise section that mixes the different techniques, trying to favour a more general discussion on techniques innovation and their ability to be extended to other materials.


Author(s): L. Binda, M. di Prisco

Volume I - On site accessment of concrete structures - Part 1

Condition assement of concrete, masonry and timber structures and the role of water: how far the problem is similar?
Author(s): D. Breysse
Pages: 3 - 14

Influence of concrete properties on the calibration of radar, ultrasonics and active thermography
Author(s): C. Maierhofer, M. Krause, J. Wöstmann, M. Röllig, R. Arndt, D. Streicher, C. Kohl
Pages: 15 - 24

Damage assessment of concrete structures with AE technique
Author(s): T. Shiotani, D. G. Aggelis, S. Momoki
Pages: 25 - 34

Non-destructive assessment of corrosion conditions of steel in reinforced concrete structures using a rapid technique
Author(s): L. Tang
Pages: 35 - 43

Volume I - On site accessment of concrete structures - Part 2

GPR for non-destructive prediction of concrete physical properties - a neutral approach
Author(s): Z.M. Sbartaď, K. Viriyametanont, C. Laurens, J.P. Balayssac
Pages: 47 - 55

How combination of measurements can be used to reduce epistemic uncertainties in material condition assessment: application to concrete
Author(s): D. Breysse, J.F. Lataste, J.P. Balayssac, S. Laurens
Pages: 57 - 68

Critical analysis of physical parameters for the characterization of the quality of concrete samples
Author(s): L. Pasetti, P. Bet, C. Bonifazzi, G. Santarato, S. Tralli
Pages: 69 - 78

Evaluation of grouting condition in repaired concrete by impact-echo
Author(s): T. Watanabe, H. Fujigaki, C. Hashimoto, M. Ohtsu
Pages: 79 - 86

Volume I - On site accessment of concrete structures - Part 3

Ultrasound through-transmission techniques for quality control of fresh concrete
Author(s): C.U. Grosse
Pages: 89 - 98

Quantitative AE Analysis of diagonal-shear failure in reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): K. Ohno, M. Ohtsu
Pages: 99 - 108

Half-cell potential measurements to assess corrosion risk of reinforcement steels in a PC bridge
Author(s): E. Nakamura, H. Watanabe, H. Koga, M. Nakamura, K. Ikawa
Pages: 109 - 117

Acoustic emission behavior of two layered, reinforced concrete slabs under bending
Author(s): D.G. Aggelis, S. Momoki, T. Shiotani, A. Hirama
Pages: 119 - 126

Assessment of an industrial pavement via the impact acoustics method
Author(s): R. Felicetti
Pages: 127 - 136

Volume I - On site accessment of concrete structures - Part 4

New examples for ultrasonic imaging of prestressed concrete elements
Author(s): M. Krause, K. Mayer, F. Mielentz, B. Milmann, D. Streicher
Pages: 139 - 148

Assessment of a R/C structure subjected to high corrosion
Author(s): D. Coronelli, P. Martinelli
Pages: 149 - 158

Diagnosis of grouting performance in existing prestressed concrete bridge by impact-echo NDT
Author(s): K. Sasaki, K. Yonekura, S. Tsutsumi, H. Ueki
Pages: 159 - 158

Threshold values of air permeability of concrete cover - a case study in Japan
Author(s): K. Imamoto, K. Shimozawa, M. Nagayama, J. Yamasaki, S. Nimura
Pages: 169 - 177

Damage assessment & retrofitting of shahid rajaee slipway
Author(s): F.J. Alaee, A. Bagheri
Pages: 179 - 187

Volume I - On site accessment of concrete structures - Part 5

Acoustic emission techniques for crack detection and damage evaluation
Author(s): M. Ohtsu, Y. Tomoda
Pages: 191 - 200

Acoustic emission monitoring of concrete structures
Author(s): R.J. Lark, R. Pullin, K.M. Holford
Pages: 201 - 210

Use of the acoustic technique on reinforced concrete bending loaded specimens
Author(s): A. Sajna, T. Bremec
Pages: 211 - 220

Statistical interpretation of results of potential mapping on reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): J.J. Gulikers, B. Elsener
Pages: 221 - 230

New faster and non contacting measurement methods of polarization resistance measurement in the application to reinforcement corrosion
Author(s): C. Andrade, I. Martínez
Pages: 231 - 238

