Proceedings pro105 : International Conference on UHPC Materials and Structures

Title: 1st International Conference on UHPC Materials and Structures
Edited by Caijun Shi and Dehui Wang
ISBN: 978-2-35158-164-3
e-ISBN : 978-2-35158-165-0
Pages: 655
Publication date: 2016

Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) has aroused interest around the world since it was first developed in 1993. During the past two decades, UHPC has attracted wide attentions all over the world due to its ultra-high compressive strength, high ductility, and superior durability. Significant progressed have been made in the research and applications of UHPC, which has been reflected in the RILEM Proceedings Pro 105 of the First International Conference on UHPC Materials and Structures (UHPC2016-China). The Organizing Committee of the UHPC2016-China selected 78 papers for publication in this proceeding. It covers key aspects of UHPC science and technology, including raw materials, composition design and preparation technology, microstructure, mechanical properties, durability, structural properties, structural design, codes & standards, construction technology and quality control, engineering applications. Many outstanding experts on UHPC have been invited to give presentation and information exchange in the conference.
We are very appreciative of the financial supports from National Science Foundation of China under contract Nos. U1305243 and Hunan University. Finally, we would like to thank the members of the Organizing Committee and International Scientific Committee for their diligent work in bringing this conference to success!



Multifunctional Precast Elements Made of Low Density Foam Concrete and UHPC
Author(s): B. Middendorf, A.Wetzel and C. Umbach
Pages: 2-7

Scientific Base for Design of UHPC
Author(s): Zemei Wu and Caijun Shi
Pages: 8-23

GENERAL PAPERS - Raw Materials and Mixture Design

Key Factors When Selecting Silica Fume for Ultra High Performance Concrete
Author(s): Ben Sealy
Pages: 25-30

Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Cement-Based Composites with Random Discontinuous Ultra-Fine Stainless Steel Fibers
Author(s): Li Yazhao, Guan Xinchun
Pages: 31-40

Study on Preparation and Performance of UHPC with Coarse Aggregates
Author(s): Ding Sha, Zhang Guozhi, Chen Feixiang, You Xinpeng
Pages: 41-47

Effects of Fine-LWA as Internal Water Curing Agents on Ultra-High Strength Cement-Based Materials (UHSC)
Author(s): Jianhui Liu, Caijun Shi
Pages: 48-54

Influences of Aggregate Micro Fines on the Performances of Mortar and Its Mechanisms
Author(s): Wang Yuli, Ma Yuxiang
Pages: 55-63

Nanomaterials Modification on High Performance Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Author(s): Wengui Li, Zhiyu Luo, Wen Hui Duan, Caijun Shi, Surendra P Shah
Pages: 64-71

Setting Time of Alkali-Activated Fly Ash and Slag Geopolymer Composites Admixed Coarse Copper-Slag as Fine Aggregate
Author(s): Wei Zhou, Xinyu Cong
Pages: 72-76

Study on Performances of Ultra High Performance Concrete Precast Joint
Author(s): Guo Erwei, Chen Huanxia
Pages: 77-82

Compatibility of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer with Raw Materials of Concrete
Author(s): Xiao Liu, Jinan Guan, Ziming Wang, Xiaowei Ren, Suping Cui
Pages: 83-94

Finite Element Analysis of Circular Steel Tube Confined UHPC Stub Columns
Author(s): An Le Hoang, Ekkehard Fehling
Pages: 95-99

Design and Preparation of Self-Compacting Concrete for Pre-stressed Mass Concrete Structures
Author(s): Zhu Wen, Chen Yang, Zhang Tongsheng, Hu Jie Wei Jiangxiong, Yu Qijun
Pages: 100-116

A Review of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Mix Design Based on Dense Packing
Author(s): Xuexue Lugu, Caijun Shi, Chongzheng Zhu, Zemei Wu
Pages: 117-127

GENERAL PAPERS - Preparation and Mechanical Properties

Research on Preparation and Properties of Ultra-High Toughness Cementitious Materials
Author(s): Zhag Chao, Wang Chong, Liiu Junchao
Pages: 129-136

