Proceedings pro032 : International Conference ICACS 2003 on Advances in Concrete and Structures

Title: International Conference ICACS 2003 on Advances in Concrete and Structures
Edited by Ying-shu Yuan, Surendra P. Shah and Heng-lin Lü
ISBN: 2-912143-41-1
e-ISBN: 2351580176
Pages: 1592
Publication date: 2003

Concrete is a global civil engineering material. Annual world production of concrete is about one ton for every living human being. Today, concrete is the dominant construction material not only for buildings and highways, but also for underground mass transit facilities, offshore oil platforms, and other mining and marine structures. Modern concrete structures are often exposed to more severe environmental conditions than ever before. But concrete materials are not as durable as they might be. The global concrete industry is facing challenges that include environmental attack and high durability demand in the 21st century.

Concrete is an essential material for the new century. The development of modern concrete techniques suits the needs of modern structural engineering, but the problems of concrete durability are rising. It is very important to design concrete mixtures that insure safety and durability over the life of the structure under its peculiar environmental conditions.

The service life of many existing concrete structures is limited; the annual expenditure for repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures exceeds fifty percent of the total construction costs in developed countries. Developing countries are also facing this problem. Developing effective and durable repair materials and strategies, and prolonging the service life of the structures is a challenge for researchers and engineers.

Civil engineers are developing new structural systems and innovative design methods, but aging leads to the deterioration of the structural behavior. To prevent capacity deterioration and increase disaster resistance is a new challenge facing us in a new century.

This international conference provided a forum for discussion on state-of-the-art development in concrete materials, structure design, and construction technology. This conference will build a bridge for communication among experts from America, Europe and Asia.


Volume 1

Author(s): S.P. Sha, Y. Yuan
Pages: XXI - XXI

A - Concrete Materials and Durability

Concrete cracking and durability
Author(s): S. P. Shah, K. Wang
Pages: 3 - 10

Behavior of concretes with shrinkage reducing admixtures
Author(s): R. Gettu, J Roncero
Pages: 11 - 20

Material properties of early age concrete
Author(s): J.-K. Kim
Pages: 21 - 31

Permeability and diffusivity of high performance concrete with and without cracks
Author(s): H.W. Reinhardt, M. Jooss
Pages: 32 - 43

Research on the stochastic damage constitutive model of concrete materials
Author(s): J. Li, Z. Lu, Q. Zhang
Pages: 44 - 54

Determining the chloride migration rate in cement-based materials from the accelerated chloride migration test
Author(s): C.-C Yang
Pages: 55 - 62

Review of the durability of concrete structures
Author(s): J. Wei
Pages: 63 - 74

A1 - Material Durability

The effect of aggregate content on the migration rate of mortar and the approximate migration rate of ITZ
Author(s): S.W. Cho, J.K. Su, C.C. Yang
Pages: 77 - 82

Effect of environmental conditions on autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC)
Author(s): H. Abdel-Fattah
Pages: 83 - 88

High-performance light-weight concrete: material and sectional properties during and after a fire
Author(s): R. Felicetti, P.G. Gambarova
Pages: 89 - 99

Experimental measurements and numerical simulation on the pore structure of cementitious materials
Author(s): Y. Guang, K. van Breugel, A.L.A. Fraaij
Pages: 100 - 108

Research on the durability of concrete of aggregate coated by silica fume admixture and adding admixture
Author(s): J.Y. Sun, C.H. Wu, Z.Y Chen, P.M. Wang, J.G. Wu
Pages: 109 - 116

Strength and durability of high performance lightweight aggregate concrete
Author(s): K. Tan, J.M. Nichols
Pages: 117 - 120

The durability of cover concrete
Author(s): X. Rong, L. Hao, P. Tan
Pages: 121 - 128

Influence of ultrafine fly ash composite on the strength and durability of low fluidity concrete
Author(s): B. Liu, Y. Xie
Pages: 129 - 135

The influence of the chemical admixtures on hydration process of portland cements
Author(s): J. Zach, S. Stastnik, R. Hela
Pages: 136 - 144

Evaluation of concrete pore structure due to curing conditions
Author(s): D. Kwak, K. Kokubu, K. Uji, A. Ueno
Pages: 145 - 153

Research on properties of portland cement added with nano-SiO2
Author(s): B.-M. Wang, L.-J. Wang
Pages: 154 - 161