Volume I - On site accessment of concrete structures - Part 6

Evaluation of labile ionic pool in cement-based matrix
Author(s): M.L. Ruello, F. Tittarelli, G. Moriconi, G. Fava
Pages: 241 - 247

Early prediction of concrete resistance to freezing - thawing impact
Author(s): A. Hranilovi Trubic, D. Mikulic, S. Uzelac
Pages: 249 - 257

Moire and other optical techniques for measurement of movement in structures
Author(s): B. Harvey
Pages: 259 - 266

Statistical analysis of pull-out tests - the european concrete frame building project
Author(s): M.N. Soutsos, J.H. Bungey, A.E. Long
Pages: 267 - 276

Main durability characteristics of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): G. De Schutter, K. Audenaert, V. Boel
Pages: 277 - 286

Volume I - On site accessment of concrete structures - Part 7

Senso: a french project for the evaluation of concrete structures by combining non destructive testing methods
Author(s): J.P. Balayssac, S. Laurens, G. Arliguie, I. Fortuné
Pages: 289 - 297

Air permeability assessment in a reinforced concrete viaduct
Author(s): R. Neves, J. Vinagre Santos
Pages: 299 - 307

Development of ultrasonic time-of-flight computed tomography (TOF-CT) for inspection of concrete
Author(s): T. Nishiwaki, K. Adachi, H. Yanagida, Y. Tamura
Pages: 309 - 317

Performance-based specification and control of durability of reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): H.D. Beushausen, M.G. Alexander, R. Torrent
Pages: 319 - 324

Volume I - On site accessment of concrete structures - Part 8

Assessment of concrete permeability in tunnels
Author(s): G. di Pace, D. Calo, R. Torrent
Pages: 327 - 336

In-situ testing of the permeability of concrete
Author(s): I. Gabrijel, D. Mikulic, D. Bjegovic, I. Stipanovic
Pages: 337 - 346

Evolution of the carbonation depth of existing r.c. structures
Author(s): M. Alessio, M. Guiglia, M. Taliano
Pages: 347 - 356

Benchmarks for thickness measurement of concrete elements
Author(s): M. Krause, X. Dérobert, J. Hugenschmidt, A. Moczko, E. Niederleithinger, A. Taffe
Pages: 357 - 366

Investigation of a deteriorated reinforced concrete infrastructure and possible repair
Author(s): F. Tittarelli, M.L. Ruello, D. Capuani, A. Aprile
Pages: 367 - 375

Compressive strength of concrete core samples with different diameter
Author(s): A. Brignola, E. Curti, S. Parodi, S. Podestŕ, G. Riotto
Pages: 377 - 386

Volume I - Assessment techniques: innovation, reliability, case studies - Part 1

Advanced surface and tomography measurements on materials and structures
Author(s): M.F. Drdácký, J. Valach, I. Jandejsek, O. Jirousek, D. Vavrík
Pages: 389 - 400

Advanced monitoring sensor and self-repairing system for cracks in concrete structures
Author(s): H. Mihashi, T. Nishiwaki, K. Miura, Y. Okuhara
Pages: 401 - 409

Investigation of moisture content and distribution with radar and active thermography
Author(s): C. Maierhofer, J. Wöstmann, C. Trela, M. Röllig
Pages: 411 - 420

In situ mechanical characterization of the mortar in masonry buildings with DRMS
Author(s): E. Del Monte, A. Vignoli
Pages: 421 - 430

NDT evaluation of ancient masonry properties by means of splitting tests on cores with diametric mortar layer
Author(s): A. Benedetti, E. Mangoni
Pages: 431 - 440

Volume I - Assessment techniques: innovation, reliability, case studies - Part 2

Cyclic damage analysis by acoustic emission in reinforced masonry walls
Author(s): A. Carpinteri, P. Bocca, A. Grazzini, G. Lacidogna, A. Manuello, D. Masera
Pages: 443 - 452

Post-accident damage identification based on vibration measurements applied to masonry structures
Author(s): L.F. Ramos, P.B. Lourenço
Pages: 453 - 462

Applicability of estimation of chloride content in cover concrete using electromagnetic wave and impedance method
Author(s): T. Mizobuchi, K. Yokozeki, M. Hiraishi, R. Ashizawa
Pages: 463 - 472

Non destructive evaluation of delamination and interface in concrete structure
Author(s): J.F. Lataste, M. Krause, A. Moczko, D. Breysse, C. Maierhofer
Pages: 473 - 482

