Proceedings pro054 : Fifth International RILEM Symposium on Self-Compacting Concrete - SCC 2007

Title: Fifth International RILEM Symposium on Self-Compacting Concrete - SCC 2007
Edited by G. De Schutter and V. Boel
ISBN: 978-2-35158-047-9
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-088-2
Pages: 1198
Publication date: 2007

As a follow-up of the work of RILEM TC 188-CSC, two new committees working on SCC were established. One committee, RILEM TC 209-RFC, is focussing on ‘Rheology of Fresh Cementitious Materials’ chaired by Ólafur Wallevik. The second committee is RILEM TC 205-DSC on ‘Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete’, chaired by Geert De Schutter. The members of TC 205-DSC actively contributed to the work of the International Technical Committee of SCC 2007.

SCC 2007 is a Symposium on Self-Compacting Concrete in general terms. All aspects of SCC are focussed upon. The papers are divided into the following themes: mix design and fresh properties, mixing, rheology, casting, hydration and microstructure, mechanical behaviour, durability and repair, special SCC, and practical applications. In this last theme, due attention is given to practical case studies all over the world.

The symposium is an excellent opportunity for researchers and practitioners of self-compacting concrete to meet, and to discuss remaining problems and innovative solutions in this area. In this way, we all contribute to the further promotion of this splendid material in our daily construction work. In a broader sense, this innovative cementitious material can help to overcome the ‘grey image’ of traditional concrete to the outside world. Look at concrete now!

Target readers: graduate students, researchers, material scientists, practitioners, industry of concrete admixtures, contractors


Part one: Invited papers

1. Research on SCC: Some emerging themes
Author(s): S.P. Shah, R.P. Ferron, L. Ferrara, N. Tregger, S.H. Kwon
Pages: 3 - 14

2. Self-compacting concrete as repairing material - Generalisation of SCC technologies within modern concrete technology
Author(s): M. Ouchi
Pages: 15 - 20

3. SCC in practice: opportunities and bottlenecks
Author(s): F. Cussigh
Pages: 21 - 27

Part two: Theme 1: Mix design and fresh properties

4. Robustness of self-consolidating concrete
Author(s): D. Bonen, Y. Deshpande, J. Olek, L. Shen, L. Struble, D. Lange, K. Khayat
Pages: 33 - 42

5. Test method to evaluate the dynamic segregation resistance of fresh self-compacting concrete using the settlement column test
Author(s): M. Sonebi, M. Rooney, P.J.M. Bartos
Pages: 43 - 48

6. Modeling the properties of self-compacting concrete: an M-5 Model tree based approach
Author(s): P. Aggarwal, R. Siddique, Y. Aggarwal, S.M. Gupta
Pages: 49 - 54

7. Development, investigation and applications of self-compacting concrete - A review
Author(s): R. Siddique, P. Aggarwal, Y. Aggarwal, S.M. Gupta
Pages: 55 - 60

8. Self compacting concrete from local materials in Nepal
Author(s): K.M. Shrestha, J.S. Biswakarma
Pages: 61 - 66

9. Proportioning SCC based on aggregate characteristics
Author(s): E.P. Koehler, D.W. Fowler
Pages: 67 - 72

10. Volume fractions in self-compacting concrete - A review
Author(s): S. Girish, J. Vengala, R.V. Ranganath
Pages: 73 - 81

11. The effect of coating thickness on aggregate on the property of SCC by Fuller’s ideal curve and error function
Author(s): C.L. Hwang, S.L. Hsieh, Y.Y. Chen
Pages: 83 - 88

12. Superplasticizer-based approach for optimized paste-composition and robustness of SCC
Author(s): L. Lohaus, P. Ramge, H. Höveling, S. Anders
Pages: 89 - 94

13. Robustness of SCC dosages and its implications on large-scale production
Author(s): J. Rigueira, E. Taengua, P. Serna
Pages: 95 - 101