Optimal Mix Design of Subway Station Shrinkage Compensationg Concrete
Author(s): Peng Hongzhi, Li Guoyou, Lei Jun, Zheng Bangyou, Chen Jun, Huo Liang, Li Shuisheng, Wen Zhijun
Pages: 137-146

Influence of Binder-Sand Ratio on Fiber Reinforced Cementitous Composites Performance
Author(s): Chen Yanwen, Qi Wei, Wu Kewei
Pages: 147-152

Tensile and Compressive Properties of Ultra High Performance Engineering Cementitious Composites
Author(s): Ke-Quan Yu, Jian-Guo Dai, Jiang Tao, Shou-Dau Lu
Pages: 153-158

The Shear Capacity Calculation Based on Softened Truss Theory of HRB400 Stirupps RPC Beam
Author(s): Jin Lingzhi, Wen Qing, Li Yuexia, Mei Chen, Chen Xuan
Pages: 159-168

Bonding Behaviour of Reinforcement in Alkali Activated Slag-Fly ash Mortar
Author(s): Tsung-Han Wu, Ta-Peng Chang, Jeng-Ywan Shih, Tzong-Ruey Yang, Hoang-Anh Nguyen
Pages: 169-173

Experimental Study on the Material Performance and Mechanical Performance of Reactive Powder Concrete Beams
Author(s): Cao Xia, Tang Ting, Wang Huayang
Pages: 174-189

Effect of Replacing Part of Ordinary Portland Cement by Granite Powder on Compressive and Flexural Strength of UHPC
Author(s): Ling-wei He, Tao Ji, Yong-ning Liang, Bao-chun Chen
Pages: 190-196

Concrete Containing Various Supplementary Cementitious Materials
Author(s): Ling-wei He, Tao Ji, Yong-ning Liang, Bao-chun Chen
Pages: 197-210

Penetration and Simulation of Ultra High Performance Concrete Subjected to Repeated Projectile Impacts
Author(s): Lai Jianzhong, Wang Huifang, Yang Haoruo
Pages: 211-218

Characterization of Flexural Performance of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Without Thermal Curing
Author(s): Gang Li, Jun-Yuan Guo, Jun-Yun Wang
Pages: 219-224

Comparative Study on Influences of Various Fibers on Fracture Properties of Concrete
Author(s): Guangyao Yang, Jiangxiong Wei, Qijun Yu
Pages: 225-231

Effect of Diatomite Particle Sizes on the Compressive Strength and Pore Structure of Cement Paste
Author(s): Guangyao Yang, Jiangxiong Wei, Qijun Yu
Pages: 232-237

Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of RPC-FST under Direct Tension Load
Author(s): Wenjin Huang, Zhengbin Zhang, Qingwei Huang, Zheng Ying, Baochun Chen
Pages: 238-248

Study on Mechanical Property of Air-entrained Fly ash Concrete in Freezing Thawing Circumstance
Author(s): Qianhui Xiao, Qing Li, Xiao Guan
Pages: 249-254

Effect of Lime Mud on Mechanical Properties of Concrete
Author(s): Chang Lin, Suo Yang, Lisha Pan, Yucang Zhang, Xinle Song
Pages: 255-260

Compressive Strength of Ultra-High Strength Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites (UHSFRCC) containing Silica Fume
Author(s): Yu Zhang, Yunsheng Zhang
Pages: 261-271

Stress Monitoring at Connection Details on Fochen West Bridge with Orthotropic Steel-UHPC Composite Deck
Author(s): Shiwen Shu, Yan Huang, Wei Chen, Ze Xiang, Peng Yu
Pages: 272-283

Precast UHPC Half-Through Beam Bridge for Municipal Viaduct with Rapid Erection
Author(s): Shuwen Deng, Xudong Shao, Banfu Yan
Pages: 284-294

Research on the Effects of Deformed Steel Fibers on Strengthening and Toughening of Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Author(s): Gui-Fei Peng, Xu-Jing Niu, Yi-Lin Zhao, Shuang-Xi Zhou
Pages: 295-303