Application of innovative testing methods for the quasi non-destructive assessment of the material condition in hydraulic engineering structures
Author(s): F. Weise, S. Pirskawetz, B. Meng
Pages: 483 - 492

Volume I - Assessment techniques: innovation, reliability, case studies - Part 3

Radar-based measurement of deflections on bridges and large structures: ambient vibration tests and operational modal analysis
Author(s): C. Gentile, G. Bernardini
Pages: 495 - 505

Radar-based measurement of deflections on bridges and large structures: radar techniques and static tests
Author(s): G. Bernardini, C. Gentile
Pages: 507 - 517

The use of 3D-scanning in structural restoration projects - impact of accurate geometry on structural assessment: a case study on the church of Saint-Jacobs at Leuven
Author(s): L. Schueremans, B. Vangenechten
Pages: 519 - 528

Structural assessment, testing, rehabilitation and monitoring strategies for the world’s largest elliptical dome and Sanctuary at Vicoforte
Author(s): A. Chiorino, C. Calderini, A. Spadafora, R. Spadavecchia
Pages: 529 - 538

The Katholikon of Osios Loucas Monastery: in-situ investigations
Author(s): E.N. Vintzileou, P.G. Touliatos, I.G. Konteas, V.A. Palieraki
Pages: 539 - 548

Volume I - Assessment techniques: innovation, reliability, case studies - Part 4

Developing masonry vault models for global assessment
Author(s): T.E. Boothby, P. Condoleo, A. Taliercio, L. Binda
Pages: 551 - 560

Conservation of the reinforced concrete pillars of the church of the San Carlo Borromeo hospital in Milan: monitoring of damage, diagnosis of conservation state and trial of repair techniques
Author(s): L. Bertolini, E. Redaelli, D. Lattanzi, M. Mapelli
Pages: 561 - 570

Diagnostic analyses of concrete dams on site, by flat jack tests, computer simulations and parameter identifications
Author(s): G. Cocchetti, R. Fedele, T. Garbowski, G. Maier, A. Tavakoli
Pages: 571 - 579

Application of digital radiography in evaluation of components of existing structures
Author(s): B. Kasal, A. Adams, M.F. Drdacky
Pages: 581 - 591

Assessment and control of a SFRC retaining structure: mechanical issues (part 1)
Author(s): M. di Prisco, C. di Prisco, D. Dozio, A, Galli, S. Lapolla
Pages: 593 - 604

Assessment and monitoring of a SFRC retaining structure: measurement issues (part 2)
Author(s): M. Scaioni, M. Alba, A. Giussani, F. Roncoroni
Pages: 605 - 614

Volume II - On site assessment of masonry structures - Part 1

Contribution of inspection techniques to the assessment of historical structures
Author(s): P. Roca, J. Clapés, O. Caselles, M. Vendrell, P. Giráldez, S. Sánchez-Beitia
Pages: 621 - 632

Inspections and structural knowledge to the restoration of the Basilica Concattedrale di Trinitapoli (Foggia - Italia)
Author(s): T.M. Massarelli
Pages: 621 - 640

Field assessment of the material properties of New Zealand’s unreinforced masonry buildings
Author(s): R. Lumantarna, A.W. Wilson, A.P. Russell, J.M. Ingham
Pages: 641 - 650

Volume II - On site assessment of masonry structures - Part 2

Evaluation of a rubble wall: case study
Author(s): D.T. Biggs
Pages: 663 - 671

Preliminary assessment of correlation between mortar hardness and brick masonry strength
Author(s): G. Simundic, H.O. Sugo, A.W. Page, S.J. Lawrence
Pages: 673 - 682

Evaluation of damage accumulation in masonry by means of acoustic emission technique
Author(s): E. Verstrynge, S. Ignoul, L. Schueremans, D. Van Gemert, M. Wevers
Pages: 683 - 692

Numerical interpretation of the experimental results obtained with flat-jack tests on a brick masonry wall
Author(s): M. Acito, L. Binda, G. Cardani, J.M. Guedes
Pages: 693 - 702

Nonlinear phenomena analysis in the ultrasonic wave propagation to detect damage evolution in historical structures
Author(s): P. Antonaci, P. Bocca, C. Bruno, D. Masera, A.S. Gliozzi, M. Scalerandi
Pages: 703 - 711

Volume II - On site assessment of masonry structures - Part 3

Combination of non-destructive testing methods for the assessment of masonry structures
Author(s): C. Maierhofer
Pages: 715 - 726