Durability research on the composite portland cement concrete in the shiplock concrete project
Author(s): P. Gao, G. Yuan, C. Lu, Y. Ji
Pages: 162 - 167

Effects of silane-treated silica fume on damping property of cement mortar
Author(s): T. Liu, J. Ou
Pages: 168 - 176

A2 - Numerical Simulation

Multi-experimental techniques for characterization of concrete at early age
Author(s): Y. Guang, K. van Breugel, A.L.A. Fraaij
Pages: 179 - 187

Modelling and studying of heat and moisture transport for sandwich concrete wall construction
Author(s): X. Lu, T. Lehtinen
Pages: 188 - 195

Space simulation of particle flocculation in model cement
Author(s): J. Hu, H. Chen, P. Stroeven
Pages: 196 - 203

An application of lattice type models to the prediction of elastic modulus of concrete
Author(s): J.J. Zheng, X.Z. Zhou, C.Q. Li
Pages: 204 - 211

Variation of the charactersitic length of non local continuum in coupled fracture: numerical, experimental and theoretical approaches
Author(s): K. Haidar, M. Omar, G. Pijaudier-Cabot
Pages: 212 - 222

Numerical studies of the effect of rigid loading platens on concrete specimen in uniaxial compression
Author(s): Y. Peng, B. Li
Pages: 223 - 227

The extent of the interfacial transition zone; approach by com-puter simulation
Author(s): J. Hu, P. Stroeven
Pages: 228 - 235

Computer simulation of the microstructure of ITZ and its basic charactristics
Author(s): J.J. Zheng, X.Z. Zhou, C.Q. Li
Pages: 236 - 243

Multiaxial elastic-plastic hardening- softening constitutive model of concrete
Author(s): Q. Yan, S. Liu, P. Shen
Pages: 244 - 251

A3 - Behavior at Early Age

Autogenous shrinkage of self-compacting ultra-high performance concrete(UHPC)
Author(s): J. Ma, F. Dehn, G. Koenig
Pages: 255 - 262

Fracture characteristics of concrete at early ages
Author(s): Y. Lee, J.-K. Kim
Pages: 263 - 270

Forecast for early-age cracking of commercial house floors
Author(s): T. Ji
Pages: 271 - 277

Compressive strength and pull-out force of concrete incorporating quarry dust and mineral admixtures
Author(s): R.S. Naidu, M.F.M. Zain, S.E. Ang
Pages: 278 - 285

Restrained shrinkage and early age crack in tunnel construction
Author(s): Y. Cai, Y. Yuan
Pages: 286 - 291

Effects of mineral admixtures on cracking tendency and shrinkage of HPC at early ages
Author(s): X. Gao, H. Ba, Y. Yang
Pages: 292 - 298

B - Durability Prediction of Concrete Structures

Deterioration assessment of concrete structures exposed to sea environment
Author(s): B.H. Oh, B.S. Jang
Pages: 301 - 308

Durability design and construction quality of concrete structures
Author(s): O. Gjřrv
Pages: 309 - 320

Bond characteristic experiments of reinforcing bars corroded before and after concrete casting
Author(s): L. Chung, J.-H. Jay Kim
Pages: 321 - 337

Reinforced concrete durability and corresponding test methods
Author(s): Z. Li, Y. Xi
Pages: 338 - 353

The coupling effects of environmental and mechanical loadings on durability of concrete
Author(s): Y. Xi, A. Ababneh
Pages: 354 - 365

Corrosion rate of rebar in concrete
Author(s): Y. Yuan, G. Li, D. Jiang
Pages: 366 - 373

B1 - Deterioration Assessment

A study on the flexural performance of the carbonized concrete beams
Author(s): O. Geng, G. Yuan, C. Guo
Pages: 377 - 382

Studies on the mechanical model of concrete durability deterioration under the influence of non-mechanical factors
Author(s): J. Wei, X.-L Zhao, X.-H Wu
Pages: 383 - 390

Study on durability and damage mechanism of concrete exposed to salt lake conditions
Author(s): H. Yu, W. Sun, H. Ma
Pages: 391 - 398

Effects of the properties of near-surface concrete on the durability of RC structures
Author(s): Z. Wang
Pages: 399 - 405