14. Comparison between different test methods used for evaluation of self-compacting concrete’s stability
Author(s): M. Mahoutian, I. Yadegaran, N.A. Libre, M. Shekarchi
Pages: 103 - 109

15. A comparison of two methods for testing the resistance of fresh SCC to segregation
Author(s): L. Tang, J.-E. Lindqvst, C. Ewertson, D. Boubitsas
Pages: 111 - 116

16. A study of proportioning techniques for SCC with crushed aggregates
Author(s): L. Tang, U. Ĺkesson, B. Schouenborg, C. Ewertson, D. Boubitsas
Pages: 117 - 122

17. SCC flowability: Effect of changes in particle surface area, and how to compensate for this
Author(s): O. Esping
Pages: 123 - 130

18. Evaluation of SCC mixture robustness
Author(s): S. Nunes, P. Milheiro Oliveira, J. Sousa Coutinho, J. Figueiras
Pages: 131 - 136

19. Characteristics and influence of paste on the behaviour of self-compacting concrete in the fresh state
Author(s): S. Grünewald, J.C. Walraven
Pages: 137 - 142

20. A step towards the design of stable self compacting concrete
Author(s): L. D’Aloia Schwartzentruber, S. Bethmont, L. Ladouceur, P. Rossi
Pages: 143 - 148

21. Role of the granular lattice solid fraction in the stability of self-compacting concrete (SCC)
Author(s): S. Bethmont, J.L. Tailhan, L. D’Aloia Schwartzentruber, P. Rossi
Pages: 149 - 154

22. SCC mixtures with different aggregate gradation and limestone powder
Author(s): A. Emdadi, N.A. Libre, I. Mehdipour, M. Vahdani, S. Dara
Pages: 155 - 162

23. Effect of sand particle size distribution on fluidity and passing ability of highly flowable mortars
Author(s): J.M. Tobes, A. López, G. Giaccio, B.E. Barragán, R. Zerbino
Pages: 163 - 168

24. Predicting SCC workability by nano-engineering concrete
Author(s): M.R. de Rooij, A.L.A. Fraaij
Pages: 169 - 174

25. Procedure to optimization of the composition of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): G. Rodríguez de Sensale, B.S. Sabalsagaray, C. Romay, J. Cabrera
Pages: 175 - 180

26. Self compacting concrete for developing countries using raw materials
Author(s): A. Emdadi, N.A. Libre, A.R. Mohebbi, S. Yekta, M. Shekarchi
Pages: 181 - 188

27. A mix design method for self-compacting concrete
Author(s): Y. Xie, Y. Liu, G. Long
Pages: 189 - 195

28. A new test method for workability of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): G. Long, Y. Xie, Y. Liu
Pages: 197 - 203

29. Influence of physico-chemical characteristics of limestone fillers on fresh and hardened mortar performances
Author(s): F. Michel, J. Piérard, L. Courard, V. Pollet
Pages: 205 - 210

30. Influence of cement-admixture interaction on the stability of production properties of SCC
Author(s): O.H. Wallevik, S. Kubens, F. Müller
Pages: 211 - 216

31. The influence of ultrafine GCC on the properties of self compacting concrete
Author(s): P. Gonnon, H.W. Roeth
Pages: 217 - 222

32. A study of segregation behaviour of SCC
Author(s): S. Ramakrishnan, Anuj, K. Dharmendra, K.J. Arvind, Supratic Gupta
Pages: 223 - 228

Volume 1

Author(s): G. De Schutter
Pages: XXI - XXII

Part two: General papers - Theme 2: Mixing

33. Effect of mixing on proporties of SCC
Author(s): M.R. Geiker, J.P. Ekstrand, R. Hansen
Pages: 231 - 238

34. On-line mixing end-point detection for SCC by power consumption measurement
Author(s): B. Cazacliu, E. Brunquet
Pages: 239 - 244