The ancient Athena Temple in Syracuse (Sicily): an investigation on structural stability
Author(s): A. Carpinteri, G. Lacidogna, A. Manuello, L. Binda
Pages: 727 - 736

ND evaluation and monitoring of the basilica of S. Lorenzo in Cremona
Author(s): L. Binda, L. Zanzi, P. Condoleo, G. Cardani, A. Anzani
Pages: 737 - 746

Methodology for the application of radar and seismic techniques in investigating byzantine monuments bearing mural mosaics. The cases of the Katholikon of Dafni Monastery and the Katholikon of Hosios Loukas Monastery
Author(s): A.E. Miltiadou - Fezans, P. Côte, X. Dérobert, O.J. Durand, J. Alexandre, A.I. Kalagri, M.I. Savvidou, N.P. Delinikolas, D.C. Chryssopoulos, F.D. Georganis
Pages: 747 - 756

On site investigation, improvements and structural safe guarding in recovery project of Bam’s cultural heritage
Author(s): E. Mokhtari, M. Nejati, S. Shad
Pages: 757 - 766

Volume II - On site assessment of masonry structures - Part 4

Archaeological investigation for Bam and its cultural heritage
Author(s): E. Mokhtari, M. Nejati, N. Ahmadi, S. Shad
Pages: 769 - 778

Effects of environmental conditions on the experimental modal analysis of timbrel domes
Author(s): A.D. Sorensen, E. Erdogmus
Pages: 779 - 785

Structural monitoring for the evaluation of the dynamic response of historical monuments
Author(s): F. Casarin, M.R. Valluzzi, F. da Porto, C. Modena
Pages: 787 - 796

Non Destructive investigation for the conservation design of a monastery near Bergamo (Italy)
Author(s): L. Binda, L. Cantini, C. Tiraboschi, C. Amigoni
Pages: 797 - 806

Post-earhtquake damage assessment of historical masonry structures
Author(s): I. Bocur-Horváth, Z.S. Ferenczi, D. Samoila
Pages: 807 - 816

Monitoring of interaction of monumental historic complex located on earth embankment
Author(s): M. Malesza, C. Miedzialowski
Pages: 817 - 826

Volume II - On site assessment of masonry structures - Part 5

Georadar for the investigation of existing structures
Author(s): M. Forde
Pages: 829 - 837

Diagnosing structural damage in masonry: results of a questionnaire
Author(s): I.A.E. de Vent, R.P.J van Hees, G.J. Hobbelman
Pages: 839 - 848

Non-destructive sonic testing of limestone masonry buildings
Author(s): G. Concu, F. Mistretta
Pages: 849 - 858

The S. Giuliano monastery in Catania: seismic vulnerability, damage assessment and analysis criteria for static and dynamic restoration
Author(s): V. Longo, M. Marino, F. Neri
Pages: 859 - 868

Humidity evaluation in building materials: compared approaches for concrete, masonry and timber
Author(s): J.F. Lataste, S. Yotte, Z.M. Sbartaď
Pages: 869 - 878

Volume II - On site assessment of masonry structures - Part 6

The hole drilling technique - in site stress measurement on the piers of the Saint-Jacobs church in Leuven (Belgium)
Author(s): S, Sánchez-Beitia, L. Schueremans
Pages: 881 - 892

Damage assessment and identification of defects in reinforced masonry walls
Author(s): F. da Porto, L. Zanzi, F. Mosele, D. Arosio, S. Munda
Pages: 893 - 902

Structural identification of existing masonry buildings
Author(s): B. Ortolani, E. Del Monte, L. Galano, A. Vignoli
Pages: 903 - 912

Thermography investigations of roman archaeological masonry
Author(s): C. Colla, A. Largo, P. Corvaglia, F. Ubertini
Pages: 923 - 932

Volume II - On site assessment of masonry structures - Part 7

Assessment of ancient building foundations
Author(s): G. Arun
Pages: 935 - 943

On site diagnostic investigations for the assessment of the house of the wooden partition, in Herculaneum
Author(s): C. Colla, S. de Miranda, F. Ubertini
Pages: 945 - 954

Conservation project of Nandin hall in the archaeological zone of the Vat Phou Unesco site in Laos
Author(s): P. Zolese, S. Bortolotto, P. Pichard, M. Dell’Orto
Pages: 955 - 964