B2 - Corrosion of Rebar in Concrete

The shear behavior of corroded reinforced concrete beam
Author(s): S. Xu, D. Niu
Pages: 409 - 415

Modeling for mechanics effect of steel bar corrosion in concrete
Author(s): Y. Yuan, Y. Ji, G. Chen
Pages: 416 - 423

Reliability evaluation and deterioration study on corroded reinforced concrete member
Author(s): F. Jia
Pages: 424 - 430

Investigation of corrosion damage of reinforced concrete structure in marine environment - a case study
Author(s): S. Wu, J. Wu, Q. Wang, D. Shen, H. Bian
Pages: 431 - 441

B3 - Ageing and Damage of Concrete

Fire resistance of prestressed concrete frames
Author(s): G. Li, Z. Lu, L. Wang
Pages: 445 - 452

Characteristics of explosive spalling of high performance concrete under high temperatures and its inhibition
Author(s): G.-F. Peng, S.Y.N. Chan, Q Ma
Pages: 453 - 460

High-strength concrete exposed to elevated temperature - spalling and protection
Author(s): H. Li, Y.L. Wong, X. Yan
Pages: 461 - 466

Aging problems of concrete dams due to freezing and thawing and rehabilitation procedures
Author(s): S. Li, Y. Liu, Y. Wu, X. He
Pages: 467 - 473

Fracture mechanism, preventing and curing techniques of reinforced concrete shaft lining
Author(s): H. Lü, F. Zhu, S. Zhou, H. Qin, G. Zhao
Pages: 474 - 483

Study of the causes of crack in concrete pavement of airfield
Author(s): W. Wu, T. Zhang, R. Chen
Pages: 484 - 487

Field study on the development of concrete creep during stressing
Author(s): J. Kang, J. Yu
Pages: 488 - 494

The analysis of invalid concrete test blocks
Author(s): Y. Xiao, S. Jiao
Pages: 495 - 498

Study on the influence of high temperature on micromechanical damage and mechanical degradation of concrete
Author(s): W. Xie, T. Cheng, B. Zhu, X. Guang
Pages: 499 - 504

B4 - Diagnostic Techniques

Study on microbial corrosion of concrete in wastewater treatment facilities
Author(s): J.-Y. Han, Z.-H. Chen, X.-W. Zhang
Pages: 509 - 515

Determination of the time-to-corrosion of concrete structures
Author(s): M. Raupach
Pages: 516 - 525

Lag effects of environmental temperature and relative humidity in concrete
Author(s): G. Li, Y. Yuan
Pages: 526 - 533

Experimental researches on EMR of concrete under the uniaxial compression
Author(s): B. Nie, X. He, E. Wang, Z. Liu, L. Dou
Pages: 534 - 539

Non-destructive testing of Q345 steel welds with X-ray radiography
Author(s): J. Zhang, Y. Liu
Pages: 540 - 545

Feasibility of rebound method with light hammer in determination of compress strength of high strength concrete
Author(s): F.-S. Zhu, Z.-Y. Huang, Y. Xu
Pages: 546 - 552

Static loading test and theoretical analysis of flexible bridges
Author(s): L. Yu, X. Chen, Y. Liu
Pages: 553 - 559

Study on polarization curve diagrams of steel corrosion in concrete
Author(s): Y. Ji
Pages: 560 - 566

Damage detection and localization of reinforcement elements in historic buiildings with infrared thermography
Author(s): J. Dorrego, M.P. Luxán, F. Dorrego
Pages: 567 - 574

The development of evaluation and strengthening of building in China
Author(s): Y. Li, Y. Ye
Pages: 575 - 581

Carbon fiber reinforced cement and its stress sensor
Author(s): X. Guan, J. Ou, B. Han
Pages: 582 - 589

B5 - Prediction of Durability

Prediction of service life of existing structures by applying probabilistic service life design (SLD) procedures
Author(s): P. Schiessl, C. Gehlen, G. Pabsch
Pages: 593 - 601

Deterioration prediction based on spatial fluctuation of structural properties
Author(s): Y. Li, T. Vrouwenvelder
Pages: 602 - 608

Durability study of airfield cement concrete pavement
Author(s): J. Liang, B. Zhu, J. Sun, J. Guo
Pages: 609 - 612

Electrochemical incompatibility in patch repaired reinforced concrete
Author(s): G. Li, Y. Yuan
Pages: 613 - 620