35. A new online method of measuring the workability of SCC-concrete
Author(s): E. Nordenswan, A. Käppi
Pages: 245 - 249

36. In-situ on-line control of SCC production regularity
Author(s): E. Brunquet, B. Cazacliu
Pages: 251 - 257

37. Process optimisation for the mixing of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): H. Beitzel
Pages: 259 - 264

Part two: Theme 3: Rheology

38. A thixotropy model for fresh fluid concretes: theory and applications
Author(s): N. Roussel
Pages: 267 - 272

39. Empirical relationships between viscosity and flow-time measurements from minislump tests for cement pastes formulated from SCC
Author(s): N. Tregger, L. Ferrara, S. Shah
Pages: 273 - 278

40. Rheology of pastes and mortars with fines resulting from ornamental rock waste
Author(s): M. Vieira, A. Bettencourt
Pages: 279 - 284

41. Structuration rate of fresh SCC: influence of the state of shear during rest
Author(s): G. Ovarlez, N. Roussel
Pages: 285 - 290

42. Rheological characterisation of self compacting concrete from vane shear flow measurement
Author(s): P. Estellé, A. Perrot, Y. Mélinge, C. Lanos, S. Amziane
Pages: 291 - 296

43. Calibration of modified parallel-plate rheometer using standard oil and lattice Boltzmann simulation
Author(s): C.F. Ferraris, M. Geiker, N.S. Martys, N. Muzzatti
Pages: 297 - 302

44. Influence of microfillers on the rheological behaviour of cement pastes: comparison between silica fume and micronized quartz
Author(s): A. Vasylchenko, M. Chaouche, M. Moranville, P. Naproux
Pages: 303 - 308

45. Effect of pigments on the rheological properties of mortars for self-compacting concrete
Author(s): A. López, J.M. Tobes, M.C. Torrijos, B.E. Barragán, G. Giaccio, R. Zerbino
Pages: 309 - 314

46. Slump flow values vs. Bingham parameters for high flowable mortars and concretes
Author(s): O. Esping
Pages: 315 - 322

47. Development of a concrete rheometer fitted with hydraulic pressure transducers
Author(s): S. Amziane, T. Lecompte, J.C. Tchamba, Ch. Lanos
Pages: 323 - 328

48. Influence of mineral additions and chemical admixtures on the rheological behaviour of powder-type SCC
Author(s): G. Heirman, L. Vandewalle, D. Van Gemert, D. Feys, G. De Schutter, B. Desmet, J. Vantomme
Pages: 329 - 334

49. Novel rheometer to measure yield stress of suspensions
Author(s): V. Picandet, C. Ferraris, D. De Kee
Pages: 335 - 340

50. A study on the dispersion/flocculation state and friction of cement particles in mortar based on the rules of deformability and amount of water bled by centrifugal force
Author(s): H. Nagamine, T. Kishi
Pages: 341 - 346

51. Rheology of synthetic-fiber reinforced SCC
Author(s): G. Krage, O.H. Wallevik
Pages: 347 - 352

52. Estimation of Bingham rheological parameters of SCC from slump flow measurement
Author(s): L.N. Thrane, C. Pade, T. Svensson
Pages: 353 - 358

53. Non-reversible time-dependent rheological properties of fresh SCC
Author(s): D. Feys, R. Verhoeven, G. De Schutter
Pages: 359 - 364

54. Comparison of two concrete rheometers for shear thickening behaviour of SCC
Author(s): D. Feys, G. Heirman, G. De Schutter, R. Verhoeven, L. Vandewalle, D. Van Gemert
Pages: 365 - 370

Part two: Theme 4: Casting

55. Barriers to the application of cast-in-place self-compacting concrete
Author(s): J.R. Desmyter
Pages: 373 - 380

56. Microstructure and aesthetic appearance of SCC
Author(s): E. Annerel, G. De Schutter
Pages: 381 - 386

57. Modelling and simulation of the flow behaviour of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): M. Modigell, K. Vasilic, W. Brameshuber, S. Uebachs
Pages: 387 - 392