Influence of Chemical Treatment on the Tensile Property of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)
Author(s): Lihui Zhang, Jianzhong Liu, Qianqian Zhang, Fangyu Han
Pages: 304-318

Study of the Influence of Coarse Aggregate on Dynamic Tensile Properties of Concrete
Author(s): Zhang Yunsheng, Zhang Wenhua
Pages: 319-324

Direct Tensile Constitutive Law of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Without Thermal Curing
Author(s): Li-Ping Geng, Jun-Yuan Guo, Guo-Ping LIn, Juan Yan Wang
Pages: 325-333

Study on Mechanical Properties of UHPC with Coarse Aggregate
Author(s): Zhao-Qiu, Du-Yang, Peng-Yun Fan, Cheng-Ping
Pages: 334-342

A Special Cementitious Material with Ultra-High Tensile Strain Capacity
Author(s): Keke Liu, Jiangtao Yu, Kequan Yu, Shilang Xu
Pages: 343-347

Influence of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete on Shear Behavior of Beams without Shear Reinforcement: An Experimental Study
Author(s): Ya-bo Ding, Wei-jian Yi, Hui Chen
Pages: 348-357

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Ultra High Strength Concrete under Long Curing Period
Author(s): Ximmin Dou, Xiqiang Lin, Wang Sheng, Jiyong Peng, Liang Huo
Pages: 358-364

Study on Mixing Techniques and Mechanical Properties of Engineered Cementitious Composite
Author(s): Yanhua Guan, Yuanshun Qian, Renuan Sun, Zhi Ge, Zhiyong Cui, Tao Li
Pages: 365-369

GENERAL PAPERS - Microstructure and Durability

Effect of Curing Regimes on Microstructure of Ultra High Performance Concrete Cement Pastes
Author(s): Qingjun Ding, Xiaoqing Liu, Yongqiang Liu, Shuguang Hu
Pages: 371-379

Durability of UHPC Under Complex Environments
Author(s): An M.Z., Wang V., Yu. Z.R., Ji W.Y., Han S
Pages: 380-394

Effect of Periodic Thermal Fatigue on Strength and Permeability of Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Author(s): Zhang G, An M.Z., Dong X.Y., Han M.M., Han S.
Pages: 395-402

Effect of Replacement of Silica Fume with Calcined Clay on The Hydration and Microstructural Development of Ulta-High Performance Concrete
Author(s): Wei Huang, Hadi Kazemi-Kamya, Wei Sun, Karen Scrivener
Pages: 403-408

A study on effects of Autogenous shrinkage of UHPC
Author(s): Qianqian Zhang, Jianzhong Liu, Fangyu Han, Lihui Zhang, Liang Shi
Pages: 409-415

Study on improvement of shrinkage property of UHPC
Author(s): Lei Li, Weihong Hou, Jinbo Yang, Hu Liu, Xuechao Zhao
Pages: 416-421

Experimental on shrinkage performance of ultra high performance concrete under sealed condition
Author(s): Li Cong, Luo Xia , Chen Baochun, Wei Jiangang
Pages: 422-431

Research on water resistance of novel magnesium phosphate cement
Author(s): Jun Liu, Yao Zhang, Ke Wei Wu
Pages: 432-436

The influence of compressive load on the permeability of cement containing nano-sio2
Author(s): Rui Liu, Huigang Xiao, Hui Li
Pages: 437-445

Transparent property and corrosion resistance of optical fiber light conductive concrete
Author(s): Xingang Wang, Shengtian Zhai, Hao Chen, Hao Yao, Yuhao Xie
Pages: 446-453

Durability of ultra-high performance concrete under the coupling effect of sulfate solution freeze-thaw and dry-wet cycles
Author(s): An M.Z., Liang Z.L., Zhang G., Huang H.F., Ji W.Y.
Pages: 454-462

The interfacial properties of cement and carbon fiber modified by nano silicon
Author(s): Haonan Yang, Huigang Xiao, Xiaojiao Li
Pages: 463-467