Research on cracking and waterproof techniques for concrete structure of subway station
Author(s): B. Chen, Z. Wen
Pages: 621 - 627

Flexural capacity of RC beams strengthened with carbon fiber sheets
Author(s): Y.-X. Yang, Q.-R. Yue, L.-P. Ye, N. Zhang
Pages: 628 - 635

Experimental study on reinforced concrete beams strengthened by bonded steel plates in compression zone
Author(s): B.-W. Chen, P.-S. Shen
Pages: 636 - 642

Strengthening of reinforced concrete beams and columns with externally bonded hybrid carbon fiber/glass fiber sheets
Author(s): G.-J. Xiong, J.-Z. Yang, Z.-B. Ji, X.-Q. Jiang, L.-Q. Chen
Pages: 643 - 649

Steel and CFRP jacketing of RC columns for improved seismic axial load performance
Author(s): K.C. Tsai, M.-L. Lin
Pages: 650 - 659

Flexural behavior of ferrocement reinforced concrete (RC) beams with steel wire mesh
Author(s): S. Shang, L. Zeng
Pages: 660 - 666

Study on static and dynamic behaviors of T-shape rigid frame bridge reinforced by external tendons
Author(s): Y. Xiang, Y. Yao, L. Jing, H. Hu, W. Zhu
Pages: 667 - 674

Numerical analysis on response of reinforced concrete columns strengthened with CFRP sheets including bond-slip
Author(s): T. Wang, Y. Liu, L. Wang
Pages: 675 - 683

Shear strengthening of RC beams with carbon fiber reinforced plastic bands
Author(s): G.-D. Zhang, T. Zhu, Z. Wang
Pages: 684 - 690

The application of polymer concrete in the airfield rapid repair
Author(s): B. Wang, R. Chen, T. Zhang, X. Jiang
Pages: 691 - 695

C - Advanced Concrete Technology and High Performance Concrete

Development and application of high performance materials in structural engineering in China
Author(s): G. Zhao, W. Zhong
Pages: 699 - 708

High performance concrete in hybrid structures
Author(s): G. König, R. Maurer
Pages: 709 - 718

The behavior and design methods of prestressed steel-concrete composite continuous beams
Author(s): Z. Yu, L. Jiang, L. Zhou, X. Luo, F. Guo
Pages: 719 - 726

Holistic approach to durable high performance concrete
Author(s): N.S. Berke, M.C. Hicks, L. Li, K.A. Rieder
Pages: 727 - 738

C1 - Modified Concrete

Properties of the recycled aggregate concrete with metakaolin
Author(s): D.-J. Moon, H.-Y. Moon
Pages: 741 - 747

Texturing of portland cement concrete pavements to reduce tire/pavement noise
Author(s): H.-Y. Moon, S.-W. Ha
Pages: 748 - 757

Mechanical properties and durability of green reactive powder concrete (GRPC)
Author(s): W. Sun, S. Liu, J. Lai, W. Lin, Y. Zhang
Pages: 758 - 765

Mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of reactive powder concrete materials
Author(s): V. Corinaldesi, G. Moriconi
Pages: 766 - 773

Volume 2 - C1 - Modified Concrete (continued)

Influence of rice husk ash, superplasticizer and metakaolin on high strength concrete
Author(s): H.B. Mahmud, E. Majuar, M.F.M. Zain, N.B.A.A. Hamid, Y.C. Kaoy
Pages: 774 - 784

Strength improvement efficiency of mineral admixtures in concrete
Author(s): V. Dinh Dau, P. Stroeven
Pages: 785 - 792

On optimum packing density
Author(s): P. Stroeven, M. Stroeven, D. Dai Bui
Pages: 793 - 800

CEMTECmultiscale® : A new cement composite for building construction
Author(s): P. Rossi
Pages: 801 - 807

Wedge splitting tests to study fatigue behavior of high performance concrete
Author(s): A. Meda, G.A. Plizzari
Pages: 808 - 817

Investigation of corrosion protection properties of concrete containing ground granulated blast-furnace slag for massive coastal concrete structures in Korea
Author(s): J.-K. Yoo, S.-J Park, S.-S. Lee, Y.-J. Kim
Pages: 818 - 826