58. Analytical and experimental study on flow of fresh concrete in conveying pipe
Author(s): K. Watanabe, H. Ono, K. Katou, Y. Tanigawa
Pages: 393 - 398

59. Probabilistic frame to understand and predict SCC passing ability
Author(s): T.L.H. Nguyen, N. Roussel, P. Coussot
Pages: 399 - 404

60. The influence of temperature on self-compacting concrete in presence of superplasticizer and additional admixtures
Author(s): H.C. Kuehne, W. Schmidt, B. Meng
Pages: 405 - 410

61. Field measurements of SCC rheology and formwork pressures
Author(s): E.P. Koehler, L. Keller, N.J. Gardner
Pages: 411 - 416

62. Theoretical and practical investigations on SCC formwork
Author(s): F. van Waarde, E.A.B. Koenders, J.A. Lycklama ŕ Nijeholt, J.C. Walraven
Pages: 417 - 422

63. Flow behaviour evaluation of self-compacting concretes of the powder type and the viscosity agent type
Author(s): S. Uebachs, W. Brameshuber
Pages: 423 - 428

64. Investigations of the fluid structure interaction on the flow behaviour of self-compacting concrete regarding the numerical flow simulation
Author(s): S. Uebachs, W. Brameshuber
Pages: 429 - 435

65. Affecting parameters on the surface settlement of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): S. Grünewald, J.C. Walraven
Pages: 437 - 442

66. Influence of mineral and organic admixtures on the stability of cementitious pastes under flow
Author(s): J. Yammine, M. Chaouche, M. Moranville
Pages: 443 - 448

67. Flow Induced segregation in full scale castings with SCC
Author(s): L.N. Thrane, H. Stang, M.R. Geiker
Pages: 449 - 454

68. Computer-aided modelling and simulation of self-compacting concrete flow
Author(s): A. Gram, A. Farhang, J. Silfwerbrand
Pages: 455 - 460

69. Mechanism of increased pressure loss of self-compacting concrete flowing through interspaces of steel bars
Author(s): M. Maruoka, H. Fujiwara, N. Watanabe, Y. Watanabe
Pages: 461 - 466

70. Simulating the behaviour of fresh concrete using distinct element method
Author(s): V. Mechtcherine, S. Shyshko
Pages: 467 - 472

71. Pressure on formwork using SCC - experimental studies and modelling
Author(s): T. Proske, C.-A. Graubner
Pages: 473 - 478

72. An investigation and comparison of international design methods for vertical formwork
Author(s): R. Mc Carthy, P. Billberg, J. Silfwerbrand
Pages: 479 - 484

73. Industrial casting of bridges combining new production methods and materials, like a robust SCC, utilizing Lean Construction Principle
Author(s): M. Emborg, P. Simonsson, J. Carlswärd, M. Nilsson
Pages: 485 - 490

74. Formwork pressure when using SCC - A doctoral project
Author(s): P. Billberg
Pages: 491 - 496

75. Effect of stabilizers on thixotropy and reduction of formwork pressure
Author(s): S. Oesterheld, O.H. Wallevik
Pages: 497 - 502

76. Measuring the formwork pressure of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): N. Cauberg, J. Desmyter
Pages: 503 - 508

77. Basic information on SCC placements
Author(s): S.A. Rizwan, K. Dombrowski, T.A. Bier, F. Dahlhaus
Pages: 509 - 514

78. Evaluation of gravitational flow tests with SCC in pipes as a forecast for pumping pressures
Author(s): D. Feys, B. Calie, R. Verhoeven, G. De Schutter
Pages: 515 - 520

Volume 2 - Part two: Theme 5: Hydration and microstructure

79. Micro-mechanical properties of SCC containing different fillers and admixtures
Author(s): W. Zhu
Pages: 523 - 531

80. An old approach to determine ‘time zero’ (to) in SCC and its variance in self-stress evaluations
Author(s): K. Imamoto
Pages: 533 - 538