Numerical analysis of a masonry chimney supported by in situ assessment tools
Author(s): V. Lopes, J.M. Guedes, E. Paupério, A. Aręde, A.G. Costa
Pages: 975 - 984

Volume II - On site assessment of masonry structures - Part 8

The national railway museum of Pietrarsa near Napoli: on site assessment for the structural analysis
Author(s): L. Guerriero, L. D’Orta, P. Daco, N. Addesa
Pages: 987 - 994

Ormana houses and repair techniques
Author(s): A. Erdem, R. Ozakin
Pages: 1003 - 1012

Structural assessment for temporary protection of the old mosque in Senkovici Village, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Author(s): M. Humo, S. Kulukcija
Pages: 1013 - 1022

Volume II - On site assessment of timber structures - Part 1

In situ evaluation of timber structures - education, state-of-the-art and future directions
Author(s): B. Kasal
Pages: 1025 - 1032

RILEM TC 215 AST "In-situ assessment of structural timber"
Author(s): B. Kasal
Pages: 1033 - 1037

NDT methods for the assessment of structural timber: report on the researches carried out at the university of Trento (Italy)
Author(s): M. Piazza, M. Raggio
Pages: 1039 - 1047

Experimental verification of a vibration-based damage identification method in a timber structure using Neural Network ensembles
Author(s): U. Dackermann, J. Li, B. Samali, F. Choon Choi, K. Crews
Pages: 1049 - 1058

Volume II - On site assessment of timber structures - Part 2

Evaluation of wood density by means of distinct NDT
Author(s): M. Kotlínová, M. Kloiber, G. Vasconcelos, P.B. Lourenço, J.M. Branco
Pages: 1061 - 1070

Assessment of termite damage in wood using digital radioscopy
Author(s): R.W. Anthony
Pages: 1071 - 1080

Diagnostic investigations of wooden structures using ultrasonic-echo technique
Author(s): S. Maack, M. Krause
Pages: 1081 - 1090

Laboratory assessment of the FRP to timber bonding force for ancient beams showing biological attack
Author(s): A. Benedetti, I. Brosio, F. Simonelli
Pages: 1091 - 1100

Volume II - On site assessment of timber structures - Part 3

An overview of the development of on-site assessment for timber structures in Australia
Author(s): K. Crews
Pages: 1113 - 1124

Overview of dynamic based damage detection for timber bridges
Author(s): F. Choon Choi, J. Li, B. Samali, K. Crews
Pages: 1125 - 1134

Ancient timber structure analysis applying NDT and traditional methods of assessment
Author(s): L. Palaia, J. Monfort, R. Sanchez, L. Gil, A. Álvarez, V. López, S. Tormo, C. Pérez, P. Navarro
Pages: 1135 - 1143

Analysis and diagnosis of timber structures of Porto historical centre old buildings
Author(s): T. Ilharco, J.M. Guedes, E. Paupério, A. Aręde, A.G. Costa
Pages: 1145 - 1154

Post-fire investigation of St. Bernard’s church, New Jersey, USA
Author(s): R.W. Anthony, E.P. Meade, A. Radcliffe-Trenner
Pages: 1155 - 1165

Volume II - On site assessment of timber structures - Part 4

Non-destructive evaluation at mission San Miguel - achievements and limitations
Author(s): D.W. Porter, R.W. Anthony
Pages: 1169 - 1178

On site diagnosis and assessment of the nave timber structure of Segovia Cathedral (Spain) using Non Destructive Techniques
Author(s): L.A. Basterra, G. López, G. Ramón-Cueto, L. Acuńa, M. Casado
Pages: 1179 - 1188

The wooden truss dome of Massimo Opera theatre in Catania: constructive and structural survey for the assessment of plaster crack pattern
Author(s): C.F. Carocci, V. Longo, C. Tocci
Pages: 1189 - 1198

Surveys of wooden floor of Great Mosque of Sana’a-Republic of Yemen
Author(s): F. Augelli
Pages: 1199 - 1208

The "casa baraccata" after the earthquake of 1908 in Reggio Calabria: methods of investigation for knowledge techniques and assessment of the conservative conditions
Author(s): V. Ceradini, A. Bianco
Pages: 1209 - 1218

Use of nanotechnologies and nanosciences in cultural heritage for the efficiency of maintenance systems in wooden built heritage: restoration, conservation, maintenance, monitoring of interventions
Author(s): C. Bertolini Cestari, T. Marzi
Pages: 1219 - 1230