Mechanical properties and micro-structure analysis of concrete adding high performance composite cementitious material
Author(s): T. Meng, X.-Q. Qian, S.-L. Zhan, K.-L. Qian
Pages: 827 - 835

A new alkalifree water-soluable rapid setting admixture for high performance shotcrete
Author(s): B. Liu, L. Tao
Pages: 836 - 843

Applications in very high strength concrete
Author(s): C. van der Veen, W. Jansze
Pages: 844 - 851

Functions of mineral powder in high performance concrete and its problem discussing
Author(s): T. Chen, H. Kiu, H. Zhuang, L. Tan, H. Zhang
Pages: 852 - 857

Flexure tests of confined normal- and high-strength concrete columns
Author(s): N.-B. Nguyen, T.-H. Tan
Pages: 852 - 866

The mechanical properties of plain high strength concrete
Author(s): H. Li, W. Zhou, Z. Wang, X. Xu, D. Yu
Pages: 867 - 874

Assessment on in-situ application of high strength antiwashout underwater concrete
Author(s): H.-Y. Moon, Y.-K. Song, K.-J. Shin
Pages: 875 - 883

Study on the thixotropy of concrete with explosive method
Author(s): F. Li, T. Shi
Pages: 884 - 892

Technical researches into the control of temperature and prevention of cracks in the shiplock mass concrete project
Author(s): C. Lu, G. Yuan, Y. Ji, P. Gao, H. Li, X. Sun
Pages: 893 - 898

The expansive concrete and its application in bridge engineering
Author(s): E.-Y. Zhu, W. Zhang, Q. Xu, R. Xu
Pages: 899 - 905

Properties of high-water solidifying material and stability control of the packing body
Author(s): D. Zhang, X. Miao, X. Mao
Pages: 906 - 912

The comprehensive utilization of recycled aggregate concrete
Author(s): B. Zhu, L. Yu, Y. Tian, Y. Wang
Pages: 913 - 918

Durability of marine structures made of high-performance concrete
Author(s): M. Raupach, C. Dauberschmidt
Pages: 919 - 930

High performance concrete: high early strength & ultimate strength, high durability by using silica fume, slag, fly ash, and superplasticiser for hot tropical countries
Author(s): M.F. Mohd Zain, F.C. Lai, B.M. Wang, H.B. Mahmud
Pages: 931 - 938

Structural behaviour of fastenings in steel fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): K. Holschemacher, F. Wittmann, Y. Klug
Pages: 939 - 946

The mechanical and pressure-sensitive properties of cement mortar with nano-particles
Author(s): H. Xiao, H. Li, J. Ou
Pages: 947 - 953

C2 - Construction Techniques

Effect of curing on the near-surface layer concrete properties
Author(s): K. Wang, G. Zhi
Pages: 957 - 965

Study on material and structural behavior of self-compacting high performance concrete*
Author(s): Z. Yu, Y. Xie, X. Luo, J. Yin, X. Liu
Pages: 966 - 973

The resistance of salt crystallization of cement containing ultrafine fly ash mortars in sulfate solution
Author(s): Y. Xie, M. Shi, B. Liu
Pages: 974 - 981

Properties of air-entrained concrete subjected to freeze-thaw cycles and salt attack simultaneously
Author(s): R. Mu, C. Miao, K. van Breugel, W. Sun
Pages: 982 - 988

Sustainable high performance self-compacting concrete by using new antifreeze superplasticiser for the cold & hot weather concreting
Author(s): M.F. Mohd Zain, F.C. Lai
Pages: 989 - 995

Development of a knowledge based system for high performance concrete mix design
Author(s): M. Nazrul Islam, M.F.M. Zain, H.B. Basri
Pages: 996 - 1003

Self-sensing properties of CFRP bars for concrete structures
Author(s): J. Ou, B. Wang, Z. He, X. Zhang, M. Qian
Pages: 1004 - 1011

C3 - Fiber reinforced Concrete

Effect of interface microstructure on the pull out behavior of steel fibres in concrete
Author(s): S. Cangiano, R. Cucitore, G.A. Plizzari
Pages: 1015 - 1022

Static and dynamic responses of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): L. Sorelli, N. Banthia, V. Bindiganavile, G. Plizzari
Pages: 1023 - 1030

An experimental study of steel fiber reinforced high-strength concrete thin-walled box girder with reinforcement
Author(s): M. Zhu, X. Hu, C. Xu
Pages: 1031 - 1035