81. Effects of curing time and drying behaviour of SCC in case of restrained shrinkage deformations
Author(s): R. Loser, A. Leemann
Pages: 539 - 544

82. Evaluation of the risk for early thermal cracking in SCC
Author(s): S. Utsi, J.E. Jonasson
Pages: 545 - 551

83. Influence of mineral additions and chemical admixtures on setting and volumetric autogenous shrinkage of SCC-equivalent-mortars
Author(s): G. Heirman, L. Vandewalle, D. Van Gemert
Pages: 553 - 558

84. The Influence of some mix design parameters on drying shrinkage of SCC
Author(s): T.A. Hammer
Pages: 559 - 564

85. Comparison of heat development and thermal crack risk between SCC and conventional concretes in civil engineering constructions
Author(s): C. Vogt, K. Wallin, J. Trägĺrdh, J.E. Jonasson
Pages: 565 - 570

86. Determination of the porosity and the critical pore size of hardened self-compacting cement paste
Author(s): V. Boel, G. De Schutter
Pages: 571 - 576

87.Optical and electron microscopy on the microstructure of traditional and self-compacting concrete
Author(s): V. Boel, G. De Schutter
Pages: 577 - 582

88. Thermal analysis of cement-fly ash pastes
Author(s): G. Baert, N. De Belie, G. De Schutter, S. Hoste
Pages: 583 - 588

Part two: Theme 6: Mechanical behaviour

89. Tensile deformation behaviour of self-compacting concrete under sustained loading
Author(s): H.W. Reinhardt, T. Wüstholz
Pages: 591 - 598

90. Comparison between long term properties of self compacting concretes with different strengths
Author(s): C. Mazzotti, M. Savoia, C. Ceccoli
Pages: 599 - 604

91. Evaluation of creep prediction models for self consolidating concrete
Author(s): G.A. Landsberger, J. Fernández-Gómez
Pages: 605 - 610

92. Mechanical characteristics of self-compacting concretes produced with different filler materials
Author(s): A.S. Georgiadis, N.S. Anagnostopoulos, K.K. Sideris
Pages: 611 - 618

93. Axial load response of columns containing SCC and steel fibres
Author(s): H. Aoude, D. Mitchell, W.D. Cook
Pages: 619 - 624

94. Behaviour of steel fibre self-compacting concrete under biaxial loading
Author(s): R.N. Mohamed, K.S. Elliott
Pages: 625 - 630

95. Bond strength of pretensioned strands in SCC
Author(s): J. Hegger, N. Will, S. Bülte
Pages: 631 - 636

96. Flexural performance of reinforced concrete beams repaired with fiber-reinforced SCC
Author(s): H.A. Mesbah, F. Kassimi, A. Yahia, K.H. Khayat
Pages: 637 - 643

97. Mechanical properties of self-compacting concretes
Author(s): C. Parra, M. Valcuende, J. Benlloch
Pages: 645 - 650

98. Mechanical properties of high volume fly ash self compacting concretes
Author(s): P. Dinakar, K.G. Babu, M. Santhanam
Pages: 651 - 657

99. Experimental determination of Bond strength of reinforcing bars in self-compacting concrete
Author(s): P. Desnerck, L. Taerwe, G. De Schutter
Pages: 659 - 664

Part two: Theme 7: Durability and repair

100. Compatibility performance as a fundamental requirement for the repair of concrete structures with self compacting repair mortars
Author(s): L. Courard, B. Bissonnette
Pages: 667 - 675

101. Assessment of the durability of medium strength SCC from its permeation properties
Author(s): M. Sonebi, R. Ibrahim
Pages: 677 - 682