Effect of pores on heat conduction in concrete: a meso-scale numerical study
Author(s): Liu JIN, Renbo ZHANG, Xiuli DU
Pages: 468-478

Optimization of microstructure and pullout behavior of fibers in ultra-high strength concrete with the help of nano-particles and heat curing
Author(s): Zemei Wu, Caijun Shi, K.H. Khayat, Deju Zhu
Pages: 479-491

The hardening process of ultra-high strength concrete with cement-silica fume-slag-fly ash four binders
Author(s): Dehui Wang, Caijun Shi, Linmei Wu, Zemei Wu, Linlin Chong
Pages: 492-499

On the optimisation of cement microstructure for nuclear waste encapsulation - probing the effect of hydration on migration pathways
Author(s): Yanli Wen, Xiajie Liu, Dirk Engelberg
Pages: 500-507

GENERAL PAPERS - Structural Design and Structural Properties

The vibration tests and modal identification for fochen new bridge with steel-RPC composite pavement on steel box girder
Author(s): Zhu Zhiwen, Liu Li, Wang Tian, Shi Yaguang, Chen Wei, Yu Peng
Pages: 509-518

Nonlinear numerical analysis of R-UHPFRC railway Π-beams
Author(s): Rensheng Pan, Eugen Brühwiler, Xiujiang Shen, Xudong Shao
Pages: 519-527

Trial design study on ultra-high performance concrete composite pier of bay bridge
Author(s): Lin Shangshun, Chen Yanghong, Huang Qingwei, Jiang shihao, Chen Baochun
Pages: 528-537

Trial design of a super-long span longitudinal prestressed UHPC box girder bridge
Author(s): Minghong Qiu, Xudong Shao, Rensheng Pan, Zhijie Yang
Pages: 538-544

Research on estimating in-plane ultimate load of catenary fixed UHPC arches subjected to concentrated load
Author(s): Du Ren-yuan, Huang Qing-wei, Chen Bao-chun, Hu Chang-fu
Pages: 545-550

Multi-axial dynamic constitutive model of ultra high performance concrete
Author(s): Zi-ruo Yu, Long-rui Li, Wen-yu Ji, Ming-zhe An, Yue Wang
Pages: 551-561

Research on key technology of RPC-NC composite beam
Author(s): Wangwang Li, Wenyu Ji
Pages: 562-568

Experimental and analytical investigations on ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC)-steel composite slab
Author(s): Jun Xia, Yan Li, Hong Huang, Liang Zhao
Pages: 569-575

Experimental research on compressive properties of concrete-filled RPC tube under axial load
Author(s): Shan Bo, Luo Xiaobing, Liu Fucai, Lai Dade
Pages: 576-584

Size effect on the cubic compressive strength of reactive powder concrete
Author(s): Su Jie, Zhang Jun, Zhou Chuanbo, Fang Zhi
Pages: 585-589

GENERAL PAPERS - Standardization and Engineering Applications

Product and design standards for UHPFRC in france
Author(s): Sébastien Bernardi, François Toutlemonde
Pages: 591-596

The detection and identification of cracks in beams and roof in concrete frame structure
Author(s): Chu Yanfeng, Qi Cheng, Su Liquan
Pages: 597-603

Detections of interfacial debonding defects of steel- UHPC composite slab based on PZT impedance technology
Author(s): Qiqi Zou, Banfu Yan,Baoyang Wang
Pages: 604-611

Introduction of the technical specification about reactive powder concrete structures
Author(s): Yang Jian, Zheng Hui,Su Jie,Fang Zhi
Pages: 612-616

A state-of-the-art of ultra-high performance concrete arch bridges
Author(s): Bao-chun Chen, Zlatko Šavor, Jiazhan Su, Qingwei Huang
Pages: 617-621

The first precast segmental box-girder road bridge in China
Author(s): Zheng Hui,Su Jie, Fang Zhi
Pages: 622-628

Overlay ductal®: A sustainable solution for bridges retrofitting
Author(s): Sébastien Bernardi, Romain Delpont
Pages: 629-634