Electrothermal effect of carbon fiber reinforced conductive concrete
Author(s): Z. Tang, Z. Li, J. Qian, Z. Hou
Pages: 1036 - 1042

Crack control in reinforced concrete beam using PVA fiber
Author(s): Y. Yuan, D.C. Peng, X.Y. Shao
Pages: 1043 - 1050

Experimental research on creep behavior of self-compacting high performance concrete beams*
Author(s): X. Liu, Z. Yu, X. Luo
Pages: 1051 - 1058

C4 - Repair Material

Study and application of the high- performance rapid repair concrete
Author(s): J. Yin, S. Zhou, W. Chen, Y. Li, M. Yang
Pages: 1061 - 1067

Experimental study on the behavior of the rapid patching additive applied in cement concrete pavement
Author(s): Z. Wei, Z. Li
Pages: 1068 - 1074

D - New Structural Systems and Innovative Design Methods

Research and development of concrete-filled rectangular tubular columns and structures
Author(s): X. Lu, X. Li, Y. Yu, W. Lu, L. Xiang
Pages: 1077 - 1088

Reliability analysis of steel encased concrete columns under axially loading
Author(s): W. Yi, C. Tang
Pages: 1088 - 1095

Fatigue performance of two AASHTO prestressed concrete girders impaired by transverse cracks
Author(s): P. M.J., M.J. Kowalsky
Pages: 1096 - 1105

Recent research and application of composite steel-concrete beams in China
Author(s): J. Nie, J. Fan
Pages: 1106 - 1114

Going to mature: the development of reinforced concrete structural theory
Author(s): X. Liu
Pages: 1115 - 1124

Collapse mechanisms and limit loads of two- way slabs in reinforced concrete floors
Author(s): P. Shen, Z. Liu, H. Wang
Pages: 1125 - 1130

Experimental study on seismic behavior of R. C. Buildings in the thermal power plants
Author(s): G. Bai, T. Wu, B. Liu, Q. Shi
Pages: 1131 - 1138

D1 - Structural Systems and Analysis

Probability density evolution analysis on nonlinear response of concrete structures
Author(s): J. Li, J. Chen
Pages: 1141 - 1148

The analysis and on-the-spot test of structure composed by beams, slabs and shells
Author(s): Q.-Q. Guo, Z. Li, S.-Y. Zhang
Pages: 1149 - 1155

Integrity analysis and engineering examination of prestressed concrete structure
Author(s): J. Cai
Pages: 1156 - 1161

The contribution of brace and filled-wall on the RC frame with special-shaped columns
Author(s): W. Liu, J. Li
Pages: 1162 - 1169

Structural analysis of staggered truss systems
Author(s): Y. Wu
Pages: 1170 - 1177

Modeling study on grand national theater of China
Author(s): Z. Li, Q.-Q. Guo, G.-Y. Wu, W.-F. Zhang, D.-Q. Qing
Pages: 1178 - 1183

Research on the concrete integrated ballast track structure of the "ladder" for urban track trafic
Author(s): L. Gao, G. Zhang, H. Peng
Pages: 1184 - 1190

Spacial analysis of Changsha Liuyang river cable-stayed bridge without back stay
Author(s): D. Li, M. Hu, G. Dai, Q. Zeng
Pages: 1191 - 1197

Research on reliability of girders of plane steel gates
Author(s): X. An, T. Zhu
Pages: 1198 - 1205

Formulas for fundamental frequency of bridge piers by energy principle
Author(s): X. Chen, X. Xia
Pages: 1206 - 1213

An optimization design model and its application about the reinforced concrete structure of tunnel
Author(s): L. Peng, X. Yu, Z. Hu
Pages: 1214 - 1221

The outer-jacketing frame structure system design for storey-addition re-construction of the old building
Author(s): X. Han, Y. Ye
Pages: 1222 - 1228

Design rules for tubular structures for buildings
Author(s): J.P. Straman
Pages: 1229 - 1236

Study on design method of transformation beam with circular opening
Author(s): J. Xie, Y. Zou, J. Fu
Pages: 1237 - 1244

Reinforcements and governables to framework bridge in mining subsidence area
Author(s): J. Xia, G. Yu, Y. Yuan, K. Wu, D. Wang, W. Liu
Pages: 1245 - 1251