102. Water vapour diffusion through self-compacting concrete
Author(s): K. Audenaert, G. De Schutter
Pages: 683 - 688

103. Modelling the carbonation process of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): K. Audenaert, G. De Schutter
Pages: 689 - 694

104. Chloride penetration by cyclic immersion of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): K. Audenaert, G. De Schutter
Pages: 695 - 700

105. Relation between vacuum water absorption and porosity of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): K. Audenaert, G. De Schutter
Pages: 701 - 706

106. Effect of polypropylene fibers on shrinkage of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): I. Yadegaran, M. Mahoutian, M. Shekarchi, N.A. Libre
Pages: 707 - 713

107. Assessment of temperature increase and residual strength of SCC after fire exposure
Author(s): E. Annerel, L. Taerwe, P. Vandevelde
Pages: 715 - 720

108. Carbonation of self compacting concretes produced with different materials
Author(s): N.S. Anagnostopoulos, A.S. Georgiadis, K. Sideris
Pages: 721 - 727

109. Salt frost scaling of SCC related to curing regime and air void system
Author(s): V.B. Bosiljkov, D. Duh, R. Zarnic
Pages: 729 - 734

110. Fire spalling: Theories and experiments
Author(s): R. Jansson, L. Boström
Pages: 735 - 740

111. Fire spalling of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): L. Boström, R. Jansson
Pages: 741 - 745

112. Chloride resistance of conventionally vibrated concrete and self-compacting concrete
Author(s): R. Loser, A. Leemann
Pages: 747 - 752

113. Effect of mineral additions on prevention of alkali silica reaction in SCC - Effect of mix design on damage
Author(s): K. Schmidt, G. Grundmann, D. Heinz
Pages: 753 - 760

114. The value of colloidal silica for enhanced durability in high fluidity cement based mixes
Author(s): I. Jansson, U. Skarp, C. Bigley
Pages: 761 - 766

115. Influence of paste content on gas permeability and microstructure of SCC
Author(s): M. Tahlaiti, A. Hamami, P. Turcry, O. Amiri, A. Aďt-Mokhtar
Pages: 767 - 772

116. Influence of mineral additions and chemical admixtures in SCC on microcracking and durability: overview of a Belgian research project
Author(s): G. Heirman, L. Vandewalle, D. Van Gemert, J. Elsen, V. Boel, K. Audenaert, G. De Schutter, B. Desmet, J. Vantomme
Pages: 773 - 778

117. Use of self-compacting concrete for bonded overlays
Author(s): J.L. Silfwerbrand
Pages: 779 - 784

118. Microstructure and durability of self-compacting concretes containing PP fibres
Author(s): M. Kalinowski, J. Trägĺrdh
Pages: 785 - 792

119: Shrinkage cracking of steel fibre reinforced self compacting concrete overlays test methods and theoretical modelling
Author(s): J. Carlswärd, M. Emborg
Pages: 793 - 798

120. Spalling behaviour of small self-compacting concrete slabs under standard fire conditions
Author(s): G. Ye, G. De Schutte, L. Taerwe
Pages: 799 - 804

121. The influence of surface void characteristics on the durability and appearance of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): K. Ichimiya, T. Yamasaki, C. Hashimoto
Pages: 805 - 810

122. Salt frost resistance of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): B. Persson
Pages: 811 - 816

123. Freeze/thaw resistance of SCC in combination with deicing salts
Author(s): V. Boel, G. De Schutter
Pages: 817 - 822

124. Resistance of SCC to acetic and lactic acid
Author(s): V. Boel, G. De Schutter
Pages: 823 - 828

Part two: Theme 8: Special SCC

125. Mix design and strength performance of lightweight self-consolidating concrete
Author(s): H. Toutanji, K. Pierce, A. Noumowe
Pages: 831 - 838

126. Low fines content Self-Compacting Concrete
Author(s): M. Corradi, R. Khurana, R. Magarotto
Pages: 839 - 844

127. Research of effect of fibre reinforcement at characteristics of lightweight self compacting concrete
Author(s): R. Hela, M. Hubertova
Pages: 845 - 850

128. Development and experimental study on the properties of lightweight self compacting concrete
Author(s): M. Hubertova, R. Hela
Pages: 851 - 856

129. Study on the spent catalytic cracking catalyst (FC3R) as addition in self-compacting concrete (SCC) production
Author(s): L. Soriano, J. Rigueira, J. Payá, V. Borrachero, P. Serna, J. Monzó
Pages: 857 - 862

230. Properties of self compacting concrete using a fine synthetic zeolite
Author(s): P. Frontera, F. Crea, N. Baldino, D. Gabriele, S. Candamano
Pages: 863 - 868

131. Thixotropy-enhancing agents for stabilization of SCC and earth moist concrete
Author(s): J. Terpstra
Pages: 869 - 874

132. New admixture-system for low-fines self-compacting concrete
Author(s): J. Roncero, M. Corradi, R.S. Khurana
Pages: 875 - 880

133. Mechanical characterization of steel fiber reinforced self-compacting refractory concrete
Author(s): G.Q. Romano, F.A. Silva, R.D. Toledo Filho, E.M.R. Fairbairn, R.C. Battista
Pages: 881 - 886

134. Mechanical properties of self-compaction concrete using recycled material from demolished concrete structure as aggregate and powder
Author(s): K. Nishikawa, H. Mizuguchi, C. Hashimoto, H. Tsutsui
Pages: 887 - 892

135. An experimental research on the uniformity of lightweight self compacting concrete in full scale structural element
Author(s): R. madandoust, M.M. Ranjbar, I. mohammadpour nikbin
Pages: 893 - 898

136. Lightweight SCC : systematic approach and case study
Author(s): N. Cauberg, X. Kestemont
Pages: 899 - 905

137. Influence of recycled vegetable fibres on the fresh properties of pastes formulated from self compacting concrete
Author(s): A. El Hilali, E. Ghorbel, P. Gonnon
Pages: 907 - 914

138. Self-compacting cement-fly ash concrete
Author(s): J.M. Khatib, R. Siddique
Pages: 915 - 921

Part two: Theme 9: Practical applications

139. High performance self-consolidating concrete for North America’s tallest reinforced concrete building: Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago
Author(s): W.F. Baker, M.R. Houson, D. Stanton Korista, D.S. Rankin, R.C. Sinn
Pages: 925 - 931

140. Experiences of working with self-compacting concrete in the precast industry
Author(s): K.J. Juvas
Pages: 933 - 938

141. Self compacting concrete for LNG tanks construction in Texas
Author(s): O. Bernabeu, C. Redon
Pages: 939 - 944

142. SCC mix design optimization for the casting of VHPC prebended composite beams
Author(s): S. Staquet, N. Roussel, L. D’Aloďa, R. Le Roy, F. Toutlemonde
Pages: 945 - 950

143. SCC delayed effects development within a new type of steel-VHPC prebended beam
Author(s): S. Staquet, C. Boulay, L. D’Aloďa, R. Le Roy, F. Toutlemonde
Pages: 951 - 956

144. Concrete manufacturers’ role in succeeding with SCC
Author(s): M. Khrapko
Pages: 957 - 960

145. Self-consolidating concrete for thin wall casting
Author(s): B.L. Whitcomb, P.D. Kiousis
Pages: 961 - 966

146. Does ‘SCC’ really improve the working environment?
Author(s): C.V. Nielsen
Pages: 967 - 974

147. SCC application on the bridge columns of North Round/CV350 crossroad in Valencia (Spain)
Author(s): P. Serna, J. Rigueira
Pages: 975 - 980

148. Standardisation and practical application of self-compacting concrete in Germany
Author(s): M. Lichtmann, S. Uebachs
Pages: 981 - 986