Static cracking modeling in plain concrete by dynamic relaxation
Author(s): R.C. Yu, G. Ruiz
Pages: 1252 - 1262

Experimental research on a new type of hold- down device for deflected pre-tensioning for prestressed beams
Author(s): H. Wang, T. Lu, H. Wang
Pages: 1263 - 1268

Effect of specimen sizes on flexural compressive strength of reinforced concrete flexural members
Author(s): M.-S. Kim, J.-K. Kim, S.-T. Yi, J.-H. Jay Kim
Pages: 1269 - 1277

Shear strength of joints in precast concrete segmental bridges
Author(s): X. Zhou, N. Mickleborough, Z. Li
Pages: 1278 - 1286

D2 - Experiment on Structural Behavior

Researches on bearing capacity of cross-section of reinforced concrete members subjected to combined biaxial bending and tension
Author(s): Y. Li, H. Lin, Z. Dai, S. Han
Pages: 1289 - 1295

Analysis on the structural behaviors of the continuous beam with external prestress and high strength concrete
Author(s): F. Li, R. Zhao
Pages: 1296 - 1304

Dynamic instabilities of elasto-plastic plate due to pulse loading
Author(s): G.-Y. Wu, Z. Li
Pages: 1305 - 1309

Shallow section shearwall structure under horizontal cyclic loading test
Author(s): J.-X. Song, L. Gou
Pages: 1310 - 1317

An experimental study on the shear behavior of l-shaped high-strength concrete columns
Author(s): T. Zhao, Z. Zhou, J. Xie
Pages: 1318 - 1325

Test study on retarted bond prestressed concrete
Author(s): Z. Zhang, H. Wang, Z. Gao, T. Lu
Pages: 1326 - 1331

Study on the mechanical characteristics of reinforced concrete sparse-pile and strip- slab composite foundation in thick mollisol
Author(s): J. Li, J. Wu, Q. Wu, Q. Zhang
Pages: 1332 - 1338

Test study on the bond stress-slip relationship between concrete and steel bars
Author(s): Y. Zhao, W. Jin
Pages: 1339 - 1347

Moment curvature relationship of concrete member reinforced with CFRP rods and steel bars
Author(s): Z. He, B. Wang, J. Ou
Pages: 1348 - 1355

Author(s): O. Joh, Y. Goto, A. Kitano
Pages: 1356 - 1363

D3 - Composite Structures

Nonlinear finite element analysis of concrete-filled steel tubular truss arch
Author(s): B.-C. Chen, Y.-J. Chen
Pages: 1367 - 1372

Static elastoplastic analysis on steel reinforced concrete mega-frame structure
Author(s): G. Yuan, N. Zhou, Y. Zhang, Z. Lü
Pages: 1373 - 1379

Numerical simulation of the structural behavior of partially prestressed high-strength concrete continuous box girder
Author(s): T. Xiang, R. Zhao, H. Liu
Pages: 1380 - 1387

Elastic-plastic finite element analysis for steel-concrete composite beams
Author(s): L. Zhou, Z. Yu, J. Nie
Pages: 1388 - 1395

The slip of steel-concrete composite continuous beam
Author(s): L. Jiang, Z. Yu, J. Li
Pages: 1396 - 1403

Study on behaviour and design of concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) joints
Author(s): W. Sun, J. Ou, Z. Guo
Pages: 1404 - 1411

Nonlinear finite element analysis of steel fiber reinforced concrete composite beams
Author(s): L.-X. Xu, S.-M. Ding
Pages: 1412 - 1418

D4 - Seismic Response Analysis

A new rate-dependant concrete model for the seismic response analysis of arch dam
Author(s): J. Chen, J. Li
Pages: 1421 - 1427

Parameter identification procedures for the concrete dam based on ant colony optimization
Author(s): S. Li, Y. Liu, X. He, Y. Zhou
Pages: 1428 - 1433

The earthquake resistance behavior of high strength reinforced concrete marginal framed joints
Author(s): L. Xiao, C. Liu
Pages: 1434 - 1441

Evaluation of seismic performance of RC buildings using simplified inelastic analysis methods
Author(s): X.-G. Ye, X. Chong, X.-Y. Zhou
Pages: 1442 - 1449

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D5 - Seismic Resistance and Control

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