149. Practical experiences of a diabolo-shaped column cast in SCC
Author(s): B. Obladen, E.A.B. Koenders
Pages: 987 - 992

150. SCC - A technical breakthrough and a success for the Danish concrete industry
Author(s): C.V. Nielsen, M. Glavind, L. Gredsted, C.N. Hansen
Pages: 993 - 999

151. Self-compacting concrete - A labor cost evaluation when used to replace traditional concrete in building construction
Author(s): W.L. Repette
Pages: 1001 - 1006

152. Cross-fertilization from the SCC innovation
Author(s): B.M. Piscaer
Pages: 1007 - 1011

153. Synthetic macro-fibers reinforced self compacting concrete for lightweight precast elements. A case study
Author(s): J.P. Bigas, B. Pellerin, F. Deschryver, P. Massinari, G. Plizzari
Pages: 1013 - 1018

154. Use of SCC for a tunnel of the Citytunnel Malmö project with 120 years of life cycle
Author(s): Dr. F. Abel, M. Willmes
Pages: 1019 - 1025

155. Fire Spalling behaviour of self-compacting concrete (SCC) for tunnel construction - Taking the Malmö Citytunnel as an example
Author(s): F. Dehn, P. Nause, S. Hauswaldt
Pages: 1027 - 1034

156. SCC in South Africa - The challenge to introduce a new technology to the construction industry
Author(s): A. Geel, H. Beushausen, M.G. Alexander
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157. A set of European standards for SCC
Author(s): F. Cussigh
Pages: 1041 - 1047

158. French specifications for SCC: conclusions of the French national SCC project (PN B@P)
Author(s): S. Lecrux, F. Cussigh, M. Guerinet
Pages: 1049 - 1054

Volume 3 - Supplementary papers

159. Formwork pressure of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): D. Galeota, M.M. Giammatteo, A. Gregori, R. Marino, S.P. Shah
Pages: 1059 - 1064

160. High strength self-consolidating concrete for practical applications
Author(s): S.G. Ladkany, V.K. Doli, T.K. McEwan, N. Ghafoori
Pages: 1065 - 1070

161. Applications of SCC technology for precast/prestressed elements. The Mexican experiences
Author(s): R.E. Rodríguez Camacho, R. Uribe Afif, G. Martínez Corona, H. Montańo Román, B. Martínez Sánchez
Pages: 1071 - 1078

162. Comparison of durability parameters between conventional concrete, standard SCC and steel fibre reinforced SCC for construction of thin elements - Part 1: Durability tests
Author(s): P. Borralleras, B. Barragán, R. Gettu
Pages: 1079 - 1091

163. Comparison of durability parameters between conventional concrete, standard SCC and steel fibre reinforced SCC for construction of thin elements - Part 2: Thin concrete walls applications
Author(s): P. Borralleras, B. Barragán, R. Gettu
Pages: 1093 - 1097

164. Coupled effect of temperature and superplasticizer on rheological properties of SCC mortar
Author(s): J.Y. Petit, E. Wirquin, K.H. Khayat, Y. Vanhove
Pages: 1099 - 1104

165. Use of manufactured calcium carbonate in SCC targeted for commercial applications
Author(s): O. Bonneau, F. Tchieme, K.H. Khayat, B. Kanduth
Pages: 1105 - 1111

166. Influencing factors of rheological test results of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): Z. Li
Pages: 1113 - 1119

167. Development of a SCC composition for disposal of heat-emitting, radioactive waste in Belgium
Author(s): B. Craeye, G. De Schutter, J. Bel, H. Van Humbeeck, A. Van Cotthem
Pages: 1121 - 1128

168. On the rheological behavior of self-compacting concrete mortar using discrete element method
Author(s): Y.W. Chan, S.H. Hsieh, W.T. Chang
Pages: 1129 - 1134

169. High strength self-compacting concrete at elevated temperature
Author(s): T. Jin, L. Xian, Y. Yong
Pages: 1135 - 1144